So in years past, whenever i come back to l.a to visit, it would be a little bit difficult for me to get around because i dont have a car in los angeles anymore. I sold my car when i moved out to hong kong, but the last couple of times ive been back its been a little bit easier because there are now these lime scooters, a lift, scooters bird scooters all over the streets of los angeles. If you live in europe or in asia, youll be familiar with these dockless scooters. Theyre, basically scooters that you pick up you ride anywhere. You can drop them off anywhere on the street and you just pay an app like a fee. Unfortunately, in la its a little bit more expensive than in europe and in asia, so i would take these scooters out for like 10 minutes and ill be charged like eight bucks. So if i go on like four or five rides over the course of a day, then ive already racked up a pretty sizable bill. Fortunately, i live close to jan, which is the capital of all hardware, including these scooters. These scooters are all made in shenzhen, so one of these scooter makers recently reached out to me and asked if i want to review the newest scooter – and i said well, i would love to but im in los angeles. For now, can you send me one to test here and theyre like okay and then a week later it arrived.

So this is the micro go. M5 ive been riding this all around los angeles and it rides almost as well as the lime scooters you know, except for one minor shortcoming, but other than that. Its been saving me money because ive been riding all around los angeles. On this thing, Music. Sorry, thank you, Music, okay, so the micro go. M5 is also a foldable scooter theres a little hinge here and you just pull the scooter folds up like this. Now this isnt as light as the xiaomi scooter i tested back in hong kong. This weighs about 36 pounds so its a little bit heavy, but i can still curl yeah, although its getting a little bit tough now but yeah its you know its not really easy to handle, but you cant just walk around town like this, whenever youre not allowed To have scooters on the ground, i also like that when the scooter is folded, it locks into place theres no hook that you need to hook around the back wheel, like on other scooters, ive seen, so you can just lift it up like this without needing to Do anything and when you want to unfold just pull, bring it up lock into place and thats it. The scooter is set up and the safety mechanism is secure because theres a two step process to unlock or lock so theres a red button right here that you have to press in tandem with pulling or pushing the lever for it to work.

If i just pull the lever right now, you see i cant get it to budge. If i press on the red button and then pull then the scooter folds down. Likewise, when i want to lock it, i have to press in and hear it click and then itll lock into place and once its locked into place. It is really sturdy, so theres a power button right here that you just long press to turn on and then youll see a screen. I know right now, the screens flickering on camera, but in real life it does not flicker its just the frame rate of the camera and theres a acceleration throttle right here. It does this brake. So you pull this. You actually see the disc brake move on the back, but theres also an electronic brick right here. So i like that, because if you really need to stop suddenly you can use both the electronic brick and the disc brake and youll be able to stop on a dime. Now, when you press this button once again once its turned on itll cycle through three different modes, so right now, youll see the icon is blue. This means its a slower speed. It maxes out at like 12 miles per hour. You press it once it goes to orange. Now your maximum speed is 15 miles per hour. You press it again. Itll go to maximum speed, which is 19 miles per hour. I usually keep it in the middle setting.

If you double press the button, it will turn on the light, theres also a light on the bottom deck that you can already see. The blue light right there and a light on the back wheel, that lights up at night full time and also whenever you pull on the brick. It will also light up so theres, a 3 000 milliamp hour battery located inside this deck, and charging is done here via this charging port, with a little flap that i should cover up now. I mentioned earlier theres a shortcoming with the scooter. It is uh. These eight and a half inch wheels. I mean theyre relatively large enough, but theres. Actually, no air inside the tire, its a plastic tire. The benefit of using a plastic tire instead of a normal tire, is that you wont risk puncturing, a tire like getting a flat tire. But at the same time, a plastic tire does not absorb shock as well as a normal tire with air inside, because thats, basically, essentially a cushion so micro gold instead has built a little shock absorption system here, its a spring on the front wheel, but its only On the front wheel and theres no shock absorption on the back wheel and for the most part, whenever i ride through bumps, i do feel it on this scooter more so than you know my xiaomi scooter at home, or also those rental, lime, scooters. So right now, im riding through some uneven patches of road.

I should be able to hear the cranking sound. I do want to say its only when i ride through major bumps, like you know, really messed up road, its a really smooth ride when the road is paved so maximum load for this scooter is 220 pounds. I am unfortunately already near the max because i weigh 200 pounds so when i carry a backpack, thats, probably already 200 and 526 pounds there. Despite that, this scooter can still go up to the advertised 19 miles per hour, maximum speed and it can go up inclines without much issues. It definitely has more power than the xiaomi scooter. I have at home, okay. So now i am going up a slight incline and you can see this. The micro go. M5 is handling here, which is fine going up here right now and on a single charge it can go about 23 miles. So that means, if im continuously riding at maximum speeds, it will only go a little bit over an hour, but if youre using this for short term commutes five minutes here, ten minutes there youll be fine throughout an entire afternoon or an evening. Charging takes about five. Six hours with that aforementioned port, so micro go m5, sells for 429 us dollars and its available on amazon and other online retailers right now or you can visit michael girls website so anyway, thats about it for this review, man im gon na its a beautiful sunday Im gon na go for a ride.