Well, this movie made me realize why uh i hate josh brings justice league up because i pretty sure he listed everything about this. We millionaire because the cassio magic project and uh yeah. So, despite this, when you have a family friendly right here, it has some sort of very adult food humor, like this, its its funny. You know but uh the joke, still nothing. I found this film very funny. However, i didnt found uh master brushes, i believe, was inspected gadget and uh uh, so im trying to get down some people dont think ill, make you derange uh so because im on the open – but you are so um yeah uh theres a lot of wrong with This week, but theres only one thing wrong with me because theres a lot of things wrong with this movie. Let me face it the things that are wrong with me. The one scene is rondo three and that will be matched with rodriguez inspected gadget. Oh, he just doesnt get the inspectors naive innocence down to a k down and uh. They made him a cop instead of inspector. You know a private eye and this were incarnate. They made him an actual functioning police of police officer. Instead of you know, and victor probably right, you know, look at the cartoons and uh that i found weird decision, but okay uh Music. So this is just a zero out. Ten free and man, its freezing. Now uh.

You got peoples way so yeah. The movies are about uh uh, dr clark and uh, and so the guys until they first meet and uh payne, does nothing in this film because they wont let her do anything in this phone, even though she does everything in this film its complicated. She has very little amounts of screen time, but yeah shes, the one that has common sense and does stuff thats useful in this song and uh. So we got that concept of a cartoon down to a tee. Now we got ta get the claw that they also messed up all uh lets, just that was a big problem with this claw shows his face: hes the the elephant in the room, uh hes, actually getting more of his hes, like yeah claudes, not supposed to show His face hes, a perfume enigma monster, but also, i will say, i think, the sequel inspected gadget to go, fix these problems and thats. Why i like to still stand by of loving the sequel inspector gadget too, even though its a sequel to this movie. It feels like it takes this. It feels like kind of retconned the continuity uh, everything that went wrong in this one, which is miss casting, which was the missed, casting imaging project and showing claudes face, which is very distracting. Oh, we know how he loses his arm and how he gets to the claw. A bowling pin bowling ball, smashes his hand and thats how he gets claw instead of having a normal robot hand, that looks like a human hand, he Laughter thats.

Why? Because he does think he calls the zeiss its like hes, like he theres a sign. The name is claw now im claw, because i have a lobster here. I lost a robot here and theres one more im, like my daughter, which i finally kind of see. What kind of a odd choice to rewrite to make uh? This is what youre going with so yeah. These things are kind of funny in the film, but also kind of awkward in the film, so yeah uh and thats on a business card. I think so. Yeah um thats the best i can uh talk about something also uh during the climax uh inspection. Guys just gets the idea to the free claw, uh and spy by when he grabbed a mans wall and sent him to the hospital, because he because he decides to visualize. This goal is exactly what that man said before. He grabbed him by the walls and sent him to the hospital, and he had you know: chipmunk squeaky voice, so uh yeah uh, so how he slowly visualized his goals for the gadget by uh how to take down claw and the inspector gadget same songs playing. This is both do the triumphant moment and it sounds like it feels like all because, because you dont buy that this is the inspected gadget that you fell on. First captain this character, love a goofy character, 90 character that we fell along with the cartoon.

With the same name as first gadget, you dont believe that this this is, that inspires you guys, you believe this is uh. This is matthew, broderick and its nothing interesting by match for rodrigo im, saying this here now fact so: uh and uh they live happily ever after, which is, he was his girlfriend until the sequel comes around, then he gets a new girlfriend, thats all machine. Oh, my god, i just realized hes in robocop, now inspect the guys robocop hes packed dashes pot machine all cough. They made him robocop a crappy version of robocop wow, the worst robocop knockoff ever amazing uh.