I guess so yeah lets do it guys, so this is the packaging. So this is the box Music, so cute. So quick! This is the box, and this is the other stuff that the phone has. So this is the people, and this is the planet night. The slingback and the pixel mat so cute guys so cute for your desk area and before i unbox or um review it. Please do subscribe like and share and comment if you want to and yeah so lets type subscribe, so so cute its so cute guys, as you can see, this is its container Music gon na put it here, see its so cute guys and lets open it. Just like this Music, Music, guys and Music, so cute its alright girl and lets, see whats in here, Music, the cable and some stickers, so cute stickers, so yeah. This is the container of our debug, so its a bluetooth speaker and it can be used for gaming. For what pixel art creation smart alarm online gallery radio keyboard, like effect it has development effects, dj mixer and so much more guys, so cute so yeah. This is the container so cute! Oh, my gosh, so yeah ill put it here and lets review this so im gon na pick out this one next is here Music. So, as you can see, it says here that its a director, pixel art portable speaker and at the back here. So, oh my gosh guys.

This is my first call of the best so yeah so cute and lets see so other stuffs. So lets um Music, oh thats, the music and you can color um animation games and these and other stuff. So you have a app that you can use to this so yeah its so cute and, as you can see, asmr see its so cute. Thank you, divo beetle, for the you know this cute stuff, so lets um here its the speaker right next, so ill. Just put it here and wait a minute so lets play, i guess so. This is how you play it, and no, no so lets play guys. Okay, how do you do this lets start Music? Oh lets. Zero! Okay lets play again. Maybe um do. I know lets see oh yeah. I know this. Oh, this is a flapping bird again, the other one. I like this one, oh my gosh, so as you can see its so cute and its so fun, okay, thats it guys so yeah buy your own detail and link below Music. So that is how the sound is like this is. The speaker is um Music. Thank you Music, so yeah thats, it guys and ill play with this and ill. Tell you the overall review on tuesday. I guess so. Please subscribe like and share this video and lets play with this cute little thing: okay, Music! So please stay tuned for that, because im still busy so yeah.