With the more potent offenses we’ve had in the league. In the last several years, we get a little deeper into this. We bring in tim, hasselbeck and tim. I want to dive into the x’s and o’s of this game and how it got to 31.9 and things of that nature. But i because it is tom, brady and because of what he accomplished in his very first year in tampa a team that hadn’t sniffed the playoffs in quite some time, at least at a legitimate chance of of winning a title here. He is now seven championships. That’S, more than any other franchise in the nfl, the steelers and the patriots each have sixed him now, brady has seven as you sit back and sort of absorb this. What comes to your mind? I mean it’s just hard to even comprehend, to be honest with you when you think about just what he’s accomplished, how he came into the league, how he took over new england to have the success in new england and the debate about whether or not it was The coach or the player and then to do it in the year that was this year, which started with throwing and working out at local high schools and getting run off the field. To get to this point, it’s incredible michael, i mean you know in some ways there aren’t really words to describe what he’s accomplished. I know people are going to be talking about this for quite some time over the next several days as they should, but when we have a chance to experience this level of greatness tim in the moment, whether it’s, michael jordan or kobe, bryant or lebron james.

Currently, now it is tom brady and the impact that he has not just on franchises, but the league as a whole, and you take a look at this game in particular, you know a couple of guys who scored the touchdowns in this game only came to tampa Because of tom brady yeah i mean the influence the impact how one player has made such a huge difference. Look that that’s been reserved for other sports, that that has not been something that’s worked ever in football, it just hasn’t. So i think, when you look at what has been done this year in tampa bay with brady and, as you say, michael the influence on other players, obviously a guy that caught two touchdown passes tonight and rob gronkowski we’ve, never seen it we’ve and we’ve seen people Try to do things like this, but it’s never had this type of result. At the end, let’s talk a little about him, specifically in this game tim, because if you look at his his performance in the box gore, i mean this was efficient. 21 for 29 201 yards and those three touchdowns from an x’s no standpoint tonight. What did you see in tom’s game? I think the big thing is that he was seeing it perfectly. What i mean by that was, you know a lot of times at the line of scrimmage they would have packaged, plays you’d, hear him alert to something else. You know the thing that kansas city gave people a hard time with this season was their zone blitz pressures.

They would find a way to attack your pass protection and get home to the quarterback. Well, brady did such a good job pre snap of seeing it and getting to the right plays and getting the ball out on time that i just felt like he was kind of a step ahead of defensive coordinator, steve spagnola, for the kansas city chiefs. I mean, i think that was really probably the thing that stuck out to me the most, and so you described it as efficient and i think the reason it was efficient is he was able to basically have the answer before the question was ever asked. You know we talk about his leadership ability, but his preparation has been top notch since he first came into this league – and this was a perfect example of how that transpired in the game tonight tim things, you were mentioning now with seven against super bowl championship. The next closest quarterback is four, so again just adding to that legacy of the greatest of all time, and i do want to talk about a a response that the bucks had, because they got the ball first, they went three and out chiefs, go down and score. Three and all of a sudden like all right, so we’re down three, nothing and then boom boom boom. The bucks just start going down the field and that first touchdown pass to rob gronkowski. I thought said quite a bit about the resiliency of tom brady and what that offense was going to bring in this game.

Yeah it’s a good point by you, michael, and i think that on that drive we have. You have to have credit to byron, leftwich and bruce arians for some of the plays that were called. You know they end up hitting cameron breit on a little tight end delay screen, which ended up being a nice. You know pickup for them and then you reference the the touchdown pastor, rob gronkowski it’s, actually a run pass option, not something that tampa bay majors in, but it was man coverage and gronkowski comes across the formation and daniel sorensen is reading run. He basically lets him. Go, which is why rob gronkowski was so wide open. So, yes, it was brady, but i think you do have to give credit to you know the design uh you know of the offensive plays that they ran on that drive and then also the timing of the play calls uh on that drive as well. Yeah all right tim sit tight. We got plenty more to discuss here on the special edition of sportscenter, now that the bucks have won their second super bowl title and by the way, as we mentioned, this is the first time that a team hosted the super bowl in its home stadium.