Finally, a usbc port and wait for it: wireless charging, hi im michael josh, your gadget, matchmaker helping you find the right device to match your needs. This is the new kindle paperwhite, and this is our review, but first a quick, unboxing packaging for this new kindle paperwhite is not, unlike any other kindle. It comes in this blue box up front theres a page from a mystery book. Let me channel my inner audible, narrator elsie could just barely hear the toll of big ben in the distance four oclock a decent enough time for breaking the law. Dont quit your day, job mj. Can you name the book, though? Let me know down below to open. We just need to pull on this and tug on this brown tab there. It is the new kindle paper white, wrapped in plastic. I, like this quote, thats what books are for to travel without moving an inch, its especially relevant at a time like this inside theres, a little pamphlet look. It says it supports both wired and wireless charging. Last but not least, you get a usbc to a cable. Okay, now to power it on and setup, is easy im just going to use my iphone just follow the prompts, and just like that, were ready to go Music guys. I cannot tell you how excited i am to finally be doing this video one. I get to read this weekend and say that im working but two you cannot imagine how long ive been waiting for a kindle with a usbc port.

You see like since the beginning, kindles have had micro, usb ports. Very few of my devices still have micro usb and i just dont like having to have one more cable, ive tweeted. This ive even complained to my friends who work for amazon its just not becoming of a tech company to have a product with micro usb in 2021. Now i know theres more to the new kindle than just its new port, but it really deserves its own section. If i had the time, i would even throw a party im that happy im serious so heres the new 2021 kindle paper white and heres, the 2018 model notice. The new paper white is slightly bigger. Its screen is bigger, too, measuring 6.8 inches diagonally versus 6 inches on the previous model, thats also thanks to slimmer, bezels, which is always a welcome improvement. It also just makes it a better device to read on they both share the same glare, free e ink screen, but amazon says this: latest e ink display is also more responsive and has 20 faster page turns now. What makes a paper white a paper white? Are the led lights that are built underneath the display, basically allowing you to read in the dark? The previous paper white had four the new one has 17, so you get a much brighter screen when set to max brightness id love reading before going to bed. But im very conscious about exposure to blue light.

I even wear these blue light blocking glasses after 9 p.m. Thankfully, the new paper white inherits a feature previously found only on the higher end oasis, its called adjustable warm light, and it allows your screen to have a warmer tone as day turns to evening. I currently have it set to automatically adjust depending on the time of day, but you can also set a manual schedule. You can also manually set the level of warmth. All these changes make the reading experience even better on the new paperwhite the size increase and additional weight. Didnt bother me. It was still comfortable to hold and didnt feel too heavy. It still features the same rubbery matte finish on the old paper white, which unfortunately, is still very much of a fingerprint magnet, but its also so rugged. I wouldnt mind throwing this into a backpack suns a case. Speaking of cases amazon sells. These leather covers in four colors black, deep sea, blue lavender, haze and merlot, as well as cork covers in dark and light. Dont worry links to everything are down below Music. The new kindle paper white comes in two flavors. The regular edition is 1′.99 or 159.99 without ads and comes with eight gigabytes of storage, while the signature edition is 189.99, with 32 gigabytes of storage. On top of all that additional space to store all your books, it also comes with two exclusive features: first, is a built in light sensor which changes the brightness of the display, based on the lighting around you.

Just look for the checkbox above the brightness, slider called auto brightness and second, the feature that really excites me for the first time ever on a kindle wireless charging. The new kindle supports any qii certified charger. I love love, love this feature and for a long time now, ive been wishing to be able to just plop my kindle on my bedside before i go to bed, but i was like if they cant even make usbc happen, then wireless charging is probably a pipe Dream but boy was i wrong. Amazon is promising a full charge in 3.5 hours using a 10 watt c charger, but i cant confirm that because i havent been able to kill my paper white just yet. I know whenever i do a review im able to provide the results from my own charge tests, but ive only had my new kindle paperwhite for a week or so, and even if ive logged more than 10 hours of read time, i still havent been able to Make a dent on its battery amazon promises 10 weeks of battery life, based on about an hour and a half of reading per day, and because i havent been able to drain the battery. I will give you amazons estimates instead, like i said earlier, its 3.5 hours wirelessly and less than 2.5 hours using a 9 watt usb charger Music also available as an update to latest kindle models. The new paperwhite features a new interface, its now easier to switch between the home screen library and your current book.

Quick settings are always accessible via a swipe down from the top of the display and they wont interfere with what youre currently reading you can swipe up and get back to where you were also a nice touch. Is this new page turn animation? Now these arent necessarily new, but maybe youre here, looking to buy your first kindle so here are some of my favorite kindle features the ability to set the cover of the book youre currently reading. As your lock screen wallpaper thats, a nice touch word wise quickly gets you definitions for difficult words to help you improve your vocab and because i sometimes still read on the kindle app on my iphone or ipad. Whispersync allows me to sync my progress across devices. You might have seen me talk about this on my galaxy z, fold. 3 review. Finally, i love to highlight – and this is super easy on the kindle – even better – actually on ios and android. So is the new kindle paperwhite your gadget match. The new paperwhite joins the regular kindle and the kindle oasis in amazons lineup and because im your gadget matchmaker in this next section, i hope to help you figure out, which kindle model is best for you. The regular kindle was only updated last year and starts at 89.99, because this is your entry level model, youll notice, the experience isnt as good as the paper white, for example. Look at the screen, its not flushed against the frame.

The body feels different too its also. Not waterproof and doesnt have an adjustable warm light. That said, if youre not looking to spend a lot of money, then this guy will do the job, but for most people i still recommend the kindle paper wipe it has the best balance of features. I like that. It has brighter leds so that you can comfortably read in bed and that its waterproof meaning you can take it to the pool or the beach, which is always a great place to read now. My very first kindle was the original kindle paperwhite and i bought it for the same reason why i love this one, its well roundedness, meaning this is also one that is super, easy to recommend and is why we give it the gadget match. Seal of approval spend more for the signature edition if youve already bought into the wireless charging lifestyle. Finally, if you love to read and spend hundreds of hours reading per month, then definitely check out the kindle oasis when it comes to comfort. I still love this kindle best. I love its ergonomic design super thin on one side, with a little handle to hold on to on the other, and everyone seems to love the buttons for turning pages, its also more premium. Looking and feeling i love my champagne gold oasis. That said, apart from being so much more expensive at 250 bucks, i probably waited out a bit because for sure amazon will want to bring usbc and wireless charging to its most premium model, but all that for another time, okay, one more round of recommendations, ad free Or add supported, i think ads are annoying, but i recommend that you buy the ad supported model first and see if you can live with it.

After all, its just the screensaver, and if you do change your mind, you can, from your amazon, account pay extra to have the ads go for good, and that was my 2021 kindle paperwhite review id love to be able to give you even more insight. But i really havent had the time to read a lot of books lately and were working on a lot of videos a lot more to come this week, especially so make sure youre subscribed to this youtube channel and hit that bell icon so that you get notified. As soon as we upload follow me on social media for all the behind the scenes, fun stuff and as always at gadgetmatch.