im sharing pinto – and this is the real me nazo 58, an affordable, smartphone thats priced from rupees 11 for nine nine in india. The ryomi naso 50a is not the successor to the nazu 30a, but a new model altogether. It has a refreshing design, a tall 6.5 inch hd plus display 50 megapixel primary rear camera and a 6000 mah battery on paper. It ticks all the right boxes, but is it worth the price tag lets find out in this video Music? The real mean so 50a sticks to the companys familiar design principles with a simple, yet practical back panel made of polycarbonate. The back has a fine groove like texture that helps with grip, which is important, because this is a big and heavy smartphone at 207 grams. The rear camera module extends till the center of the phone and engulfs the fingerprint reader since it doesnt protrude much from the rest of the back panel. I often struggle to find the recessed fingerprint reader when it comes to performance. The nazo 50s media tech hero g85 soc is good for casual gaming, but dont always expect heavy games to run smoothly call of duty. Mobile was just about playable at default, low, graphics and medium frame rate settings. The phone also warmed up quickly during gameplay. If you are looking for a budget gaming device, then the infinix hot 11s would be a better gaming smartphone. This is because it packs in a mediatek, helio, g88 processor and a high refresh rate 90 hertz display.

The nozzle 58 runs realme ui 2.0, which is based on android. 11 comes with several pre installed, apps, most of which can be uninstalled now. Third party apps never pushed any annoying notifications, but reallys own theme store and default file. Manager. App did show promotional notifications and ads coming to its display. The nazo 58 has a water drop style. Notch that looks a bit outdated when compared to the whole punch display, is offered by competitors decks and nikon looked sufficiently sharp viewing angles were decent and the display was bright enough. Outdoors video streaming was a bit disappointing. Nozzle 50a only allows for hd quality playback, meaning that the video streamed on amazon, prime video and netflix did not appear sharp. There are no stereo speakers, but the single speaker at the bottom is loud enough, both while placing calls and watching movies battery life is the highlight of the nazo 58, this phone packs in a 6000mah battery that can last two whole days with casual gaming. Taking photos, texting and browsing the phone might even last for up to three days on a single charge with light usage, but when it comes to charging the phone took about three hours and five minutes to get from zero to hundred percent. Lastly, the cameras – the nazo 50a, is equipped with a 50 megapixel primary camera, a 2 megapixel depth sensor and a 2 megapixel macro camera. Selfie duties are handled by an 8 megapixel front facing camera.

All of this sounds interesting on paper, but i was not too happy with the results upon zooming in photos taken in daylight were low on resolved detail, the dynamic range was decent and colors were quite neutral. Selfies came out with good detail and dynamic range, but looked a bit over sharpened edge detection when using the portrait mode was below average, giving me a haircut and blurring my ears at times, macros taken with a 2 megapixel macro camera werent great either and looked over Sharpened and dramatic, with high contrast, the nightmare managed to cut the glare of bright street lamps when shooting in low light. But these photos lacked depth and did not look. Sharp videos looked quite average with a decent amount of detail, but came out shaky due to the lack of stabilization, low light, video showcased, a lot of blown out highlights and plenty of noise with murky details. So should you buy the ryami nazo 58 at rupees 10? Triple nine, the infinix hot 11s is a better budget. Gaming smartphone and the redmi 10 prime from 11 triple line offers a better experience for entertainment, as well as a six thousand million power battery overall battery life is where the nazo 58 truly excels, but it has average cameras its bulky and it charges quite slowly. In short, you should buy the real me nazo 50a only if you want a smartphone with reliable battery life and basic features and thats about it for our review of the nazo 50a.