So this is a 6.57 inch phone. It does have a oled screen with a curve to it 120 hertz. It is all powered by the snapdragon, 778 g and weve got a 50 megapixel main camera, its a youth focused phone according to huawei its slim, and it is light so lets check it out in detail, Music included with the phone. We get a sim tray tool, a clear tpu case, which of course does fit the phone perfectly ill type, a to type c, cable and then the charger which is huaweis, supercharged, 66 watts, and it takes 38 minutes to fully charge the phone. Its a 6.53 inch phone, the weight of it. I really do like its only 175 grams and the thickness very, very slim, at only 7.77 millimeters. So you can see that here on the right of the phone. Weve got a power button volume up and down the frame around the outside is plastic, with an inner alloy frame to it. Ive seen this before with other phones and the backing material here. This is plastic so in hand. Yes, it doesnt feel as premium as some of their other phones due to the materials used, but i like how light it is its only 175 grams and then the thickness very, very good, just 7.77 millimeters. Now this is their starry blue color. They call it and you can see as i move it there, it shifts between a blue and a purple.

It has this texture to it, which is very nice and it doesnt pick up any fingerprints at all, which is a definite positive and our camera. So the main camera – and this one is a 50 megapixel ryyb color array, filter sensor. Now it does not have any optical image stabilization. We have an eight megapixel ultra wide and then two two megapixel cameras ones for depth. The other is for macro and our camera. Here at the top, this ones 32 megapixels and it can shoot 4k video which not even a lot of flagships, can do. It has electronic image stabilization, so weve got a curved glass screen on this one, the edge as you can see there curve and wrap around a little bit, but nothing as extreme as what we have with the mate 40 pros. You can see that goes right around the edges, so there is a little bit of color shift right on that edge due to the oled there, which is 6.57 inches 120 hertz. This particular screen and the bezels are about the same as their flagships. But what i do like is: we have no more double cut out here with the front facing camera, just that single cutout and then down the bottom. We do have a type c port. Unfortunately, no video out support single loudspeaker on this phone, so there is no secondary one in the earpiece as a single loudspeaker, the volume of its good.

It does sound reasonably good the quality and ill give you a sample of it later on microphone and our sim tray, which takes two nano sims and up the top. Just a single lonely microphone theres, no ir transmitter with this phone. I raw in terms of build. I do like it. Yes, it is plastic mostly, but of course we do have scratch resistant glass on the front. The weight of it is the best thing about it really for me, its lightweight, especially coming from an iphone 13 pro max, which is heavy chunky. This feels so slim and light to me a little bit more on that screen, of course, so maximum brightness that i have measured with my meter, it does top out at over 900 nits its oled, so blacks, look very deep now, as i mentioned before, that theres A little bit of color shifting you see right on the curvature to that screen. Why have they curved it? Well, i prefer actually just completely flat screens, but i must admit that when youre holding it in hand with the curve, it does feel a little better, but still, i would prefer myself anyway to have a flat screen. Now you get your typical options here with display with android 11, that this is running with emui 12., so weve got dark mode. I comfort, ebook mode, turns everything black and white. You can adjust your scaling there and you have a dynamic resolution that they do use or refresh rate.

So i force the refresh rate here on to high 120 hertz. Now it does incorporate dc dimming this panel, so i dont see any flicker coming through at all with it, which is great and even at lower volumes. Uh lower brightnesses should i say, no pulse width, modulation, flicker, so smart resolution. You can use that before when i did my battery life test, i had forced it onto high and can you tell the difference between the lower resolution and then high its actually quite difficult? You need to look at the phone screen very closely and you do notice. Then that okay, yes, it looks quite a bit sharper touch response. Excellent. We have 300 hertz touch sampling rate with this, the screen does support hdr and its also a 10 bit panel theyre, using, of course, with the oled there so hold up. This is a flagship level screen, and just how am i getting on with application support with the course app gallery, so a lot of the apps that you would want most of them are there now with a lot more. It keeps improving and its getting better. Now over the last year, or so that i have been reviewing their phones last year and a half or so i can see this, i can see the improvements more developers coming on board. For example, here i searched geekbench. I want geekbench, but its not actually an app gallery. The good thing is, it incorporates pedal search and that will then find where i can actually get geekbench the apk file.

Here you go over there to their website and you can install the apk file and away you go so no real problems, so more and more apps are being supported, youll find them in there and what about the performance of this rom ive found it to be Excellent, its super smooth, it runs at a proper 120 frames per second matching, the 120 hertz i have selected. I havent encountered any bugs or issues so far apart from one thing, ive noticed that sometimes the screen seems to dim down by itself, even though i dont have automatic brightness set here now. We do have nfc on board with this particular phone too. So its just really that the brightness thing is a very minor complaint from me that it seems to have changed on its own. Because in the settings i have the adaptive, brightness auto brightness turned off and it seems to fluctuate a little bit, which might be some sort of battery saving feature. I dont really know now, when you take your shiny nice new phone out of the box. Out of the wrap and you power it up – youre going to have about 107 gigabytes, free of storage, but remember there is no expandability. It does not support micro, sd cards or their own format. No so thats it thats all youve got you can get. Of course, a larger capacity if you need more eight gigabytes of ram with this particular model, and that does aid in the performance of this making the phone very fluid and smooth for me, my experience with it now, so we get a few bloatware applications.

We see a lot of manufacturers doing this and i really wish they would tone down. So all of these ones, here those ones there theyre actually just suggested apps for you to install theyre, not fully installed its like a placeholder. But still i had to spend about five or six minutes going through and removing those and the other bloatware apps, which is a little inconvenience there and annoying, and i wish they would tone down on that. App gallery does also have ads when you get into it. It will occasionally show you a full screen ad for a few seconds, which of course i wish was not there so ufs 3.1 storage – a very quick look at these speeds right here, so the random reason, rights, look great sequential reads and writes – are fast too, which Is very good there and that is not going to be holding up this particular phone. So here is our antutu score. This is version nine. It actually feels a lot faster than the score. The ui performance is so good and fast. I would think it was maybe a flagship top end chipset, but its not the snapdragon 778g is a higher end. Well, a mid range uh chip there and the performance here its good. I think, for most people this is going to be absolutely fine, so still good. For games and the general performance is great, its not going to lag its not going to slow down on you geekbench 5 score here too thats fine for this particular chipset, its kind of what youd expect – and this here is a minor con.

So we dont have unfortunately wide vine level, one cert, so netflix amazon, prime video other streaming services due to this drm cert here, are going to be in just standard definition with such a nice screen. Ah thats disappointing. So i hope a firmware update can at least give us netflix support and widevine level. One later on. I do hope they can address that wireless performance, very good speeds top out at flagship level, 988 megabits per second close to my wi fi, six spec router. So thats wi, fi, ax, really good, and then the lower speeds downstairs still excellent and no problems with it at all battery life. So i set the resolution to the highest okay and i also set the refresh rate to 120 hertz. This result, its okay, its not amazing, its, not bad id, say its average, so your real world use will be approximately seven hours to six and a half at 120 hertz. Now, if you use 60 hertz or if you decide to use the dynamic resolution which lowers the resolution down depending on the content or the dynamic refresh rate, you will be able to squeeze out a few more hours of on screen time. The charge time for this phone – it is 38 minutes. Officially i normally get about 40 41 minutes now youtube support. You can use a browser and thats one way of accessing and viewing videos on youtube. There is another application: um youtube advance which yeah i dont agree with it all because it blocks out adverts and it just kills youtube creators, so dont use it use the browser instead.

Thank you, but lets have a listen to the speakers now on this, or should i say speaker theres just one down here and remember: it does not support 3.5 millimeter accessories headphones. So you need to use that the type c to 3.5 adapter, this ones not included, but its one ive got it works Music. So my verdict on the single speaker is that it sounds fine. Its okay, the loudness is all right. However, i would have preferred a secondary loudspeaker up in the earpiece onto our gaming performance pubg here now. If you want the extreme frame rate option, which is the best the smoothest you need to go into the settings right here, enable smooth anything above smooth does not give us this, which is extreme so thats. What i will be using when i test out the gameplay now so we do have very good performance im. Just in my second game here i got killed straight away in the last game i tested out before. I could even really hit record one kill already and no noticeable lag performance is decent, very good, in fact, theres no problem here. So this, i think, on the extreme setting is that 45 or 60 frames per second. I think it is still. It seems quite smooth, very playable, and is it getting hot? Well, the back of the phones getting a little bit warm there. Oh i got someone right here is that a team member, oh ive, got no rounds thats shocking there.

He is and im dead, as expected. Ive only got a pistol thats the end of me. It has an end screen fingerprint reader, so you simply just need to tap there to wake it and unlock, and you can see that was about a second. I will do it again, very quick. I found it to be accurate. Now it does support face unlocking. So all you need to do, then, is just tap the button and get it to see your face and it unlocks, and you can see that was very quick. Now you probably notice that right here ive got um antutu. Now you can run certain apps that support it in windowed mode. So this is a way to multitask. You can switch between them and then, when you minimize that you see it just goes over here and you can kill them off. So i go into all the software features, because this video would simply just drag on and become far too long, its long enough as it is, and over to the performance of our cameras, now that we have with the nova 9s so the front facing camera. This one can shoot 4k, which im currently shooting in which is really great to see a lot of flagships, dont even have 4k. It does have quite an aggressive crop. This is my arm fully extended out basically now, and you see that it is quite close there thats because of the electronic image stabilization that it does have, of course, as i step ahead, its relatively smooth here, removing a lot of that jolts and jutters that you Get from walking speaking of jutter when i do move it around a little bit.

I have noticed that, just like the rear cameras, you often see a bit of jada come through with the electronic image stabilization and 4k main rear camera. Now the 50 megapixel one. So you can shoot 4k 30 frames per second with quite a aggressive crop here. Electronic image stabilization seems to be good. The footage quality itself to me lacks a little bit of detail and sharpness. It really looks like something like 1440p being upscaled to 4k. To my eyes at least looking at this on a 4k monitor, audio bitrate is 96 kilobits per second, and if you move around quickly, you do get quite a bit of that annoying electronic image. Stabilization java that comes through, as you see as i pan now now. This is very common and i see it on literally every single phone out there, including the ultra wide on an iphone 13 pro max and another sample here from the ultra wide camera. So this is the weakest of the cameras, its only eight megapixels. Ideally, i would have liked to have seen at least 13 megapixels. What is good, however, is we do have electronic image stabilization with this, which does work very well. As i walk ahead, you can see just how smooth this is Music. So it brings me on to my conclusion now with the nova 9 here. So what do i like about it? Well, the screen very nice, its bright 120 hertz, 300 hertz response rate megahertz response rate there to touch means that its almost instantaneous there and its 120 hertz so very smooth and fluid, and it maintains a very stable frame rate in the rom, the wrong performance optimization.

I think is excellent. Its very good. This doesnt really feel like a snapdragon 778g. It feels something more like a snapdragon 865 to me, or even like a triple eight phone. The way the ui does perform until you get into yes synthetic benchmarks and gaming. So with app gallery were getting better app support there, and i can see that every time i come back to reviewing a huawei phone and start using them again its getting a lot better. I used to run into a lot of problems with certain apps or games that just wouldnt work wouldnt load. Now it seems to be well its only about maybe two out of ten apps that im after might not be there, but then i can find them or they might not work just one or two there. So its not 100 perfect yet, but trust me its so much better now so better life, it will go for about seven hours of screen on time. If you use the adaptive resolution and adaptive refresh rate, you can then extend that further a little bit more and it takes only 40 minutes to charge well just under which is not bad at all. So its running android 11 e m ui 12 of this, and i have not encountered any bugs and of course it is a phone and the voice call quality. I dont have any problems with. It sounds good. It does have active noise cancellation. Just a single loudspeaker.

However, i wish it had a secondary one in the earpiece onto those cameras now so the main camera. As i showed you from my samples, it takes an excellent photo very good there, the ultra wide yeah, its, not brilliant, and then weve got those two. Two megapixel cameras. Now i really wish theyd put the cost of those two two megapixel cameras – and i say this about other manufacturers – phones too – that are doing this by the way into a better ultra wide camera and then our main camera selfies. On this i think theyre pretty good, but they tend to be a little bit warm okay, leaning onto the warm side, and we do have the 4k front. Video with this, which not even a lot of flagships, have so thats. Definitely another thing there so build quality. Overall, its good yes, the back is plastic. Yes, the frame is plastic around the outside, but in hand. This phone feels great, its very lightweight and its slim. I do like that, especially coming from my iphone 13 pro max, which is chunky its heavy phone very solid. This thing this thing here the nova 9 feels very good. So all up there are a few things that they can improve with software. Definitely like the wide vine level. 3 cert, like the audio bitrate with videos only 96 kilobits per second yeah. They do need to increase that it should be at least 250 or 192.

its more common, now to see 320 used by a lot of manufacturers. So i hope they can change that fix the wide vine cert. So we can have netflix, at least in full definition with this, because it does have a qualcomm chip which, sadly, is missing the 5g, of course, being one thats used here for huawei, so there we go that there is the nova 9 from huawei. Thank you. So much for watching my review and i should soon have a review up and coming of the new watch gt3 that they also announced with this nova.