Why did i pick up this pair of beats? Studio 3 headphones? Well, its simple look at this color guys. This is matte black. How sleek and sexy are these gon na look now? They do have a variety of colors, but you can never go wrong with matte black lets unbox these. But before we do, i want to say the people at the checkout spot actually fill this whole thing up with my name and number on the plastic wrap and i couldnt get it off. So i just took the plastic wrap out, but the headphones are in here. I havent unboxed, it im really excited to do so. Lets get it done all right so start off! You have this really nice sleek packaging here and just slide this top off here. Then we take this one off and it says change the way you hear sound with the beats logo. Im nervous, im nervous, all right here we go here. We go whoa. That is nice. This is the pouch. The pouch feels well made and then theres another tab here you take it out. You have your booklet here with the beats logo. I guess this is the user manual and stuff like that. Then we have a a fast charge. This is the fast charge cable. Then we have a loop which would actually be good for clipping into a backpack or something like that. Real cool has the beats logo on it, and then you have a 3.

5 millimeter headphone jack. Alright. So now lets open these bad boys up and see how they look ready guys. Oh my god, look at that beats. It has the beats logo. I like that you can actually fold them up like this. Oh nice, i like these guys. They look good. They definitely feel good, oh theyre sexy all right and they they feel sturdy. They feel really good. The padding the leather on here feels really comfortable, and i really like that. Its not super in your face, like everything is matte. Everything is sleek, discreet, really nice, and here you have your buttons. You have your volume up button volume down. This is to answer a phone call to hang up a phone call. You press one to play two times to skip a song three times to go back. This is your control panel right here. Look at that beautiful all right! So now that theyre unboxed, i must say these feel premium in your hand like they feel so good. They feel well made its a hard plastic. It doesnt feel like a cheap, flimsy plastic theyre, not tight. They dont feel like theyre gon na bother me after x amount of time. They actually feel good and they look good too im, not even gon na lie. I have heard obviously bad reviews about the bass and the treble and how it sounds. Let me tell you this guys. I dont nitpick at certain things, if i want a good quality premium product thats.

What i expect im not gon na, be here and be like. Oh, my god, the base, the bait the base doesnt sound loud enough or oh, my god, the vocals, the vocals, the vocals, no justin bieber doesnt sound like that. No no im, not gon na nitpick at anything if its a good quality, headphone im just gon na. Let you know straight off the bat, its a good quality headphone. Now i do like that. The part here that stretches over here this piece here its actually stainless steel, so it wont bend and it wont, break as easily. Now i like to stay in the apple ecosystem apple actually bought beets in 2014 and integrated the w1 chip. That means these work just as well as airpods, and they connect seamlessly so im gon na put up a screen recording here and im gon na turn them on for the first time actually uh screen recording should be up, and once i power them, if they are Like the airpods, they should literally just connect okay powered on lets, see if my iphone finds them there, they go see that beats studio. Three, just like that, i didnt go into the menu bluetooth. Sync it or anything. Just like that beats studio. Three found connect man. These feels so good guys. They feel, like super duper, good, all right, so im gon na use some music that i found and lets see how good these things are were gon na start by raising the volume little by little Music Applause, Music, foreign, Music off the bat.

Listen off the bat like i said, im not going to nitpick im, not going to nitpick and say the bass doesnt sound good. The way the vocals dont sound good. If it sounds good, it sounds good point. Blank period, these sound good. Let me try another one. Another song – maybe you guys, will recognize this song. This has more of a vocalness to them man. These are comfortable Music, wow Music. I can hurt you Music, Music, um Music. They sound good guys, go get em 169 at best, buy they sound, really good worth it worth it worth. Every discounted penny. Wow wow. Can you hear them too bro hes, a fire hes, a fire, more wood for the fire, so its been a few days and ive just been wearing these non stop just and using them consistently throughout this week. Let me say this: if i had to rate this from comfort for a one to ten, definitely a ten now the most ive worn him at a single time would be about a little over two hours, because i was editing and i just got lost in my World editing, but they never once felt uncomfortable. I never felt the need to take them off. I never felt the leather here getting annoying or anything of that so for comfortability. Definitely definitely a tent trust me. If youre in new york, city, youre gon na want the noise canceling headphones and the noise canceling that the beats solo 3 pro ride, theyre really good because it doesnt silence everything out completely to where you just cant, hear nothing around you.

They have the active noise. Canceling, going on what it means is its constantly listening to your surroundings. So, although you can still hear everything at a really low volume outside the headphone, its not distracting, so for me, the noise canceling works very, very well. Another thing is that these are so like nice and discreet, like thats one thing thats why i never wanted beets because they were so out there, like you, know all the branding on it, the big red bee. Now you have this nice subtle, matte black beat at its, not so in your face its worth. The 350 price tag, but im not gon na pay. The 350 price tag guys im. Sorry now, with the holidays, coming up price dropped on them. But if you dont seem to catch that sale now, theres, always a price drop on these guys, so just be on the lookout. If youve seen them for 350, just be a little patient and i guarantee you, the price will drop soon. They always go on sale. So without further ado that wraps it up for this video, i hope you guys enjoyed it.