Your gadget review friend were going to interview and compare devices, and you can check these updates on our twitter community at gadget right now. Two years is a really good time for upgrade. So i thought of comparing two of the most popular iphones today, this iphone 11 pro versus iphone 13.. We normally do an upgrade every two years, so this is a perfect video for those who are looking to upgrade their iphone 11 or 11 pro. Are there any marginal difference in a span of two years for you to consider the newer iphone model outside this camera comparison, video iphone, 11 pro is still a great phone with a triple camera setup, while iphone 13 or 13 mini is the newer iphone today. Just for this few weeks ago, that boasts a cinematic video. We will compare both photos and videos to see what the difference are and whos better. Who will win? Hey dont forget to subscribe. My friend lets go hi everyone. This is jd your gadget review friend. This is the audio comparison of iphone 11 pro versus iphone 13. hi everyone. This is jd your gadget review friend. This is the audio comparison of iphone 11 pro versus iphone 13.. On our first test, the audio i dont hear any differences. Both sounded identical. Good noise cancellation, but my voice isnt as loud and clear as other android competitors. Just so you know this is a tie for me on our first shot.

I took an image of these flowers and wow boat looks really good. I cant see any difference if we zoom in looks identical, i even had some family members, which is which and most of them thought it came from the same phone. So its a tie for me on our next image. I want to check who manages the highlights better and both of them exposes the outside, as you can see on the blinds. I just know this iphone 11 pro is a little warmer, but its all good. This is a tie for me next. I want to check for the greens, the nature color and both of them looks identical again in a well lit environment. It will be hard pressed to tell the difference between the two going to the next photo, even in portrait mode, no difference its just a little compressed on iphone 11 pro again, all good. This is a tie for me. Next is white balance and like highlights and saturation, this looks identical and even the sharpness of the vase its spot on. If you zoom in no difference no difference, no difference its a tie for me next, i took a shot of her kitchen to check for sharpness and if you zoom in 700 percent, i think iphone. 11 pro is a little sharper and a bit noisier too, but thats okay, at least we can still read that time. Its 143 iphone 11 pro is the winner here.

Next, i want to check who manages the shadows better, so i took a shot of our outdoor lights, its the same photo but iphone 11 pro was clipped a little bit by the flaring because of the angle of the shot going to the next photo. We took a shot of our car motor and, if we zoom in looks the same, so we go to the next photo and even behind and underneath the vase, everything is the same, so its a tie for me next, i want to check for fling, so i Took a shot directly at the sun, if we zoom in i dont know, is it worth the upgrade? I guess majority of the shot. It looks the same, but stick around theres. Actually some differences on these phones. I just want to be honest and unbiased, so its a tie for me next, i want to check for tech sharpness, so i took a shot of these notes and if you zoom in its identical iphone 13 shot is just a bit brighter, but all good its A tie for me next is megapixel, where in both of these phones has 12 megapixel and if we zoom in both has the same sharpness and details. So again, this is an easy call, its a tie for me next is selfie camera portrait shot and here theres a little difference. Iphone 11 pro is more saturated and warmer skin tone looks really good. Well, iphone 13 is natural looking, but as good as iphone 11.

Pro iphone 11 pro just edged a little bit on the reds, so iphone 11 pro is the winner here. Next is rear. Camera portrait shot and i took a portrait shot of my brother. A couple of things. I noticed the bokeh on iphone, 13 is creamier, and it also exposes my brothers face better. So iphone 13 is the winner here. Next is low light, condition or night shot, and here theres just a small light on the left. I couldnt see it in real life, but both phones can see in the dark. If you zoom in iphone 13 is sharper, lets go to the extreme dark condition. Okay, here i really cannot see anything maybe a little bit but barely see anything and again zooming in you will see that iphone 13 is sharper. Lets go to pitch black condition. Here i need to turn on the flash and both looks good iphone 11 pros. Flash is a little brighter, but nonetheless iphone 13 is the winner for night shots. And, lastly, before we go to the awesome, video test lets check versatility. Both phones has regular wide and ultra wide shot, but only the pro version is the zoom capability, so iphone 11. Pro is the winner here, if youre enjoying iphone 11 and iphone 13 or any phones you see on our channel, were making more videos of these phones in the future. Please hit the subscribe button to see more videos like this iphone 11 pro versus iphone 13 video test were checking the video stabilization and were walking and now were running Applause.

Both phones are handheld, as you can see, were walking again and now were running were checking the autofocus one more time, no problem there and the light variation see the exposure all good. This is the selfie video recording of iphone 11 pro and iphone 13.. This is against the light im catching my breath because i just did the stabilization test. This is the harsh light. Let me know, which is better then were running again for stabilization now were switching to the rear camera. This is the vlogging test, because normally the rear cameras are the better video recorder. This is the harsh light, and this is against the light now were running for the stabilization test, guys if you havent subscribed to our channel, please subscribe iphone 11 pro versus iphone 13. In low light condition, as you can see, just small amount of light, which is better in extreme dark conditions, this is pitch black and then a little bit of light again low light condition. This is night shot as well, and this is black conditioner time foreign. So in video test its the same for video stabilization, auto focus and exposure, it is also tied in self recording in rear camera. Video recording, iphone 13 is better in low light and extreme dark condition. It also has that awesome. Cinematic video iphone 13 is the winner. Here so what is gadget revenues verdict, iphone 11 pro or iphone 13.? This is one of the toughest battle we have.

I bet iphone 12 versus iphone. 13 will be tougher, goes to show how good iphones are doesnt matter. If its newly released or 2 years old, iphone 11 pro is warmer, it is sharper zooming in but noisier too. It has a better selfie camera and more versatile because of the telephoto lens, while iphone 13 or 13 mini is natural. Looking it is smoother sharper in low light condition or night shot better in low light, recording and as a useful cinematic video. I will be happy owning any of these phones, but sadly we need to have a winner on this camera comparison test. I think the winner is iphone 13. For a few reasons, it has better low light capability in both photos and videos and has that useful cinematic video while iphone 11 pro, is also a winner and better choice, because if you dont shoot much at night time, its basically the same camera with a cheaper Price tag still, if money is not an issue, iphone 13 is superior. If you enjoyed this video consider subscribing were posting videos of gadget, reviews, comparisons, photography, gears and tips. The goal of this channel is to review and compare devices as simple as possible, concise and friendly. Dont forget to drop your comment like and share.