This is a neoq led tv, which is a little bit different from your standard qled affair, because this also has the of course mini led matrix behind the tv. Now i can go into a lot of spiel about how that works. But honestly, all you care about is: does it work well and does it cover the needs that i like, like gaming, audio watching movies and features so were going to take a look at all those segments, but lets take a look at the design of the tv Function and features first were going to jump into sound, then well jump into gaming. So first off like i said, this is a 65 inch tv, its really nice light and thin, and also setting up the tv is actually pretty straight forward. You can do by yourself, but since its a 65 inch, i suggest you do with someone else now. Lifting the tv and placing it is easy and youve got a plethora of ports. At the back now youve got 4 hdmi ports. Youve got ethernet ports. This tv doesnt have the one connector box, which is a bummer i really like that from samsung. But that being said, though, its easy to connect all your uh, your components to this tv and get things running now, one of the simplest parts and the most important part of a tv is the remote control and samsungs remote. This year has taken things to the next level now weve seen other companies talk about their remotes for smart tvs and functions, but the remote from the samsung tv stayed true to being simple, effective and honestly, i like it its super light.

This remote doesnt have a replaceable battery anymore. It does come with two charging options, which is really important. One is usb type c port at the bottom of the of the remote, which is great and also there is a solar panel and youre going like really. Why a solar panel? Well this charges with indoor lighting, which means you never have to charge this again now ive been using this tv for roughly around two weeks. Maybe three havent had to charge it at all and im sure if i continue using it. If i get to keep it that, i probably wont have to charge it period now, the tvs race, the roads, very simple and easy gives you a couple of options to access a few things that i think are really important. One of them is the new game mode function by pressing and holding the play pause button and also quick access to the apps. You like, like netflix, amazon, prime, as well as also samsung tv plus. Now this takes us to the software samsung. Software has been really steady, of course, with their tizen os for their tvs, allowing you to select the apps. You want right there on the carousel in front of you, quick and easy access to jumping whether youre jumping into gaming or youre, jumping into netflix. It really doesnt matter very simple, very easy now, before we get into visuals lets, take a listen and also see what were getting from this tv to hear the sound that you get from the television Music, Music.

Okay, look honestly! This tv sounds great. The object, tracking plus really does a good job in giving you just that nice rich, robust, sound, whether youre, watching uh movies, tv shows or even gaming. You can hear it and you could hear it quite well. The also the intelligent mode which selects images and video does a fantastic job as well with the audio profiles. Now, when it comes to the profiles for watching content, this is where a lot of people talk about calibration and also well talk about what to use. Now. The filmmaker mode is probably the best mode to select, because it gives you something closer to the filmmaker. Intelligent mode tries to manage things a bit, and i think this is where you see some differences. Clear example is looking at of course, of course, avengers infinity war and that scene with thunder lightning watching it in, of course, intelligent mode and also watching in the filmmaker mode. You can see the differences there now. All, i think, is all depends on preference, but i think the tv does a good job in capturing those. Now, when youre talking about hdr and color, i think it does a really good job there and look honestly if youre going to notice anything. You must be tv african auto to really go into the nitty gritty details, but youre gon na love the experience using it to watch content on this tv. Now this tv also has extra features.

One of them is, of course, the multi view mode now. This is something weve seen in samsung tvs in the past, but i will say, though, that this is much better, because it now allows me to game and stream content like my tick tock content uh. If i want to – and i can switch audio between any of the two sources, so i basically have picture in picture and i can do with multiple sources at the same time now gaming is what we care about on this channel and daniel will say. I dont game as much, but you know what i do a fantastic job on forza and you can see with the forza content there. It looks really good gaming on this tv is great because, of course, its got a hdmi 2.1 port just one by the way. Um out of the four, but using that you get the full breadth of it and there is a game mode with a new feature within the game mode. So once you turn on your your console, be the xbox series x or playstation 5. It actually pops up. This menu that gives you uh details of what is actually going on with your gaming experience. So it shows you your frame rate. Are you in the fastest frame rate, as well as also your resolution aspect ratio and if you can change size and positioning, and this is great and it works out pretty well to quickly access it, as i mentioned earlier, is just press and hold in the play And pause button now i like this because it allows you to really see what youre getting off the tv and shows you the advantages of this now.

The one thing i noticed is that, even when i switched my ps5 to the uh non hdmi 2.1 ports, i was still able to get the full experience according to what the information was showing me same thing with the xbox series x. Plane forts are rising. You can clearly see that as well now, when youre, actually playing on pc, which you can do with this system. This allows you to do a little bit more. So i had my pc connected. I fired up some call of duty war zone and you can see. I can switch between the aspect ratio, so i went from 16 by nine to 21 by nine and i could go to 32 by nine at 32 by nine. It was really a narrow strip stretched out and you can, of course, change the positioning on there on screen. The other thing also is that when you change those aspect ratios, your resolution drops from the from 4k to 38 uh 3040 by 1600. So it drops down resolution a little bit, but in terms of just performance, the cv handles really well and of course, youre running this off the hdmi 2.1 port. It was amazing to see a pc, uh, pc game run really well on this tv. To that extent, i think a lot of people like it. I think gamers really hit the nail on the head. So now you guys are asking thunder this tv is great. Is there anything else thats wrong with it? Well, there are a few things that i will mention now.

First of all is the fact that this tv comes with one hdmi 2.1 port, even though other manufacturers are for more than one and samsung offers four on the q95a in europe. The tv also doesnt come with the one connector box, which is was a huge thing. Samsung introduced. You can get that with the q95a in europe, but not in the us. Why are we suffering here in america? I dont know now. The other thing also is that it doesnt support adobe atmos, and i think its about time. Samsung does that? Because netflix and amazon, prime video and all the other services support adobe atmos, and it would be nice to see that support for at least w atmos and hdr 10 plus so id like to see that there now. The other thing i wanted to bring up is something my buddy uh snazzy labs actually brought up, which is using um a calibration system for your tv. I talked about filmmaker mode and intelligence mode and challenges. One is trying to do that for you, but we do know. The new apple tv allows you to calibrate your tv using your iphone. Samsung has this ecosystem with the galaxy devices, and we know samsung tvs are really one of the best tvs on the planet. So why not us use our galaxy phones to calibrate our tvs? I think it makes perfect sense. I think its something that should happen. Hopefully, samsung thinks about that and finds a way to do that quite easily, so that users can get the best viewing experience of this television.

Now. That being said, though, i really like this tv and, if youre looking for a tv to pick up now, that gives you excellent picture quality daytime viewing nighttime watching video movies content gaming. I think the samsung neo qled tv, the q90a, is the tv you should pick up now, its probably the best quality tv ive seen on the market, and i will definitely recommend it. So if you guys have any questions or any comments, let me know if you want to know more about this tv or other tvs, leave your comments down below. If you want to know more about the tv in depth, look there guys like fobo out there, who you can watch and ill put a link for his channel in the description as well.