Your best were going to review five modern gadgets and efficient in this video. That makes your life much easier to know about them. Lets dive into the video before we start if youre interested in technology, please subscribe to our youtube channel to see more now were going to see number one number one is air bar. If you want to touch your macbook to get the airbar use your favorite gesture and moves from the trackpad right on the screen after youve mounted the magnetic airbar correctly, just like the usb connector and boom, you can control the screen so im in documents and between Applications most trackpad gestures are supported. There are quite a few to learn. No special software is required. The scroll is fast and precise, with an airborne write and draw right on the screen. Airbot makes it easy to move around in your presentations, its breezy, to use for editing and brings you closer to your work for fun, edit, your picture with a pinch, rotate and zoom with your fingers. Yes, its really useful and fun now number two tcl breva air, purifier, priva air purifier technology promises you efficient, purifying performance. Debris a1 has lots of features for a purifier in this price range. It has a metal shell, timer ambient light to sleep mode and a safety lock its easy to use and has a modern look. The included, replaceable filter is a three layer filter. The outer pre filter takes care of large particles like dust and pet air, ooh pepper.

The hippo13 filter is for particles, 0.3, microns or larger, and helps with airborne microbes. The activated carbon layer absorbs the smell and odors. Oh im really really hating that it is suggested to replace the filter about six months plus there is a replace filter indicator on the unit. The breather has other models you can check on in other videos. To you know you can check more in our youtube channel. Look and make sure that youre going to subscribe to our youtube channel for more gadgets now were heading to number three, and that is bowyer booklights. The bowier booklight is the best to help. You read your books in the dark. One of a kind book like that is innovative, functional and fashionable of course, ram. Daylight leds have been lined to create an arc shape over your book and cast a perfect uniform lighting. The magnetic clips have exceptional grasping strength and are designed to hold the cover family while still allowing you to adjust the light. Boyo has a replaceable and rechargeable hybrid battery structure, its available in a variety of colors. It can help you with a reading experience that maintains contrast, while scattering light to reduce glare to the barest minimum. Also, it allows you to precisely control the brightness with a touch for an undisrupted reading. Experience now number four, this one is f. I c i hp keyboard its a keyboard, but not just a cable. You can take it anytime, anywhere keyboard with built in 12.

6, inches touch screen and usb expansion that will meet your requirements of working with a multi screen display fic i hp keyboard is a plug and play device that will instantly activated and ready to roll as soon As you plug in your phone or tablet or desktop, or a notebook, no more switching programs and tabs repeatedly while trying to go around these limitations, simple connection, multifunctional external connections, multitask fast processing, fici hp, offers you a convenient and smooth panel that allows you to explode. The expanding possibilities of multi screen work when you connect a fic, i hp multifunctional keyboard to your phone through the type c cable. This unique keyboard will start immediately, acting as the display of your phone. This is something that im definitely going to put in my basket. Right now now number five as its the last one is tapas trap. 2.. Oh, that sounds interesting. It is an all in one. Super controller tab lets you type and mouse into your bluetooth, enabled device using any surface or predefined air gestures. Customize. The finger tap combination to the keystroke of your choosing with a tab. You can control the remote screen just by pointing your fingers. Try by tapping on any surface and activate your favorite apps tab is plug and play input solution and its optimized for the ipad as tab opens up a world of opportunities and turns any ipad into the worlds most portable computing station. If this video is useful for you, please hit the like button and, of course, subscribe.

Weve also had a video of five glasses in the world in 2021. Dont miss that its really interesting and amazing. I really loved it. Myself hope you, like these interesting gadgets, were going to have more videos like this.