Video and ive tried to include as many games as i could into this video. So were talking about the s20 ultra samsungs latest flagship, it retails for uh fourteen hundred dollars uh and this device comes with a myriad of specs. So we know it has a snapdragon 865 processor, which means better gaming performance for us it can come with either 12 or 16 gigabytes of ram and youve got ufs 3.0 storage, so which means your games are red pretty fast. Now, going back to that ram, its got a feature that i really like thats one of the first features i want to talk about because a lot of people arent talking about this uh. This is the ability to dock five applications into your ram storage. So what this simply means is that hey, you can pick any application. You want in our case here, its all about games, so we select the games we want and we lock those games in. So, even if we clear our memory, storage or uh, we drop our phone. You know tonight and wake up the next day we still jump back into the game directly theres, no loading its a really quick process. We might have to connect to the server, but the game is still there in the background, and that is absolutely fantastic and is great if you are a gamer or gaming focus, and you want to quickly jump into your call of duty, your pub g, whatever game, Youre playing this is a great feature i think works really really well now.

The other thing about the s20 ultra its got is that it has a 6.9 inch display. It is a 120 hertz display, and that is at 1080p. Now what does 120hz mean for gaming and whats the key feature? It means that look when youre browsing around just around the phone or on twitter, or something like that. You can see the fluid motion so, which means animations are much smoother and much more streamlined on screen. So youre playing your games, they look and feel really smooth, but what i like the most is the 240 hertz touch sampling. That, for me, is a really key feature, because, when youre, actually using the controls of say, you know call of duty, mobile is what i play the most um. That feels really solid. It feels like youre actually using controls. Your fingers glide really well on the screen and it doesnt feel sticky. You know that 240hz start sampling is really really nice and its great for your fps uh shooter, your shooters or games like that. That really require that kind of quick movement. So that part is great, but the other thing you guys didnt realize is that this uh device also supports uh 120 frames per second, so theres. Some games that support that uh, not every single android game, does and some of those games also need to be updated to work with either the processor or this device. Now, games like cover fire, injustice, 2 and shadow fight 3 support 100.

Go up to 120 frames per second, so lets take a look at some of those games quickly. Applause, Applause, oh so performance is really really good. I like that now, a lot of the games were going to showcase are either capped at 60 frames per second, but the 120 hertz display still it works really well here, uh youre gon na see how smooth the motion is. I want you to pay attention to just you know when i turn around, i move uh different things that happen on screen, so just see how well this actually moves. Uh on this display. So lets take a look at a few more games, uh running on the galaxy s20. Ultra Applause cover Applause. Applause me, clear: reloading Applause catch you later amigos you just a liability cj. Why you bother coming back Applause, Applause, so Applause, boys, dont, worry ive got my ways were still Applause. Uh reloading cover me recon, standing by three Applause. So the next thing youre going to ask is what about heat while gaming. Well, samsung has, of course, its special liquid cooling chamber and temperatures are really solid on this 94 degrees is the highest i ever got, and that was with pubg rest of the games. Everything came out about 90 degrees, or so so i liked, of course, temperatures with this device. Now something cool i found out is that uh streaming services like stadia and project x cloud uh also run at 120 frames per second, not the games.

The apps do just to clarify things its just. You remember. The games have been streamed onto uh your phone uh, whether its being xcloud or stadia, so the apps do support 120 frames per second, but again its not the game, just something i wanted to show you guys, because it was quite interesting to see that here now, A few of you asked about controllers now, a lot of controllers actually work. Well with the s20 uh ultra, your xbox controller works pretty easily straightforward bluetooth. You also have the jungle cat controller, which i like, although there is no case for it, but that works, and that worked when i was using it for xcloud, then you have, of course, the stadia controller and that works for your usb connectivity and finally, the glap Or the g lap g play uh controller, which is was for the s10 that works well. That actually fits even though its a 6.9 inch device and the camera hump also still rests in there, so that will work uh all the buttons and controls work. Well. So, if youre looking for a controller, those are some of the options. I think work well with this device uh, you know with the galaxy s20 ultra um theres a lot you will get from this as a gamer. Youve got really fast charging uh, which you can check out our charging test on there youve also got some really nice speakers and you can enhance the speakers with sound assistant, which is what i like, because you can set the different uh volume levels for your different.

Your games in there, so i like that that is available and something from the good luck app. Thank you guys for recommending that uh thats, something that i like to use and also balance out. My eqs theres a lot. I like in this device, theres some things. I dont like as well gaming wise. I want them to fix the the game center, give me more functionality in there. I also want them to make the display settings easier, so you dont have to go to two locations to change from 1080p to 2k and also go go out and go to set different sections to change uh from 60hz to 120. Make it seamless and also give me the option to just stay at 120 um uh 2k resolution. Now some of you asked what about battery life with this? Well, i would say it was good. I got a good battery life gaming and having 120 hertz, i would say you will have no problem at least running your device. If you gain medium amount of gaming, you probably get about 12 hours of battery life again its 120 hertz, so thats just pointing it out there. I like what the galaxy s20 ultra brings for gaming. I like the performance. I, like the things im, seeing audio sound. You name it the display butter. Let me know what you thinks guys if you like this kind of video format, for a full game review. I will do more.