If there was one industry which really boomed, then that was pet industry as surprising as it may sound u.s pet industry reached 99 billion dollars in 2020, and pet owners also spend 30.2 billion dollars on vet care and product sales, as well as nearly 20 billion dollars. On supplies and otc medications for their pets, now more than 67 percent of american homes have at least one pet, and this is where zometica comes into play. This is the company which we are going to talk about today. This is a penny stock which rose 32. Just yesterday, and last one month has gone nearly 200 percent. This is a high growth stock and is getting a lot of momentum and attention recently. So in today’s, video, like always let’s, discuss about the company what they do, all the latest news and updates from the company upcoming catalyst to watch out for let’s. Do that right after the intro what’s going on you guys welcome back to the channel. If you haven’t met, my name is pradi and i have a background in technology and investment banking, and i make videos on personal finance and stock market investing so that you can maximize your returns in the market. If you enjoy this kind of content, then do consider subscribing. Also, if you want to support the channel, then don’t forget that people are still offering for free stocks. If you open an account with them and deposit a hundred dollars, i will leave the link in the description below just in case if you’re interested okay, so let’s talk about zoom medica, so medica is a company that wants to revolutionize pet care.

Now we all have a pet, not all, but most people have a pet in america and they are getting very humanized. That means we treat them like our family member. Their health is important and that’s where zoo america comes in play. So america is a 500 million dollar biotech company focused on developing unique diagnostics and therapeutics for companion animals like cats and dogs. They plan to do that by providing vets with better tools to diagnose domestic animals faster and start accurately, treating them as soon as possible. Their main product is true, forma, a point of care platform that aims to do just that. Traforma is a biosensor diagnostic tech platform designed to assist practitioners in the diagnosis of complex conditions among pets. So true, forma tests deliver accurate, reliable data when testing for thyroid and adrenal diseases according to the company. The platform can provide most results in as little as 18 minutes now. Currently, most vets do the tests in house and then send them to reference lab for accurate results. Truforma can do all of that work within minutes locally because see vet diagnostics are not easy. Currently, the process is very lengthy and also expensive. You take your cat or dog in for an exam. Then the vet generally takes a stool sample or a blood sample, which is then sent out to a remote off site, referencing lab that lab runs bunch of tests and generally several days later, you get a test result along with a few hundred dollar bill.

Basically, the goal of true format is to take that entire complex time consuming and expensive vet diagnostic process and make it super cheap and quick, so sounds promising with true form of vet will take your pet sample and put it in a cartridge and plug it into The truforma machine, which just looks like a printer and that machine, will use its bulk acoustic wave process technology and give the results in around 20 minutes for a fraction of cost again sound, very promising. So currently, the system only tests for thyroid and adrenal diseases, but company claims that it is working on other various tests like diabetes, gastrointestinal, renal and other infectious diseases as well. What is also to be noted is that, besides true, forma company is also working on two other platforms which will be released sometime in the future. No dates have been released so far, there’s a lot of research and development going on in the company and which is also very promising as an investor. So now you understand what the company does so let’s talk about the stock. Now, like i said earlier, zomerica stock is on the rise and it is one of those penny stocks which have a huge upside potential. It is one of the most exciting biotech company in the market right now, and i would not be surprised if it sees a very similar meteoric rise, the one we saw with bngo bionano now i’m, not saying it will go as high as the other company and Nobody can really predict the future, but there is a huge growth potential: the u.

s veterinary diagnostics market, measured 2.8 billion dollars in 2018 and is consistently growing at a rate of 10 per year. So if you do the math by 2025, the market will measure around five billion dollars, and that is a huge potential for the company to grow, because even if they are able to just get five percent penetration of that market, they can achieve a revenue of around 250 million dollars now saying that, just in the first week of january, zomerica stock was around 40 cents, and now it has gone and touched a dollar and fifty cents, a stock there’s, a lot of buzz around the company, and i won’t be surprised if the fomo Is kicking in among the retail investors, and that is also the reason of driving the stock higher out now not to take any credit away from the company. There have been some good news around america, which could be the catalyst for some growth which we are looking for. So let’s discuss those the first one was on january 18th, when the company ceo issued a shareholder letter, claiming that true forma platform is ready for commercialization and sales will begin march 30th, which is literally just a few weeks away. So, as an investor that’s, a fantastic news, what else do you hope when you’re investing in a small cap company is that they start selling their products quickly and that’s just about to happen for zomerica through tor forma? He also mentioned in that letter that, due to the recent increase in the price of their shares, zomerika has received more than 40 million of additional cash through january 15.

2021.. That is some wow news now, according to them, this additional cash has further enhanced their already very healthy balance sheet companies. Cash and cash equivalents are now in excess of 90 million dollars. According to them, this amount will be sufficient to fund operations at least till 2023. That’S a lot of money for a company whose entire net worth is just 500 billion dollars. Now, if that wasn’t enough, just a week later, they issued another statement that the company just signed. True forma distribution agreement with miller veterinary supply now miller is the nation’s oldest wholesale veterinary distributor, which is a 100 year old company and is serving thousands of veterinary practices across the country. The company has four distribution centers and offers over 30 000 products, so it’s, a pretty solid company to partner with now under the terms of the distribution agreement, miller, will be representing america in states ranging from texas to maine. Now this is a major news, because it means that truforma platform is really on the cusp of commercialization as a sales beginning on march 30th, which is just a few weeks away and miller’s trained sales, people will be marketing and promoting true forma. Now, after this news broke out, h.c wainwright’s, five star analyst swami pakula ramakhan, says that the agreement strengthens the commercial machinery and also goes on to say that we are encouraged by the progress in commercial preparation for the upcoming launch and accordingly, we are raising the probability Of launch to 90 up from 75 previously, so by the way, ramakanth is the only analyst reviewing zomerika currently and he has boosted the company’s stock price target from 30 cents to a dollar 20 cents, and also suggesting that there is an upside for additional 20.

From current levels, this is some fantastic news: okay, so here’s the bottom line see the company is a 500 million dollar company, which is not a very big company, but it is definitely a very promising business with its tech and business model, also the product which they Are bringing to the market is really revolutionary and if it works, remember that and if it works as they claim it to be, then that would be a game changer and the stock can see some significant gain in some time, but just like any other penny stock, You have to be careful because a promise doesn’t guarantee results everything the company claims has to be still proven in the open market. If you look at it from the outside, then true forma may remind you of something that you have seen before now. I’M not saying that company is anything like that, but you got to understand that there is a lot to prove for the company and it’s just about a start at sales. So only time will tell how effective the truforma platform is and what returns it can bring to its investors. So before you invest your money follow a simple principle which i follow with any penny stock and that is to go slow. Yes, penny stocks are very high. Rewarding and high risk plays so before you go all in. You may want to play with as much money as you’re, okay losing if the worst comes to worst, because investing should not be mixed with emotions and dollar cost.

Averaging is your true best friend my friend when it comes to investing see. This is not a financial advice by any means and i’m just sharing the principles i believe in. Am i saying that the company isn’t good, or am i doubting the company not at all, but when it comes to stock market, you never fall in love with a company and you never chase a stock i’m very bullish with the company and its products and its Technology and i can’t wait to see the real world usage and the feedback on the product. I am investing in it personally but i’m watchful, and i would recommend you do that too, because they have a lot to prove promising, but a lot to prove. So this is it. This is my review of the company and with time we will do another review discussing the company and the stock and how the progress is going. If you like, the video then do hit the like button and if you haven’t subscribed, then consider subscribing and if you disagree with something i said then do leave a comment in the comment section below.