How many tablespoons are in a cup there are 16 tablespoons in a cup. Hey food just got here. Why are you cooking who’s? That alexa turn on the sprinklers honey. I already ran the sprinklers. Things will get way too wet around here. Alexa dim the lights, but i’ll say if you want to see the lights up, lights up, add bath oils to my shopping list, alexa! No don’t! Do that read my audiobook i was in his hands. I was being changed that i was also kissing him honey. Other people have to use the bathroom around here, too. Music it’s, missing Applause, Music, Music. I loved you, man, www dot, this miller live marketing. Stunt will distract you from ultra’s big game ad dot com, slash just type in this url in the michelob ultra commercial airs on that sacred sunday in february, when everyone is watching football, and we will give you free miller light which not only has more taste than Michelob vulture, but also has only one more calorie, and you will actually burn that calorie by typing this ridiculously long url. But you will have to type it for real, no cheating by copying and pasting, which is why we are printing. This url in a good old fashioned newspaper of the highest integrity. Yes, we are aware that there’s bound to be some technology that exists that could transcribe a photo back into highlightable text, in which case you could cheat and copy and paste this url, but we’re going to trust you, because good relationships are built on trust.

So once again, please type this url on february 7th, because this is a stunt designed to make you miss our competitors at burn a calorie and get free beer it’s miller time, hey, you have to watch chase and alexander hoody that looks clean to me. Is it, though, Music be sure to get the bugs off the window Music? You owe jason alexander hoody, an apology, Music, hey that’s, my face you can’t, just wear my face. My mom told me to say i’m. Sorry give me back my face Music. What are you having a potato salad party? Do you have a bag twas the night before hold up let’s? Take this up a notch. It was the night before super bowl and all through tampa bay. The chiefs and the buccaneers were ready to play when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but the super bowl legends of yesteryear. You still warming up, eli and payton they’re up throwing footballs snacking on legs and destroying them walls hey. What are you doing his idea? Dad, hey, hey, i don’t care b step on them, boys aren’t! You go to bed extra lot catch. The ball don’t be scared of the ball. I was not scared of the ball montana and rice relive their old glory, while adding doritos to the super bowl store. Hey hey guys either. Can i play brought some chips? Hell! No hey! We’Re! Going to take these doritos, though come on man.

How do you play you guys in the super bowl? Oh my shot, joke no we’re friends! Look at that! Oh you guys are unbelievable. Ah, when up in the attic there arose such a clad it’s called the immaculate reception, it was the immaculate pass. It was below the man’s ankles easy catch. You couldn’t make that catch brash on betis cause a snack table to shatter. Oh, i told you it wasn’t that easy, i told you my juice away to the window. Dion ran in the flash. He tore open the shutters and threw up the sash kickoff is coming. The teams already both hope that their season will end in confetti so get the doritos. You guys are all right and get the tostitos pour salsa por queso get the lays and the cheetos now snack away snack away snack away y’all, because super bowl is here and we about to ball so happy super bowl to all and to all a good night And don’t forget the chips: 33. 34, 35 hi, i’m john cena and i know how to count in fact, knowing how to count could change your life on super bowl sunday. Like help you win 1 million dollars. If you count all the bottles of delicious mountain dew, major melon, our new watermelon flavor in our commercial Music, did you know that norway sells way more electric cars per capita than the u.s norway? Well, i won’t stand for it. Come on, never mind with gm’s new ultim battery we’re gon na crush those losers, crush them.

Let’S go america keenan norway’s out evening. Us wait. What’S this oh it’s, my daughter’s birthday, she’s, really a pirate. I don’t care grab an eevee meet me in norway. Can i say goodbye to my family nope, all right, aquafina, sorry to disturb you, but norway’s beating us at evs, uh huh meet me there. In an hour. Can i ride with you? No gm’s ultim battery is made for all types of vehicles. So soon everyone can drive an ep whoa. Why don’t we all just go together. Knowing wheel is probably flying private Music. This place is adorable, damn it.