Video is our partner, visible mobile? Who are sponsoring this video, where you can get 40 unlimited text talk data, a mobile hotspot with no contract and theyre helping me with this giveaway, so watch all the way through stay to the end and lets go check out some games Music, the galaxy s20 plus Is a lovely device now in terms of just quick comparisons to the s20 ultra? It is just lighter its a really light device and youve got more colors too as well, so you can see uh. It kind of looks white though, but this is like the light baby blue color and i like that its got those kind of options. Now this device packs in a lot of features. You do have a very solid camera array which you can check out our camera. Video versus the s20 ultra and the iphone this stacks up and holds up on its own. So if youre thinking of okay cameras and stuff, this will do well. So how about gaming right? We do have the snapdragon 865 processor weve got 12 gigs of ram with this device as well uh. It does have a 4500 milliamp battery and it does have a fast charging up to 25 watts. I did try the 45 watt charger. I didnt see any difference. So ill say its at 25 watts. I will check that again, but thats what ive gotten so far. Now, when you have all that, what do you get with? You know gaming performance with a device like this with you know your standard mobile games.

Do you get 120 frames per second, because this device has to display 6.7 inches supports 120 hertz at 1080p and, of course not at 2k resolutions, which is standard across the s20 uh series line. So lets take a look at the games. We have the kind of performance and then well go from there, so so clear cover me, kill, reloading killings, free for the blue team cover me. Applause. Reloaded Applause reloading cover me: Applause, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, yippee, Applause back in the fight Music; it is Applause, but they were all bad Applause. Music Applause give me your rip fool, successful Applause. So in terms of gaming, this thing handles really well, i mean its smooth, really no hiccups or anything, and when you looked at just all the games that you saw on the you know plane of an android device, its really solid. Now, in terms of temperatures, weve got about 95 degrees, which is a little higher than i would like, i think, with the vapor cooling chamber. Hopefully, that should calm down, although im not sure if this device has a vehicle, cooling chain chamber and thats not left for the ultra, if im wrong with that, let me know but thats what i got with temperatures right, uh audio is really good. Our speakers are loud and clear. You hear that with the games and the speaker levels are around the same for me with the s20 ultra so thats. Why i didnt do a specific speaker test with this device uh now you guys probably saw that controller.

You were like okay whats, that controller you used to play call of duty. That is the gamestar f4 controller. I wanted to just kind of showcase and use it here ill, be doing a full review on my gaming channel, so go over there to boardgamer to check it out, but its a simple controller trigger buttons. It kind of folds in i like just that whole. You know mechanism of folding it and it fits with your s20 plus and your s20 ultra. So take a look out for that. Now something i didnt spend a lot of time on was actually gaming using the galaxy buds, and i did that here with the galaxy s20 plus, and it has a specific gaming mode, and i have to say, though, what it really does. Besides amping up the bass is giving you really proper, directional sound, so while youre playing pubg or call of duty, you can hear exactly where those gunshots are and the positioning is really good. I know its, not just you know from my right or my left. I know its like you know, uh right by my you know. Five oclock around here positioning is nice. It does a really good job and i think a lot of people should definitely try it out. If you picked up the galaxy buds plus, i think overall, you will like to use this device to game, whether youre, just using your hands just glide across the display 240 hertz start sampling is really good.

That is solely understated. It makes plain fpss on uh your smartphone, like the galaxy s20 plus, really really solid. I mean i think that kind of performance is great um in terms of battery life. I would say the battery life, of course, is a little less than the s20 ultra, because its got a slightly smaller battery and it does show up, i played from about three to about 6 p.m, and i lost about 50, so its a little higher than i Would like, but i do like the fact that, when using it regularly, this device really handled well in terms of battery life now uh. The other thing to take note, of course, is that you have a device that can also use streaming services like uh. You know uh geforce now, as well as also project x cloud and with the services they run really well uh being able to, of course, the app runs. 120 frames per second dont know why but uh the games run well. I just wanted to just quickly show that for people who would ask about streaming services if they work well on this device, i think overall, i do like what it brings to the table and thats something. I think a lot of people are looking for. Okay, guys we reached the part of the video youve been waiting for, as i mentioned earlier, were doing a giveaway with our friends at visible mobile and were giving away a galaxy s20 and two months free of visible mobile and its super cool and thats great.

All you have to do is go ahead and leave a comment down below of what you like about the galaxy s20 series and leave your twitter handle. So i can select you as a winner. I will announce the winners in five days, so stay tuned and uh yeah thats pretty much it guys. If you have any questions or any comments about this video or you want to check out visible mobile, where they have some really cool uh alternative plans, where you can pair up with your friends and families and reduce the cost of your plan lower than that forty Dollars use the link down below otherwise guys.