These are bear boards bare bones and theyre cheap lets check them out. I got a package in the mail with some gadgets from ic station. I think we will review them today. Lets see what we got. Okay, the first one were going to look at its just a basic music player, and this one here you can control externally, but of course i dont have any data on that. The only data i have on this is that you can connect speakers to it directly and um. It has audio output left and right and it also take a line input. Its got a connect button, whatever the connect button does ground infrared 3.3 volt in and the play indicator, and basically what it does is you give it power and if you put an sd card in or a usb, it will play wav or mp3s, and it will Just play them continually and output it through the output very basic little board. We have our our labeling here. It will drive speakers directly. A couple speaker plugs can go in there. I dont have any speaker plugs for this im going to actually just solder some wires down directly to it. Well, give it five volts itll run from three point: three point: seven to five volts im gon na plug an sd card in with some music and uh were gon na just demo. This real quick because say theres, not a heck of a lot to this.

Its cheap, its great for an experimenter and it can be controlled by an infrared, uh, remote control, which of course i dont have. I just have the basic little board so were gon na look at that one and were also gon na. Look at this one here in this quick video im not going to spend much time on this. The other project is a. It is a a clock with an amplifier and bluetooth and everything. This is a bluetooth board. This one lets hook this one up quickly, just to see how it works and then well do the same on that and say this video is going to be kept real, simple because theres, not a heck of a lot to show you with this its a little Five dollar module that i was sent just to show off and you get it at ic station and that is the part number gy, one, nine five, five five. I say its about five buck module, so the other ones about the same price. These are pretty cheap lets hook this one up and ill hook it up off camera. Well, try it out all right, ive got it connected to speakers. Ive got it connected to my five volt power supply. I havent turned it on yet, but it is now turned on five volt power supply connected to speakers. I have the smallest sd card, youre, probably ever going to see. There may have been one smaller than this at some point, but this is pretty small.

This is 32 megabytes, yes, 32 megs. If you can believe that this is a the smallest sd card that i own, when i put this card in, it starts playing. How simple can that be now, and if i disconnect power Music, it should start up playing again when i turn it back on Music. If i unplug the card and if i were to plug in a usb stick, it should play whats on the usb stick. So lets try that got a couple tracks just record it on here, plug it in Music, Music, so so, basically its just a basic five dollar music player. What would something like this be good for music on hold more than likely Music, so you can control it through external inputs. You can hook a infrared receiver up to it, for example, and control it that way with one of these basic mp3 player remotes pretty much all of them. Ive got a couple of them kicking around here, but they all work on. Basically, the same codes um, something like this also very simple. It could be interface to your telephone system and you could have music on hold or announcements like a announcer, where you could record some announcements for say playing in your store in store music, for example, and you could have a bunch of tracks recorded its going to Play them in the order that theyre loaded on the the sd card or usb stick something like this.

You could plug into your system. Have it interface to your telephone system and also this is the speaker output, but it also has line outputs down here, which could interfa interface into your system, its something very, very basic where, if you just want to have music playing or announcements playing, etc, etc. Something like this five bucks, five volt supply could hook it directly to a speaker or hook it into a pa system, and you just take your announcement or your background music. You plug it in and there you go it plays, and its gon na play the sequence over and over beginning to end thats about it. On this one lets take a look at the other one. This one is the gy19671. This one here is also an mp3 player, so this one has bluetooth on it. So, in addition to uh being able to put in microsd or usb stick in this one, we can actually play music right from the phone so thats. What were going to do were going to connect this to power, and it looks like we connected the power here, either on either side all right, its got two power connectors on it. It also has a usb interface, which more than likely will power this up from the usb port, so lets just plug it in and see whether anything lights up on here yep. It will be powered up for this, so lets uh lets plug it in to uh.

Our amplifier, because this one will power headphones directly, but we can also, of course plug it into an amplifier, so were going to plug this into an amplifier and pair it with bluetooth and try. This one out see how this one works for bluetooth and also, of course, try the micro sd and the usb, and this ones controllable from a remote control. So first lets try it with a usb stick power it up, it should did it talk. Didnt say: bluetooth is ready to pair. This has got a microphone on it too, so itll actually work with your phone to process call audio its in chinese wonderful. I think it means its ready to pair. If i plug the usb stick in, it speaks to me in chinese and then starts playing Music thats too funny, like the other one. You can use it for playing music off of a usb stick or off of uh an sd card and uh. Oh its gone into the fm radio. Now its got an fm radio, thats thats whats playing from my uh im sure thats whats playing yep. So this is playing off the radio as you can hear it, doesnt sound like a stereo. Does it lets pair it with bluetooth, see if we can find bluetooth on here on this unit to switch inputs? You have to use a resistor array between the key and the ground. If you use a 6.2 k resistor, it will switch between play and pause.

Previous song is a 9.1 k. Next, song is 15k volume. Increase is 24k volume reduction, 33k and mode switching 51k. So you would connect a series of switches with resistors between the key input and ground and thats. What tells this module, what to do, and it says when in searching for bluetooth, the blue light flashes slowly when its connected, the blue light is always on so its searching for bluetooth, im going to look for bluetooth on here now and see if i can find It and pair with it, okay, its called young thinker thats. What the name of this is yun thinker and uh ive now connected with it. So i should be able to play my music through the bluetooth which i can and, of course i can control the volume and everything from here: Music Applause. Yes, i have a blackberry believe it or not, my old, my its a really old blackberry and it i used to use this. This was my favorite phone at work because of the keypad love this phone. Only problem is my little speaker here went bad in it, but that was okay. I used to use it with a bluetooth, headphone headset all the time. I love this phone, but we stopped supporting it and went to an android device and this phone became retired. I use it for testing stuff got some music on here: music, bakery stuff it uh Music does get the job done: Music anyway, thats um, Music, bluetooth, five, unfortunately its in chinese Music, the uh language that speaks to you and is in chinese, but uh, hey its Five bucks nice little board to to experiment with um its ic station ive.