You can purchase right now, at least until we can get our hands on the xbox series x and the headsets that come for it. Hi im mark from, where we help people find the best product for their needs, for this recommendation were basing our choices on these criteria, so xbox compatibility and integration so that you dont have to jump through hoops to get the headsets working with your console latency. So that your game is always in sync microphone performance, both recording quality and noise handling, especially important. If you play a lot of multiplayer games, sound quality, comfort, design, active features like apps, additional controls and customization options, as well as their connectivity. So all the sources that you can get your audio from so with that being said, lets get to it with the best budget recommendations. If youre, looking for a cheap gaming headset with a good mic for multiplayer games and prefer a wired design than the hyperx cloud, stinger are a great choice like most of our budget gaming picks. You can find a pair for typically less than 50 us and they deliver a good performance. They have a comfortable and decently sturdy design, a good, flexible boom mic that reproduces your voice, clearly, even in noisier conditions and since theyre wired passive headphones. You dont have to worry about latency or battery life. They also have a decently balanced, sound with a good amount of bass. So explosions and effects will sound good as you game.

Unfortunately, they do not have that many controls or connection options. You only get a volume slider, a mic mute switch when you flip the mic up and they only connect via a 1 8 trrs, analog, cable so directly to your controller. The lack of features might not be for everyone, but there is solid choice in that price range. Theres. Also a wireless variant of this model, though, but we havent tested it and theyre also a little bit more expensive. If you want a wired design but are willing to spend a little bit more for a higher hand, headset then get the astro a40 trmix m2019. Other odyssey mobius. The astro a40, with the updated mix. Amp are a great choice for wired gaming for your xbox one. The mix amp is fully compatible with the xbox offers great controls and a few connection options like optical in usb aux and a stream port. The headset itself is well built, comfortable and easy to use. It also has a few replaceable parts like the pads and the astro covers, and you can get them custom with emblems and logos when you order them directly from the astro site. They have virtually no latency thanks to the wired design and if you connect them to your pc, you can further customize the sound with the astro command center. Lastly, they have a great detachable boom mic that will reproduce your voice accurately, even in noisy conditions, but unlike some of the more hybrid gaming headsets, even with the mic detached the a40s are still a little bulky for casual use outdoors.

In that sense, if you want a gaming, headset thats a little bit more versatile consider the odyssey mobius instead theyre bluetooth compatible, and they have a slightly more outdoor friendly design than the a40s. However, what sets them apart from most of the competition is the unique 3d surround sound feature with head tracking. This gives you a more immersive sound stage when gaming that could be worth it for some theyre decently, well built comfortable and easy to use. Although the controls are a bit more casual use, oriented so theyre better when used wireless via bluetooth than when wired in gaming, they have a great detachable boom mic with one of the best noise handling that weve tested. Unfortunately, they do not have passive playback, so they wont work when the batteries run out. Also, as of now, the mobius still doesnt have full support for mic and voice over usb on the xbox one. So you have to use them with the analog, cable and plug them directly into your controller for the best headsets for xbox, one that weve tested. So far you have the choice between the steel series 9x or the astro a50 gen 4. The steel series 9x are an xbox exclusive variant of the iconic steel series design. They deliver a good performance for wired and wireless gaming and since theyre made for the xbox theyre, fully compatible and connect wirelessly via the xbox proprietary network, similar to how your controllers connect to the console.

They have a sturdy comfortable and premium looking design and a very flexible retractable boom mic with excellent, recording quality and noise handling. You can further customize them via the steel series engine when you connect them to your pc via the usb cable and they last long on a single charge at about 28 hours and have as much latency as your wireless controllers. So not much. Unfortunately, they do not have as many connection options, so they wont be the ideal choice. If you have a few sources that you often switch between when gaming. For that the a50 gen 4 would be a slightly better option with a more premium design. The most recent iteration of the a50 comes with the gen 4 transmitter, which is a little bit more compact than the previous designs. It also delivers a low latency wireless connection with a few ports like optical in usb and linen the headsets themselves, are well built and a bit more comfortable than the steel series. They provide great controls and are easy to use. They have an excellent boom mic that, unfortunately, is not detachable like the a40s, but since the a50s have no wired option, you wont be using them without the mic or outdoors. Overall, thanks to the connection options, the a50s are a good xbox, headset and theyre versatile enough to be a dedicated tv and movie headphone.