This is the boxing reflex ball by tech xyz. This thing retails for around 20 bucks and lets see if it actually will build reflexes. Boxing reflexes im gon na try it out see if it actually works some of the features it says it says: softer, lighter and safer theres, two difficulty levels so whats inside one black ball with elastic cord for novice one red ball with elastic cord for veteran headband User guide for the best way to improve uh hand, eye coordination and reflex its its perfect training equipment that will increase your agility concentration and reflexes, while providing an interesting workout lighter, softer and safer. We specifically designed it to be much lighter and softer than a boxing tennis ball. It is glove or groove free and everyone can enjoy without the worries about hitting yourself in the face eyes and fists as well. Its much safer exclusive, double ball design, um for difficulty. Theres a lifetime warranty which is great and yeah. If you need to see that thats what it looks like there, you go, lets open it up, see whats inside here yeah. These are real soft. So you have this one: two difficulty levels here: im going to start with the novice one, the black one and theyre just kind of the same um. You know smooshy texture, theyre kind of like foam balls. You know the squishy foam balls and then this is what you put around your head: velcro, which is nice just its just kind of like a rubberized thing here, says boxing.

Then you have a user guide, so the user manual says. Thank you, as were going to start with the lets, see here as a beginner. Please start with the novice ball, remove the sticker from the ball for the elastic here. This is a sticker, so you just remove that like so all right. Hopefully it doesnt get tangled. All right there we go all right so now its just an elastic ball, then it has a little piece stuff get that sticker off okay. So it has a little piece of velcro at the end and im, assuming you just kind of wrap it around like so all right, so its in all sorts of languages, a good like to start with would be from your forehead to your belly. Button. Music strap. The headband on and start tapping the ball lightly in the beginning, dont hit the ball hard, be patient, one punch at a time until you get used to the ball movements, then, as you practice more and more youll get used to it and youll start to connect More punches, all right, so here we go, lets. Try it out testing the boxing reflex ball by tech xyz, all right, so it says, insert the velcro piece in the little channel on the front of the headband, then roll the elastic on the headband as many times as you need to achieve the desired length so Desired length is from your forehead to your belly button thats, what it says start with so im going to do that.

So then you just roll like so the front of the headband like so all right. So here we go um so right now. Let me just show you its got. I got ta roll this towards the proper length and ill just do that so forehead to belly, button, alrighty and then put on your head. So maybe i want to do a little bit more more length. Okay, thats, good! All right all right, so here we go lets start punching all right, so lets try that again, so i just went on youtube and there are a lot of videos of people that do this really really well. So whatever i do here will probably be a pretty like an embarrassment compared to the people, but theyre just going to start lightly kind of punching this. You know the ball and then they kind of just gradually get the ball going, but i mean its amazing. These people on youtube just search the brand name and youll, see some really good demos, but i can just tell that this thing is going to take practice. I mean this is when the ball is flying at you, youre like what is going on its just a way of building hand, eye coordination, its kind of cool. This is something you could take. You know on vacation um, you know maybe a hotel, workout and just kind of just practices in your room. You know you know, while youre on vacation or something – and you know its not like its not really for a workout.

This is for kind of just building. Some technical skills hand eye coordination which, for most people, you know if you dont, do this on a regular basis. This is gon na, be really foreign to you, but yeah. Im gon na have to practice this. This is something that i will be using on a regular basis. Um so maybe ill shoot another video and see how if i get better but right now, im just you know, this is the first time im terrible at this. Alright, so just for fun lets. Do the uh the red ball, which is for people that have been doing it, a while, obviously ill, probably have even worse results as far as my ability to hit it back, but lets just see just to see the difference and yeah. Here we go so here we go the red ball belly button, so yeah, maybe theres a little bit of faster reflex to this a recoil i should say but yeah definitely not much harder, just seems like its a little bit faster but yeah. If you ever want to make yourself feel like youre uncoordinated, this is a great little gadget, but its fun i mean i could see. I mean this is like. I could see this becoming kind of a thing you do daily because its pretty fun its like a challenge but its a fun enough challenge that keeps you engaged you know so yeah do i recommend the tech xyz boxing reflex ball, uh yeah, i mean for 20 Bucks, a fitness product like this, i dont think its too much money um its not going to break the bank.

It does what it says its going to do and i think it delivers on its promise so ill have some fun with these ill continue using them and maybe ill give you an update in a future video.