Actually it is the the most popular video is the internet out burger, burger special sauce recipe. So i decided – maybe i should do more in and out burger videos. This is from their merch store. This thing cost about. I think it was like five to ten bucks, something like that and then with shipping. It came to like, i think, eleven dollars or something like that so kind of expensive for what it is. But these are cool to the in n out burger fan and if you havent had in n out burger, i definitely recommend them. The burgers are absolutely delicious. They really, i think some burger places dont live up to the hype in and out burger. In my opinion does live up the to the hype, its like one of those food experiences that you will remember and youll be probably going back there a second time, so these are little erasers you get a set of erasers, so burgers, of course, are the best Thing in my opinion, then you have the fries right here check that out and then you have the drink. So i would say, if you are, i dont know college student or something or whatever, maybe youre in high school. You want a nice eraser set to keep in your backpack, maybe consider the in and out burger a little set here. Its kind of cool, especially if you maybe youre an artist and you draw a lot of pictures, lets, draw im going to draw a cat and then so yeah lets see if this eraser works.

So here we go. Does the in n out burger, oh thats, cool? Actually look at this. I just noticed this look at that, so you can twist these kind of rotate along the center thats kind of cool Music. So quite a bit of force uh and then you can see the used eraser. What that looks like, let me just zoom out so you can actually see the other erasers. Okay lets. Try the drink. Yeah the drink works a little bit better the drink. This is not gon na last. Let me im squeezing this. This is hollow, oh cool, so these are actually like kind of i mean someone you can tell thought through these things so um. I think you just do that. Oh no! Oh! No, that doesnt work, but the top comes off, which is cool, and this look at that so once again they arent just any erasers. You can actually take them. Apart, take the fries off the tray and they kind of work. I dont want to destroy this. So im going to leave this on, but lets just compare that to a regular racer Music, so similar results, i mean you can see that that is a traditional and then that is the in and out burger. So i would say i think erasers dont work that good well in general, these work just okay, i think durability, these arent going to last very long, but i think these are fun items that you could use occasionally its mostly you want, probably a collector set.

So i would say, if you just if youre a fan of in n out burger check out their merch store this isnt, the only thing so check it out kind of a fun place to uh kind of browse around and see what they have. If youre, a fan of in n out burger, definitely recommend the restaurant and uh, i guess kind of cool, definitely not for really erasing or being a practical eraser set but kind of a fun item to maybe keep around and use occasionally or just keep it on. Your desk or something so let me know what you think, would you get this? Let me know im, definitely think its kind of a novelty thing for collect collectibles, but not necessarily for actual practical use.