We had to make sure you didnt miss any of it. As always, all the links to the products youll find in the description below a lot of people are usually scared to make their first tattoo and for good reason, will it hurt? Will it bring any harm thats? Why a temporary tattoo is a great solution and this little device called prinker s will do it in just a few minutes. It works as a standard printer, despite the fact that the ink is completely safe for your skin, since its made of cosmetic materials choose. One of the designs from the mobile app or make your own its up to you to decide the tattoos you make with prinker will last for a couple of days. Why take the risk when theres such an elegant way to always look cool? You need the right tools if you want to survive in the wild, while most of them are combined in this ultimate gadget called lifesaver. First, it uses uv power to quickly purify water, youre gon na drink, second, its equipped with a powerful lantern. That also has a strobe mode combined with a loud 85 decibel siren. This might be extremely useful in case of any danger plus theres, an additional fire starter attachment. It produces a 2 000 degree fahrenheit plasma arc, so wind or rain wont stop you. Finally, lifesaver works as a power bank, since its also equipped with a usb port and recharging.

The gadget itself only takes some twirling. It might be quite simple, thanks to the large ergonomic handle so at least youll. Take some great photos. Welcome to sci fi world. This speaker delivers 10 watts, output power and really deep bass thanks to the full range subwoofer drivers, the zinc, alloy body provides great durability and enhanced resonance triangular support structure, absorbs shock and ensures the stability of the speaker. There are also six built in rgb lights that make the device look even brighter. The speaker supports wireless connection via bluetooth with any device within a 50 foot range, moreover, its waterproof, so its perfectly suitable for pool parties and any other outdoor adventures. The rechargeable 1500 milliampere battery provides up to 10 hours of use and will turn off automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity almost forgotten. True wireless stereotech allows two gravistar speakers to work together. At the same time, enjoy one of the most iconic items from fallout games is now available. Its the pip boy assistant that combines entertainment with all the info you need to survive. Youll immediately recognize the green interface and the scrolling wheel, controls with the integrated stereo speakers. The gadget can receive calls and play music. You can also connect the pip boy to your phone to access your messages, contacts and music library. Pipboy comes with a stand that doubles as a charging base and has some additional speakers and it ships in this cool capsule case. You know we love, sharing cool gadgets that are compatible with all platforms, whether its ios android or pc and thats.

What we like about this epic fantasy adventure, raid shadow legends, it starts on your pc, monitor and continues in the subway at the gym or even at work, but thats between us so check out the link in the description and hit the download button or just scan The qr code on the screen, while we dive deeper into this fantasy world, theres a whole universe, inhabited by over a dozen different factions and 600 champions. So be it. The ruthless slayer or the noble myrmidon. Each character has a distinctive look and set of skills and, of course, theres, a ton of upgrades and additional items. Thatll turn your champion into a beast. Our team is into dark elves. They used to be just elves, but then dark. Lord siroth tempted some of them away from the light and although the high elves believe the truth is on their side, we dont think they stand a chance against these evil assassins. One look at queen, eva or rule the huntmaster tells you theyre born warriors, and you know what it feels so good to be back now when you enter the game, you always have a bunch of different modes and events to choose from you might practice your skills In the sparring pit go to the dungeons to find some rare, artifacts or join a pvp battle in our team were all into clan bosses thats when you team, up with your friends, to go fight a huge monster, theres, no way to do that quickly.

Youre gon na have several battles, but in the end, youll get a generous reward and theres so much stuff going on in the game right now, tournaments fragment events and, of course, brand new items for halloween. So we have a great offer for you, guys, download the game right now by clicking the link in the description or scan the qr code on the screen and youll get the chanuru hero right from the start, along with a whole lot of silver. One xp boost an energy refill and ancient shard thats gon na help a lot. The rewards will be available only for the next 30 days and only for new players well meet you somewhere in the tavern. Remember the robotic arms which tony stark used in his lab. Now you can bring one right to your room thanks to the modular design, it can perform multiple functions, changing the modules you can transform the arm into a 3d printer laser engraver, drawing tool or a smart assistant for picking and placing stuff all that becomes possible with Easy to use desktop software, it doesnt require any programming skills. The arm is also equipped with a touch screen that allows fast controls, even without a pc. The laser engraving module supports various materials like wood, leather and paper as a 3d printer. This thing allows you to create pretty complex objects with high precision cool this isnt, a fancy, high tech gadget, its just a pen. It turns out that this really unusual flat design might be much more comfortable than the standard cylinder pins.

Its also really easy to carry and wont slip off the table. The symmetrical profile makes this pin equally suitable for right and left handed use. Ink actuation is really simple, so you wont need to use both hands. Changing the refill is also just a matter of seconds. The pin is compatible with a wide range of d1 stylish refills. Now you only have to choose the color. Why buy a new phone when you can make your own its really possible? With this amazing diy kit, out of the box? Youll just get a whole bunch of details like the circuit board. Little lcd screen and gsm module and youll have to assemble the phone from scratch. Practicing your soldering and engineering skills. When the phone is ready, you can start filling it with your own apps and games. The phone is fully functional, allowing calls messages, multimedia content and cool retro games. You can even plug in headphones. A worthy competition for your smartphone Music. Now lets jump right into the future. This project gives us a hint of what future vehicles may look like. The main goal is to fit them into the natural environment, so this thing supports three different modes: vehicle insect and animal. It looks more like a crab, though the gadget is equipped with 56 motors that provide fast and smooth movements. More importantly, the unusual construction allows this thing to climb stairs completely on its own and also its perfectly adapted for traveling on unpaved surfaces, which might make a big difference for preserving nature.

It looks really encouraging now its the most compact and smart way to carry six different cables in your pocket. The gadget includes two usbc connectors, two standard usbs, as well as lightning and micro, usb for all your mobile devices. The cables are suitable, both for charging and syncing. Moreover, you can use a phone or tablet as a power source. You can charge your phone smart watch or earbuds absolutely no limits. The max version gives you even more freedom with its five foot length thanks to the zinc aluminum housing. This thing features incredible durability. Also, the gadget is keyring compatible, so its super easy to carry around anywhere. You go definitely much easier than six separate cables. This gadget is designed to bring back the old feelings, but with the modern tech we all use print pocket is a case that will turn your iphone into an instant camera. Itll. Take you just 30 seconds to print a pic from your gallery or instagram almost as fast as you can say, cheese. Moreover, now you can even print your videos well its more like photos that start moving when you look at them with a special app peeling, the back off your photo will turn it into a sticker. This is a great way to keep all your best memories heres, something to organize your working place, one gadget with seven functions which combines calendar, clock and pen holder all in one. The desk lamp offers three levels of dimmable brightness and is flexible enough to adjust any light angle.

The spectrum ring with 256 color changing bass will create any variety of atmosphere. Thanks to the built in usb charging port, you can feed your phone while youre working large capacity, pencil holder is perfect for keeping office supplies its the gadget that meets all your requirements and saves a lot of space on your desk, its high time to choose an Appropriate smart lock to secure all that we treasure this one by august has plenty of useful features that every family will appreciate. First, it can automatically lock as you leave and unlock as you arrive. Moreover, youll be able to control your lock remotely and even check the history of all the previous actions using a special app well that might be sort of a bummer for teenagers and a relief for hosts or travelers. This smart, lock is already integrated with airbnb and home away to enable seamless check in and check out using a temporary code. The lock works perfectly fine with such smart home ecosystems like home kit, google, home or alexa searching for keys in your bag is a yesterday problem, and here we have something useful for all the designers out there. This combo has everything you need to get the job done, a large drawing tablet, dial and programmable keyboard. The tablet is 8.9 by 5.6 inches. It also stands out with its slim design and anti fingerprint surface and of course it comes with that sleek battery free stylus, with over 8 000 pressure sensitivity levels.

It lets you draw every line with the greatest precision. The package also includes a handy pen holder. As for the keyboard, it features 23 standard keys and five programmable keys that can be assigned to any function. You can connect this set to any bluetooth, enabled device, whether its a pc, mac or android smartphone. But if you need a wired connection you might plug in via usbc. The large rechargeable battery allows almost 20 hours of use on one charge and if you already have a drawing tablet, you might just get this keyboard, it features 18, scissor switch keys. All of them are fully customizable same goes for the dial controller. You can use it for several different tasks, like volume, zoom and more youre free to connect the keyboard via usbc or wirelessly. The choice is yours. This thing lasts over 100 hours on one charge, not bad for a pocketable keyboard, if youre afraid to touch door handles or elevator buttons. Well, youre, probably right. This little nuke will help you out in all those situations. You can press any buttons with it and then use the included paracord to open a door. The length of the strap is adjustable, so it suits different types of handles. Plus this thing features a soft stylish tip, so it works even with touchscreens. The bomb is made from pure copper, which not only looks great but also has antibacterial properties. Cnc machining makes the tool really nice and smooth and youre free to choose between matte and polished finish.

The paracords are also available in three different colors and theres. An optional leather sleeve, the nuke is pocket sized and safe to wash perfect for everyday use. Even if youve had a lot of fidget spinners, this one is definitely worth checking out. It stands out with an extremely complex mechanism that includes six tungsten, steel, bearings and six outer shells now heres the coolest part. When you start spinning the shells open up almost like a transformer and the sound is actually no less satisfying than the look. The spinner features. A premium all metal body – and there are three materials to choose from stainless steel, titanium and zirconium, and if you want to add some color, there are special slots left exactly for that purpose. These vibrant glass vials are available in a variety of colors and sizes compared to conventional tritium vials. These are several times brighter and less fragile. This little power tool is a real gem, its made by hand from stainless steel and offers tons of opportunities just three inches long. It can either be used as a pry bar or a glass breaker when needed, theres. Also a bottle opener thats handy the pry comes with the carabiner, so feel free to attach it to your keychain cool. There are two more options you might be interested in. Both of them include some bands and phillips and flathead screwdrivers. The only difference is the clip positioning, but once again, both of them come with a lanyard which gives even more carrying options its not just a watch.

Its a watch with character called titan, its literally filled with power and strength in terms of durability, its almost a weapon. The case is fully made of titanium its actually a pocket watch, but it comes with a strap just in case. You want to show off. The watch is equipped with three large modules. The satellite system displays the hours the retrograde system deals with minutes and finally theres an annual calendar plus some smaller indicators to display seconds and day night status and thats just the front side.