This is the channel where we review all the products that come inside your house, especially when its electronics and it gadgets, and today we have something amazing for you guys now, its perfect time of the year september end is coming up. The weather is starting to start to rock in for those backyard barbecues and those camping days and more socializing with your friends even if its indoors. This is the projector that you need to keep your friends and family who come over to keep them entertained. Whether you want to put on netflix, which is then built into it or amazon, prime or a youtube, video listening to some music on those videos or watching a movie together, while youre having that fantastic, barbecue or indoor entertainment for yourself so guys this is benq. Gv30. A beautiful portable, modbud, little projector, with great quality and great tech specs to keep you and your family entertained with highest quality standards at the same time. So what were going to do is were going to open this box up, find out whats inside it and tell you all about it. So dont go anywhere ill, see you guys in a minute Music. So guys we are welcoming you back on, gl live and you press that subscribe button and the notification icon. Yet because, if you havent, we are not gon na show you this and uh dont worry about. It were still gon na. Tell you all about it, but we request you to press the subscribe button on the notification icon on our newest new channel, which is your life and youll.

Give your chance to win one thousand times worth of watches every single week. So keep watching because thats where the winners are to be announced so, but were going to tell you more about it later in this video. How and what and when, but today, weve just finished unboxing and inside that big beautiful box of benq gv30, the portable projector beautiful round, looking shade, this is the box which came out so what were gon na do is were gon na now unbox this box and Find out whats inside it and tell you everything about it, so that you know whether this is the one you need im sure this is the one you need so dont go anywhere ill, see you guys soon after taking things out of this marks, Music, hello, guys. So were gon na start unboxing this beautiful greg case which came inside the box of 2gb 30. The portable unique round shaped portable projector, so getting straight on to it. So lets start by unzipping this case now. The beauty part is very sturdy case and an elegant. Looking one as well so its easy to carry with you when youre going outdoor camping its easy to carry with you when youre moving it from indoors to your backyard, when youre doing that beautiful barbecue out there and when we open this box inside that. Its a very sturdy case – i must say that is the charging adapter, so it works with charging and without uh once its charged.

It works on battery as well. Weve got the remote control so lets get this out of this bag very portable one. By the way. If you uh dont have the remotes handy and um, if your mobile phones will say uh same network, you can always use the benq controller app, which you can download from the app store or from the play store if youre using android, and you have complete control Over that thats easy, so you dont have to worry about the remote as well. Then we have this base stand and apparently its magnetic so were gon na find out all about it, and then we have the projector in itself and its quite sturdily fixed inside. So lets take this bad boy ill. Look at that isnt that a gorgeous looking piece youve got a sling to carry as well. Just in case, you want to say beautiful, looking piece and there is something there as well or anything so were going to keep inside and find out whats that, for apart from that, there is nothing else in it, so were going to close this box. Lets put this inside it, and even the charging electrode were not going to need it so were going to put this inside, put this on the side here and focus on this beautiful round shape, as you put it, snaps right into the spot. So if you see its magnetic, so you dont need to screw anything.

This is a very steady, sound, its got the rubber uh stabilizers at the bottom, so that it doesnt slip away anywhere and then when and it also in case, you want to mount it on a tripod. Youve got a three three eight core uh three by eight screw right here, so you can fit into any standard project uh uh base as well or in case. You want to hang it from the ceiling as well so great and when you look at it beautiful round shape snapping right back here, so you will see thats the projection mode. Youve got four buttons on the top, which is the on switch. The volume toggle and the bluetooth on a switch and thats pretty much it. I guess, and at the back weve got uh some ports right here, which is the hdmi port type c port and the dc port with 3.5 mm audio jack as well. Just in case, you need that currency, but you can always connect to bluetooth, soundbar or your google play phone and get watch in case youre watching alone, and you dont want to disturb anyone around. This is a beautiful piece. You want to really be with people when you want it when you do that, and you know what, along with that this, along with a great weather which is coming up, this is a perfect festival time as well. So this is a great opportunity for you to go and get this one for your loved ones and give them a beautiful surprise.

A very unique gift – and you know specifically with uh with diwali and the christmas coming up and a lot of other festivals coming up during this week from now until the end of the year. This will make a perfect gift as well beautiful, elegant and very technologically advanced, very stylish and trendy. You know its like one of those cool gadgets that you come across, so beautiful, looking piece, so let it lets get straight on to um. You know tell you a little bit more about the tech strike, so one is 720p resolution with 300 and silence of brightness, so you get crystal clear image and video um with high resolution and contrast in even even in uh. You know slightly lit environment. So specifically, you know when youre in in the backyard you have those landfall slides coming in uh from the street, so that ambient light is not gon na, be roll youre still gon na get that quality image. What i would no suggest is uh. You can always project it on a wall but get a portable uh projector screen, uh uh, you know uh, so that it just enhances the experience perfectly well and when it comes to the speaker, its got 2.1 channel uh chamber speaker system which are built in and Is right here and on the sides as well um, so uh, that is two uh four two speakers or four volts each and one eight watt subwoofer built into this monster.

So the quality of sound is not going to be bad, but whenever ive used a portable projector from any brand, my personal recommendation is getting those portable boom boxes or bluetooth sound bar uh. If you want to have that perfect immersive experience. So when you, when youre out there in the algorithm backyard or camping those portable boom boxes, we have done quite a few of those reviews um on on our channels. So you can check them out. Uh there and just search for speakers on our channel and youll get a lot of them there. So i would suggest definitely that its got the bluetooth speaker modes, which you can connect easily with um its got degree of projection size. So you can, you know, uh projection view, so all you need to do is just rotate this on the same magnetic base and you can increase uh, adjust the size and the viewing angle, according to your screen in front, whether its a wall or whether it is A rolling a folder projector screen, whichever way it is so it its got, auto uh or a vertical crease, come on auto focus, so you dont need to worry about. You know, trying to focus it and uh fixing the angles and everything so automatically. It takes care of it, it reaches the distance between the screen and the projector and automatically corrects the angle and keynotes as well uh its powered by android tv, so uh, all the default apps come inside it so uh in case.

Not then, you just have to download one app from play, store which is aptoide app, and you can download all those apps from there and it still doesnt work. Then you can always download an apk from a reliable trusted source and install it. It works as a standard one, so its got uh, you know most of the latest apps are by default in there. So uh you dont have to worry about it. Its got usb type c charging port. So in case you forget your uh, you know uh the charging, cable and the adapter. You can always plug it into a usb type c charging mode um to charge it just in case youre on a battery, so thats, fantastic and anyways gives you about two and a half hours of battery life. You know um switches almost as good as watching about four to five uh three to four or four or four odd episodes of your favorite netflix series or uh, watching a full length movie to be honest with you, so i think thats battery life good enough to Last perfect evening, again, all you do is charge it again and you gear up and youre ready to go for round two. If that is something what you want, so fantastic stuff, uh its drop proof from 2.3 feet, so i mean ill say: well, if you drop it from what, from the table height to a year high its drop proof, so its not going down with the projector, but Dont, try it please dont try to drop it.

Youll allow for accidental situations which happen, but you have that covered as well, which is about 70 centimeters of pipe so great stuff until the tech that has been put into this is absolutely fantastic. Its got a cinematic color technology, which is uh, gives you that authentic color performance and up to 97 percent coverage of uh, seven uh, rc 709 rdc, 709 color gamut, so which simply in very simple terms, means the quality of videos, is gon na, be fantastic, fantastic. So um and and to make it even more easier, you know uh in terms of your viewing experience. They have already tuned in uh some great modes, uh pre tuned picture modes as well, which is the bright mode which maximizes the brightness of the projector image and its suitable. For you know when theres a lot of light around its suitable for that environment. Its got living room mode as well, which is saturated, colors and fine tuned sharpness uh. You know with uh and theres the you know its slightly brighter than the cinema mode uh, but suitable for with again ambient light. So when youre in the living room you dont want to be pitch dark, you want to working. You know somebody working in the kitchen or some light for moving around that works very well. Its got the game mode uh, which is perfect, which is a perfect environment for playing the games. Uh video games. It enhances those in that mode.

It enhances those dark scene details so that you can see that enemy hiding right over there in the corner and with the shadows and darks, so that you have that gaming experience as well. Its got sports mode as well uh, which again is perfect watching sport, even in slightly later rooms, uh cinema mode, is the fantastic one which is about the lowest brightness level. I would suggest in cinema to keep it as dark as possible around you get the color accuracy and the deep contrast – and you know, um with a little bit of ambient light, not too much so. But yes, i would suggest a little darker, so you get that amazing uh experience in the cinema mode as well uh its got the daytime mode, which is fully lit up room, which is you know you can adjust that as well. So, which is amazing, you know so these three set modes – you dont, have to worry about what kind of settings just struggle between those settings to the uh uh through the setting uh between the modes through the setting panel, and you have yourself a perfect viewing experience. Now lets talk a little bit about sound, just in case you forget to uh, get that bluetooth, speaker or boombox with you uh. You know 2.1 channel. We spoke about. You know two forward speakers and one a4 subwoofer, and these are true tuned by chivolo. Now, which means great crystal clear, sound, strong, sound with powerful bass – and these are all ported inside this beautiful cabinet right here.

So you get a decent quality, cinematic quality, sound er and it creates outputs in a low frequency, so its great stuff, its got an independent dsp amplifier chip, which is basically uh. You know ppt technology um. You can see the description on the screen right there. So you know what pvd means, so it is uh. It is a patented correction algorithm, so it basically uh corrects the sound quality to adjust it according to the environment and its also, along with a lot of pictures mode that we spoke about. It has four different, sound modes, so uh the cinema mode, which enhances the series of sound effect and the bass uh. You can hear the gunshot moving, the fire uh, you know the firefights and – and you know the the the wind sound and the border, ripples and and the whispering diamonds and the mumbling work, which normally happens in the movies uh, which is it, which is in the Cinema mode, its got the game road, it has got that makes it enhance, directional sound, which means when youre, when youre playing the game. As you can see, the the projector is right there and uh if youre putting in the front mode – and the speaker is towards you so that changes the direction of the speaker towards uh, make giving it you giving you complete controls: okay, creating a sound environment around You and giving you that crystal clear output so that you can hear the footage from the enemy walking and you can shoot them right on the head.

If you want to so uh again, uh great quality, sound there and – and you know, with the game mode as well. It also has a sports mode so again, processes. The high pitched sounds, reduces the shrills and cheers of the audience. Uh enhances the commentary, clarity and ups, the volume on their voices balances the background sound so that you can enjoy that game that youre watching, especially with the epl season going on. I think this ipl going on uh these days and with english premier league all in full heat. This is a perfect projector to watch around with your friends and you will absolutely enjoy it also about the music mode, so uh it reproduces the cd quality sound, separates the vocals from the instrument and balances those details. But again i mean i, as i said once ive you know. My experience with this has is has been that, yes, i would still love to have a sound bar along with it now weve already spoken a little bit about the android tv, so you get all the google certified apps, the the youtube, the amazon prime, the disney Pro video max and more its got, google assistant and um. You know supports that all the input sources that we just saw uh just again for the reference you got the hdmi and usb type c. Both the modes are supported right here, so guys fantastic isnt. It is that isnt this one of the most beautiful projectors that youve come across.

I am absolutely in love with it and, as i said, this is a perfect time for your friends and family to enjoy the experience with you. You can always go and click on that link down there and find out more details on the bentley website and go on amazon link and buy it right out and surprise your surprise, your loved ones um with this projector, so guys. This is amazing, and this is your friend – the great lobbyist – keep yourself safe.