. So, most of the time when amazon releases a new paperwhite, they dont really change a whole lot, but this time around they actually did change quite a few things and made some noticeable improvements. Obviously, the biggest difference with the new model is: it has a slightly larger 6.8 inch ink screen and the next biggest difference. Is they added a warm front light, so you finally have the option to customize the color of the front light on the paper white model. Just like the more expensive oasis so lets talk about that. A little bit more. You can kind of blend the two colors from a cool color to a warm color and its going to kind of vary depending on how much brightness you have as well. So it does give you some more options for night reading and just to make the screen a little bit more comfortable to read in different lighting conditions. With the orange colored light a little bit less harsh than the white uh kind of a bluish light on the paper white four, the screen also has better contrast on the new model as well, so that helps the tech stand out a bit more and performance is Noticeably improved, theyve got a lot faster performance on the newer model. Ill show that here a little bit heres a look at the front lights turned off on both models. Again, the newer kindle paperwhite 5 has just a little bit better contrast.

The text is darker: it just kind of pops off the screen a little bit more. So here we go. We have the exact same font, settings exact, same font, weight everythings the same, but it clearly stands out more on the new paperwhite five. So its definitely an improvement im glad to see that because they havent been improving contrast for a really long time. The weird thing is they dont even mention it like in the marketing at all, but you can also tell when using dark mode. Just the black is blacker, has a darker look to it. So definitely an improvement nice to see that for a change when youre talking to the design on these two devices, its almost like holding the exact same device, they have the same rubbery coating on the back theyre the same thickness. The new model does weigh about 20 grams more than the old one, so it is a little bit heavier um when it comes to the size, its not a whole huge, a lot of difference, its about a little under 3 8 of an inch difference. Uh height, wise and width wise just about the width of the bezel, they got the smaller bezels on there now, especially the top bezels much much smaller. The paperwhites always had such a huge top bezel. Another interesting thing with the new model uh they have. This page turn animation that they added in here, so you can turn this on or off, and it has this little page swipe animation for turning pages.

I dont know if theyre going to add that to the older models, be a firmware update or not, but so far thats only on the paperwhite 5., as you can see, the page turns are a lot faster on the new model, pretty much everythings faster though they Got the same interface now that they updated the software on the older version uh. So we got all this new layout and you got the new settings menu up here, but as far as speed and performance goes, the new model definitely is quite a bit faster. I think they will be changing this home screen here soon. They were talking about it on their website where they have like 20 scrollable tiles on top and youll, be able to scroll down like this with some recommended titles below, but lets go ahead and load up. An e book talk about some of the performance differences here again, the paperwhite five, its got a faster processor. Everything is just a bit zippier when youre interacting with the device, its quite nice, actually theres, no more lag when youre opening a book, no more lag when youre like accessing menus or anything like that. Its definitely an improvement, its even a little bit faster than the kindle oasis, so i dont see the oasis staying around in its current form for very much longer, especially now that the newer model also has usbc. So i didnt mention that earlier, but the new model has the usbc port another minor but useful, upgrade with the paperwhite five is.

It now supports dual band: wi fi for uh 5 gigahertz, wi fi, so all the earlier paperwhites and kindles for that matter support just single band wi fi, so we finally got some upgrade in that department as well all right so just to confirm here we do Have the same font exact same settings with the layout on these two devices? So i mean it does look like the paperwhite five has boldness enabled, but it does not um i mean it has enabled one notch, just like the paperwhite. For so its the same setting but screen definitely looks better. Performance is better everything loads, just a little bit faster, especially when youre like navigating your library. If youre trying to scroll through your library list, the paper white four gets kind of bogged down at a certain after a few swipes, where the paper 5 just keeps going. Uh and when youre jumping around different parts of your library, i noticed uh when its going to load the thumbnails. It is quicker, everythings, just a little bit quicker on the paper. Wi fi, like i said so, its a needed upgrade get some speed improvement on kindles because they have been getting kind of laggy. So its definitely nice to see some speed improvements, loading up a comic book here again, you can clearly see the contrast is better on the paperwhite. Five blacks are darker again page turns quite a bit faster. Another thing, too, is like when youre using pinch, zooming and scrolling around just more responsive, not quite as jittery as it used to be.

I mean its an ink screen so youre limited to like eight frames per second, so its always going to be a little slow. But definitely an improvement over the paperwhite fours kind of had a jitteriness to it. Another improvement with the new model: amazon, less battery life at 10 weeks, whereas the paperwhite f4 they listed at six weeks with their weird ambiguous calculations about how they come up with battery life, but a little bit too early for me to get any kind of judge On battery life at this point, but the new model should definitely have better battery life, just based on amazons estimates, and it also charges a lot faster with the usbc, its like twice as fast at the usbc port. So this has just been kind of a quick look at the differences between the kindle paper y4 and the kindle paper. Y5. Of course, the biggest difference comes down to the screen and the front light and its also uh nice having the usbc port. Now, on the newer model, the new paperwhite is a bit heavier and a bit larger, so theres that to consider – and it still has that flush front screen – thats a total fingerprint magnet but its nice to see the contrast has improved uh. The price is only ten dollars more for the new model compared to the old model, so that seems fairly reasonable for the upgrades theres. Also, a signature edition of the new paperwhite five, it adds wireless charging and an auto adjusting front light along with 32 gigabytes of storage space, but otherwise its exactly the same as the paperwhite shown here.

Im gon na go ahead and wrap up. This video right here check out the ebookreader.com for the full review of the paperwhite five.