Tampa bay, defense as well. What it did to throttle that chief’s offense patrol homes pressured more in this game than at any point in this career by the way, this is the first time he’s ever suffered a loss of greater than eight points since he’s been an nfl quarterback tim hasselbeck brings Us back for a little more discussion here and you know tim early on in this game. There were moments where the chiefs had a chance to get the bucks off the field offensively, but penalties here, penalties there kept drives alive and tampa was able to capitalize on those penalties. What did you make of those mistakes in terms of the impact it had? Not just the first half of the game in general. Well, it had a huge impact on him. Like i think at one point it was like eight penalties for 90 yards or 95 yards in the first half it’s just hard to win that way. You know in any game in the national football league, much less the super bowl when you’re playing – i guess a really good football team. You know when you think about when some of those penalties happened. You know you have a you know: an offsides on a field goal that led to extending the drive that led to points prior to that you had an interception that was uh overturned because of past interference and then before the half you had two pass interference; penalties That basically led to a touchdown right before the half with about uh.

You know inside a minute left. So i think when you just look at that, you’re just putting yourself so far behind you know and having nothing to do with what your opponent is doing and it was out of character for the team and it certainly hurt them. Well, let me speak for the chiefs fans very quickly, because i can hear them from the middle of america right now. In some eyes, some of those penalties – tim were ticky tack, especially that one holding call that negated a turnover where matthew had intercepted tom brady off of that pick pass, there was another one that was somewhat questionable. Did you think the refs, maybe weren’t letting the boys play so to speak in this game early well, it’s? Interesting, because you go back to you know championship weekend and even the divisional round there was a lot of talk about the officials. You know quote letting guys play i i i think you’ve got to officiate consistently. You know through the regular season into the postseason in the super bowl. I don’t think you changed the rules. Uh look. You could make an argument that things were called less throughout times in the playoffs than they were tonight. I would agree with that wholeheartedly, but i would say that i do think that some of the penalties were standard with how they would call things during the season. You mentioned the interception from tyron matthew that was negated because of past interference.

You you maybe have the ability to say look that was that was contact after the ball was tipped look. You may have a case there it’s hard for the official to decide to decipher that. You look at the past interference on mike evans before the end of the first half, where you know breeland’s feet get tangled up with mike evans and then, as he trips, how the rest of his body makes contact with evans. The official throws a flag look. I i can’t say that i loved either one of those calls. At the same time, you do have to understand what the official is looking at and so okay, you, the saying, is: do business as business is being done, michael yeah, and if, if they’re calling those you know past interference, then then, then you got to take your Hands off of them – and i think you know they weren’t able to do that. Well, let’s take a look at some of the numbers as related to the penalties there tim in the first half eight to one would be the discrepancy in the words of chiefs fans 95 yards on those eight penalties, but it’s, not just the yardage it’s. Also the moment they happen and able to keep drives alive where the bucks were able to score on those drives, as opposed to maybe getting off the field in a fourth down situation, but that right there put the chiefs behind it.

But here’s the deal kansas city being behind in a playoff game or even a super bowl, is not that big of a deal over the last couple years. They’Ve overcome those deficits, time and time again, but this one they just couldn’t, do it, and so now we have to give credit to that tampa bay. Defense – and i made this comment earlier on social media. If you look at the two, i felt as if the buccaneers defense embarrassed the chiefs defense, because what they did against patrick mahomes compared to what the chiefs did to tom brady night and day. Why was tampa so effective against mahomes and company, because kansas city couldn’t pass protect? You know, i think, on 56, you know pass you know or you know drop backs. You know. Patrick mahomes was pressured on 29 of them. I mean he just he had no time they they could not pass protect patrick mahomes, which is why he didn’t look like the patrick mahomes that we’re used to seeing look. He his big plays. You know in the first half were when he scrambled on a third and seven for a first down or a third and ten for a first down. They could get nothing going down the field tampa bay did a good job of not giving up the big play and they were able to get home. They dialed up a few pressures that that caught mahomes off guard. You know they weren’t able to alter the protection to get it picked up, but other than that it was a lot of you know, guys up front getting beat, you know losing their individual matchups, and so i know a lot was made about.

You know offensive lineman being out for for kansas city coming into this game. It had an impact plain and simple: it did they could not pass protect, and that was a problem because they didn’t have time to get the ball out and down the field. By the way you see the news right there across the bottom of the screen. As tim was talking, tom brady was named super bowl mvp, as expected for a fifth time: seven championships, five super bowl mvps for tom brady, again that’s most all time. It was most before winning his fifth because joe montana, second, there with three just adding to the legacy for tom brady as the greatest nfl player of all time uh. If we can go back to that, chief’s uh, offense they’ve been so versatile throughout the year whether it’s tyreek hill, travis kelsey edwards hilaire, like they have all these weapons. But, as you mentioned earlier to him, some of the things that candace that tampa was doing just wasn’t allowed that, because the pressure was too great, how much credit do you give to todd bowles and that defense based on what they saw the first time they played Him in week 12 to make those adjustments necessary, especially in the secondary here in super bowl 55.. Well, you have to give him a ton of credit mike, because i think that you know you go back to that earlier matchup. There was a lot of hay being made.

You know in the passing game on stuff down the field they gave up big plays. I think it was clear that they were going to play deep in the first half. You know and say: look if you’re going to complete a pass it’s not going to be over our head, they were able to do that and listen. You know part of what you do too. Is you know you you, you put a plan together for the opponent that you’re facing and because of that they decided to come after patrick mahomes with backup offensive lineman and it was the right plan, and so i think, a lot of credit. Look. Both coordinators left witch on offense and todd bowles on defense did a tremendous job yeah. What a staff that bruce ahrens had put together there in tampa and you bring in a quarterback like tom brady, and you get a super bowl championship number seven for brady. Fifth, mvp: what a performance it was for tampa bay. Tim hasselbeck appreciate the time i’m michael lee sportscenter hey there. Welcome to this special edition of sportscenter following super bowl. 55 i’m michael eaves. After six super bowl titles in new england and a legacy is the greatest quarterback and maybe greatest player of all time, tom brady has won yet another super bowl title in his very first year with the buccaneers 31 9 is the final as they take down the Defending champion kansas city chiefs and a dominating performance by the buccaneers on both sides of the football offensively with brady we’re talking about him, but also the defense, be able to hold the chiefs to just nine points.

One of the more potent offenses we’ve had in the league in the last several years. We get a little deeper into this. We bring in tim, hasselbeck and tim. I wanted to dive into the x’s and o’s of this game and how it got to 31.9 and things of that nature, but because it is tom, brady and because of what he accomplished in his very first year in tampa a team that hadn’t sniffed the playoffs. In quite some time, at least a legitimate chance of of winning a title here, he is now seven championships that’s more than any other franchise in the nfl, the steelers and the patriots. Each have six to him. Now brady has seven as you sit back and sort of absorb this. What comes to your mind, i mean it’s just hard to even comprehend, to be honest with you when you think about just what he’s accomplished, how he came into the league, how he took over new england to have the success in new england and the debate about Whether or not it was the coach or the player and then to do it in the year that was this year, which started with throwing and working out at local high schools and getting run off the field. To get to this point, it’s incredible michael, i mean you know in some ways there aren’t really words to describe what he’s accomplished. I know people are going to be talking about this for quite some time over the next several days as they should, but when we have a chance to experience this level of greatness tim in the moment whether it was michael, jordan or kobe, bryant or lebron james.

Currently, now, what is tom brady and the impact that he has not just on franchises, but the league as a whole, and you take a look at this game in particular, you know a couple of guys who scored the touchdowns in this game only came to tampa, But because of tom brady yeah i mean the influence the impact, how one player has made such a huge difference. Look that that’s been reserved for other sports, that that has not been something that’s worked ever in football, it just hasn’t. So i think, when you look at what has been done this year in tampa bay with brady and, as you say, michael the influence on other players. Obviously, a guy that caught two touchdown passes tonight and rob gronkowski, never seen it we’ve, no and and we’ve seen people try to do things like this, but it’s never had this type of result. At the end, let’s talk a little about him, specifically in this game. Tim because if you look at his his performance in the box score, i mean this was efficient, 21 for 29 201 yards and those three touchdowns from an ex there’s, no standpoint tonight. What did you see in tom’s game? I think the big thing is that he was seeing it perfectly. What i mean by that was, you know a lot of times that’s the line of scrimmage they would have packaged, plays you’d, hear him alert to something else.

You know the thing that kansas city gave people a hard time with this season was their zone blitz pressures. They would find a way to attack your past protection and get home to the quarterback. Well, brady did such a good job pre snap, of seeing it and getting to the right place and getting the ball out on time that i just felt like he was kind of a step ahead of defensive coordinator, steve spagnulla, for the kansas city chiefs.