Yes lets jump in yeah, so the oneplus 7 pro ive had it for a while, and let me tell you this phone is legit. Oneplus is finally here now this is a gaming. Video guys were going to show you lots of gameplay, but lets talk about some of the features that makes this one of the best phones on the market, one of the best gaming phones for the market and also with its price. Just all around this is a killer. Forget everything else. Right now lets start off. Display 6.67 inches 2k display sharp, vibrant, no notches, no punch holes, something weve been waiting for from samsung. They havent given us yet on their flagship. Oneplus is delivered and theyve done it in style, 90 hairs for freshwater. It is butter smooth when youre looking at those games, they just look and feel fast, fresh, effective. Now you know, oneplus goes to the most powerful processor, the snapdragon 855. It goes from six to 12 gigs of ram the variant i have here. The nebula blue here, which looks nice, has 12 gigs of ram 256 gigabytes of storage storage is ufs 3.0. What we had in the galaxy fold we have tm1 plus, and it is just fast and smooth talk about features now in terms of audio stereo speakers now so youve got stereo speakers, which is absolutely great ones. Bottom frame, one is front frying and it sounds so much louder. You hear it in the gameplay plus this dolby atmos to you so theres dopey atmos you get in youre.

Getting that more dynamic, sound with it too one plus is stepping up. Now there is no headphone jack im still pissed about that. Ive got headphones on my wall, but i will say the aptx hd, so you know bluetooth or 5.0. Youve got all that at least to give you some really good sound through wireless, and you can use, of course, someone plus wireless buds, which are nice theyre, nice theyre, not bad, not bad. Now man so much to talk about in this 4 000 milliamp battery its got fast charging. So when you want to pick up your uh your gameplay sessions, that 30 watt charger really goes a long way now a couple of things, they also have that make this a really nice experience were talking about screen recording, so the ability to record your screen is Something thats not new on android, some other matter of fact, its a hat app but doing it. While gaming, i did all the gameplay youre gon na see. I also recorded it as well so im gon na mix that in but the fact you could do that and it ran really smooth was fantastic, but i am just gon na shut up now lets jump into some gameplay see a mix of the actual gameplay make Some screen recording and you can see how smooth it flows all around lets check it out. Applause, Applause, Applause, Applause, Applause, man, ive, got to say everything ran well.

It was a good experience using the oneplus 7 pro um. I felt like i had a full smartphone in my hand that could handle anything. I threw at it uh in terms of temperatures in rand, max and 95 degrees, and after maybe about an hour and a half two hours of gaming uh. I spent some time and then it ran that rant that warm its got its got. You know uh its got that thermal clone layer as well or liquid cooking. If you will sorry um, then, when youre talking about that, like that screen, the refresh rate really fast, really smooth everything you want this thing: has it and think about it for pricing? If you get if youre spending about 6.99, you gain the eight gigabytes for 256. That is insane, it is insane the kind of quality youre getting and the performance plus everything else on this phone really works. Well photos really look good daytime low light shots. Looking at wonder woman here i was impressed. I was absolutely impressed. I think oneplus has hit the mark and is now a true competitor in that flagship space at pricing that really isnt flagship, especially since everything is like going north of a thousand bucks. Now look oneplus has me here: theyve finally, worn me over ive always liked their stuff, but ive never really committed all the way and yeah definitely theyve done well in the past, and gaming theyve always done it, but i think this time the fact that this is Just a balanced phone really balanced, that display is so nice theres, no notch theres no punch hole.

This is solid, absolutely solid, so they have you guys. That is, that is gaming on the oneplus 7 pro uh. If youre looking for a review well, have it in 30 days, stay tuned for that we have. Other videos well be coming up uh. If youre watching this later weve got a ton of videos out there. Oneplus one will be on the speaker. Well, do a versus video! You see all that, but you can hear the excitement of my voice im excited for this device so anyway guys. Thank you very much. Dont forget to like share subscribe.