It brings some incremental upgrades. A 120 hertz refresh rate display a telescope zoom lens capable of 30x digital zoom, the new mediatek helio g95 processor and the new xos version 10., but that is enough to consider it an upgrade whats up guys izzy here welcome to the channel. So this is the infinix note 11 pro just launched by infinix. As we already know, infinix has a habit of releasing two generations of their devices each year. It is barely up to five months. We saw the note 10 pro, but we already have what should be its upgrade in the form of the note 11 pro. This is priced at 838, 000 era or 249. It is also launching, alongside the note 11 and note 11i, which are priced at 108. 689. 000 respectively now heres what you get in the box of the infinix note. 11 pro we have a box different from the previous infinix devices, but the unboxing experience is mostly the same. The device aside, you get the x, pac and x slope cards. One thing you notice in the box is two screen protectors: a film screen protector and a tempered glass thats, very thoughtful of infinix. We get the regular accessories that includes a transparent cpu case, a pair of wired, earphones, usb c cable and a 33 watt fast charger. So it looks like the x pen is gone for. Good ive actually had barely enough time with the infinix note 11 pro for a proper review, as i got it just yesterday, but i will have a full review up in a few days.

So do subscribe to the channel and turn on post notifications, so you dont miss that video. Now the infinix note 11 pro comes with 8 gigs of ram and 128 gig of internal storage and its ram actually goes up to 11 gig by memory extension or mem. Fusion as infinix calls it now that extends around by 3 gig extra from its internal storage. I have to say that is plenty sufficient. The note 11 pro is powered by the mediatek helio g96 processor, which should be an upgrade to the g95, but id say mediatek did a tricky thing with this one more details on that later, lemonys note: 11 proceeds some changes in design with a rear camera module That is reminiscent of what we have in the zero x series. Now, while it looks like a quad camera setup, it is actually a triple rear. Camera setup that third circle, just above the flash is bland. I guess its so stylishly filled up space. I see what you did there in phoenix. The rear has a textured finish similar to what we had on the nordic secret color of the infinix note 10 pro now this one comes in three colors. That is his green, which i have here. Mithril gray and mist blue the evenings. Note 11 pro accepts dual 4g nano sim cards and an extra slot for its micro sd card in the same possible sim slot configuration we saw with the 0x.

Now the sim slot is on the left frame. There is nothing at the top frame. All the spots are the bottom frame, that is its usbc charging, port, headphone jack mic and one of stereo speakers. The second stereo speaker is just above the display, but most of the sound comes from the bottom one. They sound great now, one more thing youll find just above the display is a front facing flash which is really bright and can help with nighttime selfies if youre one that actually takes selfies at night. The note 11 pro employs a side mounted fingerprint scanner, which you will find on the right frame just below the volume rocker keys on the power button. It is a really responsive and fast one. It actually unlocks the device instantly with no delay. You can also choose face unlock if you want that for security. The infinix note 11 pro is a big one for size, though surprisingly it is lightweight or not so surprising. Now it has a massive 6.9 inches display. So you can forget about using this one. One handed now, the display is full hd with a resolution of 1080 by 2460 and it supports up to 120hz refresh rate, which should make for noticeably smoother animations by default. The refresh rate is set to automatically switch as needed, but you can select 120hz at the expense of some battery life. With 60hz, you will get more battery life. The display is a good looking one with decent brightness level for outdoor use.

You can view media content here, just fine with those stereo speakers to complement now the center whole cutout on the display is hosting itself a camera that is 16 megapixels. Now the infinix note 11 has seen a change in the user interface thanks to the new version of xos, that is xbox 10, which brings mostly ui changes as well as some nifty new tricks which were going to explore in a later review. But to mention, if you you now have options for home screen settings, you have the classic old style or the large folder style. You also have a new quick panel stairway swipe down from the left to get your notifications and you swipe down from the right to get your quick settings menu. You cannot actually change that. We also have that voice assistant for lux, which we first saw on the zero x. This runs on android 11 and it remains to be seen if were actually going to get an android 12 update. Nothing is guaranteed, but i guess fingers crossed now. While xos is new and basically now than the previous versions, it still has a cluttered vibe with a couple of blue applications. The good thing, though, is that so far ive not gotten any ads or unsolicited pop ups, which is great improvement, ill say, but with time. Well find out if its permanent or theyre just waiting for the right time to pop up. So i said earlier that mediatek did a tricky thing with the helio g96.

It is actually an upgrade to the g95 in the sense that it now supports 120hz display, as opposed to 90hz, that we got with the g95 you find on the infinix note 10 pro, but that comes at the detriment of the cpu. It uses a mali g57 as opposed to the mali g76 on the hilo g95. Now, while it will still give you great gaming performance, you dont get to do so at high graphics settings call of duty. Mobile. Only now gets you medium graphics, settings and high frame rates. I will access the gaming performance more as i use it and add it to my full review now. The battery on event, 11 pro is at 5 000 milliamps per hour capacity, and it should be able to get you a full day of use. Even on 120 hertz. It supports 30 watts fast charging, which should be able to power up the battery with less than 90 minutes of charging and yet to test that as well. On the cameras, the note 11 pro packs a triple combination of 64 megapixel main camera, a 13 megapixel telescope camera capable of 30x digital zoom and a 2 megapixel depth sensor. Theres, no ultra wide, no macro cameras here, so you dont get ultra wide or macro shots for a selfie camera. We get a 16 megapixel shooter from the few pictures i was able to capture so far. It did great, not bad on colors and dynamic range.

Now these pictures were shot in the evening at sunset. It has cool blur background effect on closing out subjects. With this telescope camera you can get up to 30x digital zoom nice feature, but not the crispest photos. Once you go past 5x zoom, it gets a little grainy for nighttime photography. Its super night mode did great, with sharp looking night shots with less noise. This other camera also did great. While i was trying to capture some sunkist selfies photos, look sharp with enough detail, but on portraits and normal selfies youre only able to max out a 2k recording for video and body selfie on the rear cameras. The helio g96 should be capable of 4k recording, but 2k is what we get, which is actually not bad at all, just not great. On stabilization. The evidence. Note 11 pro is barely a massive upgrade over the note 10 pro, except for its high refresh rate that new xos 10, with its new features, 3 gig of extended ram for better multitasking and memory management, so stay tuned for a later review. Where well find out more about each of our performance, whether its much better than no temp pro its gaming and other features and also exploits cameras. So do let me know in the comments if theres anything specific, you want me to test on the infinix note level. Pro also, it would mean a lot to me if you hit that like button.