All the links to the products youll find in the description below and dont forget to write in the comments which gadgets youd like to see in our next video. These dyes stand out with a super stylish and clean look theyre made of titanium alloy, so theres no chance, theyll crack or burst. On top of that, the dice are backlit. Each side can glow with different colors thats, pretty much it just the most futuristic and elegant dice ever colorful lighting is the key to a cozy and modern interior. These minimalist light bars stand out with a modular design, allowing you to combine them in an infinite variety of different layouts. If the initial kit isnt enough youre free to expand it to the point where the lights will cover an entire wall, you can control the lights either from your pc or mobile device. Since theres a dedicated app for every platform. Not only can you choose the color and effects, but also create custom scenes and automatic schedules and if you simply need to adjust the brightness, just ask your voice assistant about that. Moreover, these light bars can be synced with your gaming setup and pc monitor or you might make the lights dance to your music. This desktop robot is as cute and friendly as a real pet. Its pretty small and lightweight, but youll, be amazed with its capabilities. 12. Active joints allow full body control and let the robot move in any direction.

Self stabilization makes sure this guy firmly stands on his feet. Even if you give it a gentle push, the robot can climb a sloping surface or squat back when needed and, most importantly, theres a built in ai module that lets. You interact with your friend in a variety of different ways: its able to recognize voice gestures and visual objects, including your face. All you need to control the robot is the mobile app theres, a ton of pre programmed actions but youre free to expand that with your own ideas, thats the best pet youve ever had Music, okay theres an important issue. We need to address thanks to the large grippy glove. This gadget lets you easily grab your dogs poop, without touching it and searching for the bin. The leak proof cap safely stores everything inside the capsule in a completely odorless way. All you have to do in advance is pull out the bag from the special compartment and wrap it around the claw. This thing can grab everything from virtually any surface, whether its grass snow or concrete. The handle is designed in a way that you can easily control the tension of the claw and, most importantly, the gadget is extremely lightweight and easy to carry thanks to the special strap. There are two sizes to choose from, depending on the size of your dog and its needs now theres a ton of usb chargers on the market, but this thing is an actual powerhouse and its not just six usb ports that let you charge all your devices at Once this brick delivers an incredible 240 watt output, which enables fast charging for each port, the built in led panel shows you the real time.

Wattage heat dissipation is also thought through to keep the charger cool, despite its huge power. On top of all that, this thing comes with a bunch of swappable plugs, which is great news for travelers. You can plug the charger right into the wall or use it as a charging station with an extension cable Music. When we say time flows, we dont mean it like literally, but this unusual clock perfectly expresses the flow of time as if it were a liquid substance. The unique design combines analog and digital technology, which makes it look so cool, and the best part, of course, is the mesmerizing liquid display that turns regular digits into a piece of art and heres. Another great lighting set for a gamers room. These light strips by razer, are provided with a whole lot of mounting brackets and adhesives that make installation really simple. The set contains a total of 120 individually addressable leds. Aside from the huge number of different colors, the lights feature, more than 80 pre loaded lighting effects feel free to toggle between them, using the included wireless controller or pair the lights, with your smartphone and pc via bluetooth. You might even create your own custom effects when it comes to exciting journeys. You cant rely on your phone compass. This old fashioned tool is definitely more reliable, since it doesnt need any batteries and satellite connection. Plus this thing is fully crafted from brass, which makes it sturdy and stylish at the same time, and it goes without saying, the compass is fully waterproof.

If you get lost itll help you out using a little magnet youll, be able to make the needle point north and when it gets dark, the luminescent markings keep the dial clearly visible. The compass is lightweight and completely pocketable. You have to get it before the next trip, its a modern style shuffleboard table thats suited both for the classic game and tabletop bowling. Everything you need for the games is included in the package, the metal, pucks, 10 bowling picks and a special powder that reduces friction with its vintage wooden design. This table perfectly fits any interior and theres no need to worry about lighting conditions. The table lights up thanks to the integrated led strips so get ready, youre about to have a lot of guests how to protect all your online accounts from all the hackers fishing sites and all that stuff. This little thing becomes your physical password. No one can access your accounts without it once youve set the security keys, you only need to plug in the gadget and press the button. The device has two different slots, one for your static passwords and another one for one time, password that are automatically generated. Every single time, most importantly, this thing works with a huge variety of online services, including google, microsoft and so on. Same goes for the hardware. You can use the key with any desktop platform or even mobile devices, theres a built in nfc module. So you just bring this thing close to your phone or tablet, and if your laptop doesnt have a standard, usb port theres, a usbc version as well theres also, this blue model that brings almost the same features for a lower price.

It doesnt support as many authentication algorithms as the previous option, but most users wont need them anyway. Oh and both keys are extremely durable and waterproof. Another great option is the bio key with built in fingerprint scanner. It must be really handy, but its also the most expensive out of the three. This gadget will change the way you make notes once and for all, just press the button and dictate your ideas. This thing will write them down using an advanced voice to text technology over a dozen languages are supported from german, french and spanish to korean and hindi. The device is powered by ai, which allows automatic spell checking and some basic editing the gadget clips right to your shirt or jacket, so its always at hand. When something important comes to your mind, you can edit sort and share all your notes later in the mobile app and whats really cool. This thing doesnt require an internet connection. The rechargeable battery allows up to eight hours of continuous, recording or two weeks on standby nice. This is a whole new level of its away from our childhood yep, its a yoyo, and it features an all metal design with those futuristic rims on the sides. When the toy is spinning, it really looks like the rims are just floating in the air. Its perfectly balanced, so you can achieve the best results, learning new tricks and theres, a concave stainless steel bearing inside which is super responsive now, heres, the tough choice there are three materials and finishes to choose from whichever one you choose.

Youll also get this really nice desk stand, so the yoyo will always be at hand need a coin size. Computer. The baby pc features a one inch full color display wi, fi and bluetooth connectivity along with three assignable buttons, but actually this thing is arduino compatible. So you can create and install your own apps on it thanks to the variety of sensors and built in microphone. The possibilities are limitless.