This is a tv from acer. Yes, ace, the one that we have theyve got a whole series of tvs, the one we have the 58 inch xl series 4k tv. So this is actually quite a tv, so 4k resolution, hdr 10 plus certification, 10 bit color depth, white, color, gamut, plus, incredibly, sharp images. It can take 720p 1080p and upscale it to 4k. Then lets come down to the sound great speaker. 24 watt output comes with android tv on board, and you know its on android 9 right now over there itll go to android 11 and the last part that i want to tell you before we move on to the review. Really aggressive price point. Lets. Take a look at our review now: acers new xl series, 58 inch. 4K uhd tv is not here to be a standard bang for buck product. A lot of other tvs are there to try out for that title: acer, designed and priced this tv to hit it out of the buck and thats what they have done by combining a great set of features with an unreal price, and today we will explain all Of these features, along with revealing the unreal price, starting with the design, acer, has managed to create something amazing. The tv has a solid build and is extremely sleek in its depth. The front of the tv has a complete lack of bezels around the 58 inch panel. The bezels are thin enough that the display looks even bigger when switched on the stand that comes along with the tv is built when it is strong enough to easily handle the weight of the huge panel.

The panel itself is beautiful. It is a 4k tv with an hdr10 certification, 10 bit color depth and white color gamut plus. This basically translates to an incredibly detailed and sharp panel capable of displaying an image that has deeper blacks and detailed highlights, along with accurately reproducing 1.07 billion colors. The vibrance say the colors and details are mind, blown and the brightness is never less even for a well lit room. Due to the 420 nits of brightness. This tv has, and even while watching standard 1080p content, the tv is capable of analyzing every frame, upscaling it to 4k and then deepening the shadows, increasing the contrast to produce an incredibly upscaled image quality for the sound. The tv comes with inbuilt speakers which can produce a sound that will easily fill a mid size room, setting a wide, sound stage and crystal clear dialogues with a 24 watt output. It also comes with android tv on board, which provides easy access to all otd platforms. Apart from the pre installed ones, and the ui and performance of the software are smooth with the backing of a quad core processor, 2 gb of ram and 16 gb storage. As for attaching gaming consoles and sound bus, the tv has 3 hdmi ports on the back. With one of them being an hdmi arc port for shifting audio to a capable soundbar, and this entire feature, rich package comes at an unreal price of forty thousand nine. Ninety nine.

That is exactly what knocking it out of the park means and at such a price. It becomes an extremely easy recommendation for us to give Music all right, so we really enjoyed it and im glad that a company like esa comes in with asa branded tvs, but why did they do it now coming into a market that is so aggressive? That is so competitive now, so we spoke to anand dube, ceo of incal technologies, so anand. Thank you so much for joining us on the show. Weve just reviewed your 58 inch xl series, but with so many brands currently competing in the tv market. What do acer tvs, provide that makes them different from the rest of the market in a television, the core features are the display and the audio and thats where we are focusing the development of the product starts with the with the focus on you know, being able To provide incremental benefits to the customers of acer televisions come out with many uh small value additions to the display. For example, we have uh the intelligent frames frame stabilization. We have uh dynamic calibration and we have uh uhd upscaling all of this. What uh? What all of this means is, at the end of the day when the customer is consuming, content is looking at uh, the television uh theyre, getting better quality week and thats thats. Essentially, what were doing okay and then the size of tvs being sold in india is getting bigger and bigger every year, even though there was a time where india was predominantly a market for 32 inch tvs.

So how do you see the indian market growing in the future when it comes to the size of the tvs in general, we are seeing a growth, i mean you rightly said we are seeing a growth or a growth of the sizes which are in tune of Say 43 and then above 50 55. All of this is going to culminate into the growth of the industry, it its definitely growing up.