Daily microphones are available for purchase at good deals by klg, so make sure you check them out at our e store and enjoy zero percent installment. With your debit and credit card with atomy or iou pay now this is a really nice fabric card case that daily has provided out of the box and im so glad that its so compact that i can fit in into my bags without filling the weight or Even put it into my jeans pocket if i want to now lets check out whats inside the box right, so this is what you get with the mobile kit of the pocket wireless. So, of course you get the transceiver and the receiver inside the box, and this empty spot over here is the mobile clamp, which ive already mounted onto the tripod here, and you have a slew of cables right over here. So, like i mentioned, the pocket wireless already has a built in microphone, but then, if you prefer to use a left mic for a more focused audio there, you go, you have it inside the box as well, which i will do a sound test later, for you Guys to hear how the left mic sounds alright, so on top of that, you also get some extra cables here now this is a usbc two usbc cable. Now the receiver of the daily pocket wireless uses a usbc connection, and this is a really nice thing, because most smartphones these days do not have a 3.

5 mm headphone jack. So your usb c to usb c connector is pretty useful in this case. But, of course, if you would like to use the pocket wireless on a dslr or mirrorless camera, you do of course get a usb c to 3.5 mm cable right over here, which ive already attached to my lightning to 3.5 mn connector here, because im using it With my iphone and finally, you get a standard usbc through usb, a charging, cable and finally, a usbc to a converter adapter right over here. If you want to connect your pc now whats interesting about the pocket, while its here im just going to take out the transceiver and receiver now to show you guys now, if you look at the transmitter here, its actually pretty simple, theres, no monitor or whatever to Show any status, but you get led lights instead, so on top over here, you do of course, get the uh microphone, which ive actually had a windscreen right over here right now, and you do also get a 3.5 mm jab for a left mic and on the Left side of the transmitter here you get a pairing button and thats pretty much about it to turn it on. You just simply have to flip the switch at the bottom of the transmitter here, and it simply turns on with two green leds over here right and you do get an another usbc connector here and that is for charging.

Only next is the receiver here, all right. So here you get a one inch oled screen, which actually looks pretty good and if youre familiar with daily microphones, they like this blue color, led by all means. It actually looks pretty nice and looks pretty professional as well top. Here you do get a charging and connection port right over here. This is where you connect your usb c to c or usb c, to 3.5 mm cable right over here or charging, and on the left side you get a pairing button and a decibel button, which is for the microphone gain. If you actually want to do that. Now one thing that daily has made this product really interesting here is that it supports the daily connect system. Now this is one thing really good if you intend to upgrade to other daily wireless mics in the future, because they all support the same system, which means you dont need this need to throw this away uh, if you want to use it together with other daily Wireless microphones, which i think is a really great feature, and i think something that other microphone companies should really support. Now. This little screen right over here shows some really useful information about the pocket wireless, and that includes the mic gain levels. The transmitter signal strength, the receiver and transmitter battery levels and, finally, the recording volume now note that im, actually speaking, really close to the internal microphone of the pocket wireless right now and it doesnt exit this two dotted lines right over here.

This is actually dailys got real analog limiter, which actually helps if youre recording voice in a very noisy environment, and you need to speak really really loud. So all you record is actually clean and non distorted audio on the pocket. Wireless, which is a really really neat feature now, even though i like the size and weight of the pocket wireless one thing i think daily could have done better, is to include a headphone jack on the receiver here because lets face it if youre using it on A smartphone, for instance, theres, really no way that you can monitor how the audio quality is like, whether its their interference or not, and on certain mirrorless cameras. They dont have a headphone jack. So you cant really monitor order if youre using the pocket wireless, and that is something that i think videographers would like to know or even if you are your own videographer, you might need to take note of that. If you want to get the pocket wireless now in terms of wireless technology, this transmits audio via the 2.4 gigahertz bandwidth now, this is a pretty wide bandwidth, in fact, daily claims that it can go up to 175 feet of distance. If you actually do that, but note that, if youre thinking to use this in events, this is going to be a frequency that will cause a lot of interference. So, if youre in an event hall, for example, with a lot of people using different types of microphones with 2.

4 gigahertz frequencies, are definitely going to face a lot of interruptions breakouts when you record using the pocket wireless, so thats. One thing you will also need to watch out as well and now, since you guys have already heard how the internal microphone of the pocket wireless sound light. Let me plug in the live mic of the pocket wireless and let you guys hear how great the sound quality is and, of course we are going to do the usual distance test of this microphone, because daily claims that it can go up to 175 feet. So lets do it right now, all right, so im now standing eight feet away from the camera, and this is how the sound quality from the pocket wireless sound like and im using the left mic as well and im just going to move back. So this is how its going to be im just going to move back a bit and now we are about. We are about 15 feet away from the camera already im, just gon na walk even further back like probably to about 20 feet, and there you go. Can you guys still hear the audio? If you can do leave me a comment down below yeah? My videographer is actually giving me a signal that i think this, the the audio is actually breaking up right now, all right so yeah. This is how far the daily pocket wireless can actually be im 40 away from the camera already.

So this is how the range really is. We are not getting a lot of interference right here, theres no other cameras around, but definitely theres some wireless signals going around, but yep there you have it. This is the sound quality of the left mic of the daily pocket wireless and how far it can really go so overall, im very satisfied with the performance of the daily pocket wireless in terms of both the sound quality and the wireless transmission. Now this thing will cost you 169 us dollars im, not sure what is the price in malaysia over here. But if we were to do a direct conversion, there would be about 700 ringgit, but do expect prices to be about 749 or 799 ringgit here in malaysia, and it will of course be available on our e store good news by klg at a later date. We also leave that info down in the description below if youre interested in getting one so yeah thats pretty much for todays video. Thank you very much for watching stay tuned for more videos coming right up at kr, gadget tv subscribe to us and be sure to follow us on the usual social media places.