Now people thought i was over exaggerating in my model d wireless review by saying that the minuses should come out at the same time as their bigger brother that wasnt the case. My job as a reviewer is to get the right shape into the right hand and having a smaller version of these bigger mice coming out at the same time is whats best for everyone. Now i dont know if they listen to me or if this was always the plan, but im glad that they came out with the model o minus wireless and the model d wireless. At the same time now these mice have shown how far glorious has come on many fronts. They battled a lot of qc issues and a reputation that came from that and that really plagued their might, but now they battled back with some pretty impressive mice. Now the model – oh wireless – im, not gon na lie to you guys that was probably the worst release for me in terms of what they sent me. I got four of them and all four broke. I dont have any model o minuses at the moment. All my copies had loose buttons, one even fell in and it just stopped clicking the size would have a bunch of side flex. It was just a mess but im happy to report. Both the model o minus and the model d wireless are both up to par. The structural integrity is way better than their predecessors.

They feel like solid mice. I just want to address that first and foremost, because i know thats going to be at the forefront of peoples. Mind when it comes to glorious mice is the qc. Both of these are 80, which is absurd. When you look at the market, the super light is going for 150. The razer viper ultimate is going for about 130 to 150, sometimes going down to 100, but even then its still 20 more than this mouse, so youre getting an insane value with the glorious mice. As always, now the design keeps that same classic rgb design, the white one shines bright, like a diamond when the rgb is on and reflecting both have the dpi indicators. On the bottom side, the buttons are slightly bigger on the d minus very reminiscent of the ec2 from zowie. Both are pretty tough to press in a little bit of pre travel. There thats the one area glorious, has stayed pretty consistent in, but havent improved on significantly. I love to see a lighter side button with less pre travel now both of these lose the cord and gain a usbc port at the front comes with a dongle and a sn v2 cable. When you need to charge it, the ascend v2 cable has stood the test of time. I really like it its fluid its thin and when you press against it, it doesnt fight back now. The ptfe feet are nice and buttery, and they add that customary two bigger slab feet in the box.

If you want even more glide by increasing the size of the foot on the bottom of the mouse. Personally, i prefer the four to the two, but its all personal preference, and i like that they give you the option of choosing between the two so for the weight im a little bit confused here, i dont know if its just me hear me out the model D: minus went down a gram right from the original wired version. The model o minus went up seven grams from the original version. Huh. The model o minus only comes out two grams less than the model. Oh, despite the o shell, being noticeably bigger, im really confused. The d feels more balanced than the model o minus and the model o minus feels a little bit front. Heavy now, im, assuming this comes from more on the side walls to give it more structural integrity. So the weight of it went up to kind of decrease the quality control issues that they had so its a give and take here now as for the shape, if you like the d, but it was a little bit too big go with the d minus. If you like the o, but it was a little bit too big – go with the o minus easy enough right. My hands are 19 by 8.5 centimeters and i consider my hands medium and i prefer both of these over their bigger brother. In terms of control.

I find i get way more with these amy just feels way more effortless. With these the model minus is really low profile. Personally, i find the butt a bit too flat to control comfortably with claw grip feels like your palm starts to slide up the mouse palm grip isnt comfortable either. I feel the holes more on the model o minus than any other mice, so laying your hand on there isnt so comfortable if youre looking to do either of those – and you want to abduct your mouse, then just go for the bigger brother. If you have smaller hands, i mean you could probably use it, but i would probably just go with another mouse. I think thats why they need a glorious mouse, thats ambidextrous with a hump for us claw, grip users out there. That being said, this is really good for fingertip grip because its slender and its very precise getting that pencil action going and the low profile keeps it from hitting the top of your palm. It is a bit long in my opinion. I wish it was a little bit shorter. The buns are pretty consistent, all the way up and down the mouse. Only once you get up towards the very top. Does it get a little bit tougher now. The model d minus, on the other hand, is great for claw grip and palm grip way more comfortable for me than the d feels great in the hand, holes dont seem to bother me as much as the model o minus.

If you have medium or small hands, both of these mice will work well, and since this is kind of like uh the end of an error, you know we got to do the whole sound test right. We got to hold it up. We got to do the aw yeah thing, so heres the scroll wheel awkwardly staring to the camera side buttons mouse one and two scroll button scroll wheel, dpi button: oh yeah, should we do the model d, minus heres, the mouse one and two sibens? Oh yeah? The battery life is stated at 71 hours. This is gon na be very similar to the razer viper ultimate, which is 70 and the super light which is 70 as well only final mouse, i think theres, just like 160 hours, which is insane using that final sensor. Crazy stuff, now in the software you can change the lighting effects, the rate the brightness of the light as well. You can also gain control over the dpi stages and what each color represents on the dpi indicator. The lift off distance is set at one millimeter by default, but you can change the two millimeter depending on what you like. The debouncing is at 10 milliseconds at the start. First thing i do is put this down to zero milliseconds, so yeah, these all around are solid mice. They have that banff sensor in there performs perfectly in game. Sensors are just so good right now that its barely worth talking about anymore so now lets move on to whats next for glorious glorious is ending off this era on a high note, with their qc being at an all time.

High theyve got their own sensor, theyre. All wireless theyve got the shapes now so whats next. For me, i believe its coming out with that eye. Mouse put the eye in that odin give us a hump for a claw grip mouse and i would actually skip over a wired version. I would just do wireless right off the back. You have the technology. The wireless is good enough at this point. Why not? I love to see glorious pump some money into making a magnesium mouse, because the 190 dollars that is charged by fundamentals is pretty absurd, but its justified, because nobody else can do that weight. You can use those materials and can just do that. Wireless, like theyre, doing it right now, so it is a little bit justified that they are charging that but id love to see glorious, bring that price down with some competition, who knows, maybe they might even make it better than final mouse thatll, be something to see Right, so that is gon na, do it for this review on the model o minus and the model d minus.