So lets begin with this one. So this is actually a writing tablet and it is 8.5 inch and the price for this is 300. So this is the box. Some instructions over here, as you can see, and you get the colors color variants and it says made in china over here so lets open this. This is the writing tablet itself, and here you get the stylus, and this is the button to erase, and here you get the switch to lock the erase button ill show you guys how it works. Here you get the battery battery slot. You can insert the battery just like that, and this is the stylus and you can just and now, if you switch this lock button on, if you turn this on, then, if i like write anything and if i click it, nothing is going to happen. You have to unlock it once again and then you can erase it yeah thats pretty much it so now. Lets move on with the next gadget. So the next gadget is this clone of me band 4. It says m4 band its a smart bracelet, a partner to monitor your health, and here they have given hd color screen message, view and 45 days battery life, but i dont think so its gon na last for 45 days. It might last for like some one week or something – and here you can see its made in china – and here are some of the specifications you can read them.

Those are the features you will get inside this band and in the band you get this user manual. You can read it, and here you get a piece of paper saying please recharge band and download only one app fit pro, and this is the charger. It is very similar to the me band 3 charger. So here you get the strap and the quality is not very good, and the price for this band is 350, and this is the tracker, and the quality of this strap is not very good. But okay, at this price range we cant expect much and i think its okay – and this is the tracker as you can see over here. It is very similar to the mi band 4, and these are the functions which you get inside this and you can connect it with the, and this is the heart rate sensor. As you can see – and this is not a touch screen display – you just have to use the button every time and it looks good so now, if i press this, you get the home screen, which you can change. According to your wish, using the application – and here you get the steps, if you have to you – have to long press and youll be able to see the steps. So i just tried it and, like i just charged it so it just has counted some steps, and here you get the heart rate sensor as you can see, and its not gon na work perfectly but yeah its gon na work somewhere here and there.

So, as you can see, i didnt touch it and still it shows some random number. After this, you get the sports mode. If you long press this, you get running skipping and setup. So if i go to any of this modes, you have to just long press and you will be able to see the time and the time of the workout. And here you get the calories burn. And this is the message: if you connect it and if there is any message you will be able to see so currently i havent connected it. So it says null you get the sleep mode. This is the weather, you can, you can connect it and then you can see the weather, and this is the music. You have to just tap it and you can see the red button, which is like the red color thing, which is moving, which acts like a cursor over here. You can pause it and stuff, you can connect it and you can pause it and stuff, and here you get the more option. You can connect this with your phone and you can take pictures and you can look for your device, and this is the theme mode where you can choose your themes. This is the one, and this is one, and this is one and you can set your steps goal as well, and here you get the reset, and here you get the qr code to download the application, and here you, if you long press, you can turn this Off, as you can see, it says power down and if you long press this again its gon na turn on it says fit pro over here and yeah.

This is the band itself and yeah thats thats, so thats it for this video hope.