Now i know a lot of you checked out my first gaming impressions and you asked me for, of course, game settings. Uh temperatures all that stuff and youre going to get it in this video, but lets talk about the oneplus note briefly before we get into those games, of course, that we all love and care about now this device spots, a 6.4 inch display its a 90 hertz Display, which is what we like for gaming, which means you know more fluid gameplay. We should get higher frame rates if possible. Now. The touch sampling, of course, is not increased from 60 hertz. So you will notice that, while youre gaming, it just feels a little bit. Sticky not as smooth as you would like, but its still really solid, all the way through now in terms of specs youre running the snapdragon 765 processor, its a 5g processor. Also, this is a powerful processor that should give you some good gameplay. Now, when you guys checked out my gaming first look, a lot of the games ran well and smooth, but you cared about how the performance is and well talk about performance and also well talk about battery life as well, because it houses a 4100 roughly milliamp battery And its also got warp 32 charging, so youre getting the same fast. Charging youd expect on devices like the oneplus 8, a oneplus 8 pro um on this device as well. So fast charging is there, but what how about battery dissipation, especially when youre gaming? So what were going to take a look at first is some of the games so call of duty mobile, of course, pubg mobile fortnite were gon na.

Take a look at also a few other games like vainglory as well and two other games. I think you guys would definitely like, but well show you the settings for each game telling you where the graphics settings are and then after that well see some gameplay and well talk: Music Applause, Music. Now, Applause, Music, i said get away from me: okay, Music cover me so foreign Music, so Applause, Music, oh Applause, hero, killed final round. So the very first thing you notice is that a lot of all the games ran well. They ran really well at the settings that we showcased those games at now. Some of you are really asked about pubg. Could we do extreme hdr gaming? You cant its just not available at this point in time, im sure there are ways to unlock it, but right now thats what were getting – and i know somebody did ask me if i was – i could actually showcase uh the chinese version of pubg mobile, which i Just wasnt able to do and again its a lot of hassle unless youre the kind of person that wants to play that so you know take it as you wish, but in general games like call of duty mobile ran really well in smack settings. Vainglory also did as well same thing with the games that i showcased, so we even saw fortnite ran at 45 frames, a second which was nice, so it was good to see that as as well now, a couple things to notice.

It also has a game space. Now the game space isnt doesnt, give you a lot of features you expect from a gaming device, but it shows you all your games, so we saw bright memory mobile, which is a really cool game, graphically intensive um vainglorys there you have all your games listed in There and you have a few settings you can go to. You – can see the time of amount of time you play uh games per day, most place games. You youve actually used your battery usage as well. Those are the kind of things you can go through, but it doesnt give you any of your stats like the fps for games. So i use a separate software for that uh. But you can see uh, you know. Pubg mobile ran around 60 frames per second same thing, its called ud mobile and then fort, and i was at 45 frames per second, so we got that and vainglory ran at 90 frames per second, so that was actually cool to see. Now, when it came to temperatures, the system went up to about 37 38 degrees celsius, which is fine and actually was pretty good, especially for the device that doesnt have any special cooling whatsoever. So that was actually good to see brand warm. But it was quite playable and easy to use in terms of battery drain uh playing at around 100 percent uh with the battery life and playing playing for like an hour, so uh ive lost about maybe close to about 20 percent of battery life.

So battery life usage on this device was actually pretty good, especially playing intensive games, like you know, pubg mobile uh, some fortnite and even bright memory mobile as well, so you got youre gon na get a lot of bang for your buck and think about it. This way this device now the version i do have here – has uh 12 gigs of ram uh 256 gigabytes of storage. But you can start off from six gigabytes of ram um 64. I believe – and that starts at 335 and i think that would still run even if youre not getting that version. You start off with the base version, at least in other parts of the world. Apart from india, that starts at 8 gigabytes of ram for 400 bucks. Youre gon na get this kind of gaming experience, so i dont think youll find a lot of android devices out there that are priced starting at 335. To give you the kind of gaming experience youre going to get on this device now youre not going to run everything on mac settings theres some games, like you, said pubg mobile, just wouldnt, run at max, but that is to be expected. I liked what i got with it uh and also i like the extra features youre going to get with this device. Its got a really solid camera. The images i took from the camera are really nice daytime photos, some nighttime shots as well. I think you know even the different uh youve got.

You know, uh a wide angle, lens youve got a regular lens and zoom lens, or at least a 2x zoom, and everything just comes out really nice and you really cant go wrong. Spending 335 dollars im going to stress it again: 335 for this device to give you that kind of gaming performance, great image, quality a solid, build overall fast charging included. I mean whats not to like, i think overall, if youre a gamer, if youre looking to cut costs and not spend a lot of money, the oneplus note is probably the device. You should pick up its going to be one of my top devices of this year. Not just because its price point is really attractive, but its the combination of the price point and the fact that the performance is packed in and youre going to see a lot of good things from it. Now, if you want to see some camera comparisons, i was thinking of doing one, but definitely go ahead and check out my buddy supersaf hes doing a camera comparison with another device, thats priced at 400, the iphone sc to see how well they actually compete with each Other so uh check that out, but any more things you want to know about gaming on this device. Let me know check out uh the gaming first look also check out this video leave your comments down below.