In this nice, blue, color uh, this is rumored to be priced at 320 dollars, but ill. Give you the exact pricing pinned in the comments below, because this was recorded before the press event. Now this device is really cool. I do like what it brings to the table. Packaging wise poco is very clean and simple. Youve got a case in there, and youve also got a 33 watt charger and youve got fast charging built into the device, so thats, actually very nice and really cool. The other thing also is, when you look at this device overall youre, getting a lot of features that yeah honestly, you shouldnt be getting at this price point, so you start off with its battery 5160 milliamp battery uh. This is not a 5g device, so you should expect this to last you more than a day well into the next day, uh with this device, so thats actually very nice, then it also comes with the snapdragon 860 processor. Now i have no stats on this processor because ive tried to use benchmark tools. Ive tried to use tools like 3dmark, which just doesnt work with it at all. I try to use geekbenchmark, it runs and it just stops so theyre not letting me do any benchmark tools yet so, hopefully, once this fully launches, i can run some benchmarks for you and give you an idea what the performance is, but its a seven nanometer chip. So you can expect it to perform a certain way, uh and well get to some gaming in a second here display, though, is nice 120 hertz display 240 touch sensing, which is pretty cool uh great for that gaming experience, but its also got stereo speakers and honestly, Let us go ahead and take a quick, listen, Music, honestly thats.

That was impressive. That is really nice to have from a device like this, coupled with the fact its got a headphone jack. So youve got a nice audio experience. Youre, not just you know, uh getting something that is a cheap hand me down in a sense now you know it comes in this. Nice blue color says poker at the back. Its got a 48 megapixel sensor, its got a ray of camera sensors at the back. As well, uh, which is cool and the camera, does take some nice uh interesting photos uh. They do do well for its price point. Honestly, i, like the photos in daytime yes, theres, some parts where it was overblown, but uh you can live with that. Its also got a 20 megapixel front facing camera, which does a decent job, but, as you can see, it whitens my skin quite a bit but im not going to be too harsh on it because, honestly, again, its price point its pretty solid overall okay. So speaking of gaming, looking at a couple of games on here call of duty – mobile, yes, which runs really well on a lot of devices, also performs well on the poco x3 pro the ability to run around take out people. It does really well honestly, its really smooth that 120 hertz 240 touch sampling is a nice way to actually use a budget device like this plus. The audio which im not cranking up is also really good.

We heard the speakers so thats pretty solid as well. Now, what about gaming performance, pushing to that high end thats, where of course, games like gentian impact come into play now with gentian impact? I am playing this game at its highest setting here, so you guys can see that it is at 60 fps and what do we get in terms of performance now, as i mentioned benchmarks im actually running directly off the device itself using game studio, its giving me About 50 frames per second im about to get into some combat. There is some choppiness, but you can game genji around 50 fps or so. With this it runs fairly well and, of course, youre going to get some temperature rises. I think i moved myself to the wrong side of the map with this game. Im stuck somewhere far away. Take him out, take him out, but yeah you do get some really good performance overall for what you have here. I was expecting it to be worse, but it does does a good job now in terms of immediate temperatures, while playing it heats up a little bit and were looking at like 108 degrees or so roughly for this 100 708, which is about 42 degrees celsius. So thats what youre getting in terms of temperatures for this but performance wise? You can play this quite well now. Some of you probably be asking what about pubg and just to kind of finish that up pubg is one way im not going to necessarily show you gameplay, but ill.

Show you some of the settings you do have access to your full set of settings for pubg mobile and i will tell you that in each of those it runs as to be expected. So if youre playing pubg and youre playing at ultra hd, ultra ultra youre, going to be getting about uh, 30 37 frames per second, which is fine and if youre playing pubg at a smooth, extreme youre going to be getting closer to so ultra at ultra. Its right here you rather have access to that and you can play at smooth extreme as well. So you have access to all the settings you expect in pubg mobile. So i think, overall, when you look at a device like this, the poco x3 pro youre gon na get a lot of value in this device. Now i i think there are a lot of people who look at this and say: yes, this is a great buy. It covers all the things i want to its got all the features i need and its got the performance that i needed to do so, if you guys want to see more about the poco x3 pro, let me know ill.