I want to thank the guys at vivi bright for sending this over to review on the channel its currently 158 bucks on amazon but ill leave. A link in the description of the video with current pricing and more information. This one also has 4k support. 1080P resolution, 8 000 led brightness up to a 300 inch screen built in 10 watt speaker its going to work for movies gaming, laptop ps5, xbox nintendo switch. Pretty much anything with hdmi support is going to work on this theyre advertising up to 60 000 hours lifetime on this one theyre saying this should last about 20 years. If you use this 8 hours per day, id say thats pretty good length on this. One is 12.5 inches, 9.3 inches wide and then 4.2 inches tall. All right so now were talking. This one comes with a 100 inch screen 16 by 9 aspect ratio and then, to put this up, you can use hooks double sided. Adhesive tape – pretty nice carrying case here – pretty large pocket there on the back Applause. Of course, youre going to get your quick start guide all the parts for the 100 inch screen, thats included. They also throw in some string there for the screen as well. Power cable looks like they also throw in a lens cleaning, wipe nice little remote control here as well. Unfortunately, it doesnt look like they include batteries with this one. Luckily, im pretty sure, ive got some laying around here.

Okay, this actually looks a lot nicer than i thought it would. Youve got a dark gray fabric material here on the front, lets take the lens cover off and then over here on the side is your remote control sensor looks like youve got some ventilation here on each side of the projector. All the ports are on the back of this one youve got two hdmi ports, youve got two usb ports, an audio jack, and then youve got the speaker here on the back of the projector remote control sensor. This one also includes a vga port, of course, where you plug in the power, and then you have your keystone adjustment knob there as well looks like youve got four spots here on the bottom. If you want to mount this to a ceiling and then you have a push button here for the adjustable foot, the only button here on the top is your power on and off. Then you also have the manual focus adjustment lever. As far as the distance goes, you want to keep this one between 45 inches and 200 inches from the screen for optimal use, so thats pretty much everything included in the box. Lets go ahead and get this connected now, once you get it hooked up, youll notice that it looks actually pretty decent with all the lights on, but obviously with most projectors youre going to want to turn all the lights off and then the image is going to Look a lot better on the home screen: youve got shortcuts to vga hdmi ports, usb ports and then youve also got settings where you can adjust display modes, audio volume and sound mode image aspect ratio which orientation the projector is shown, timer options other and software updates.

Not only can you hook up a lot of devices like ipads mobile devices, but text on here actually looks pretty good as well thats, something that is sometimes a little iffy on cheaper projectors. What i feel this projector does really good is mobile gaming retro games, nintendo switch. The image quality looks really good if youre going to be using devices like the new google chromecast watching youtube videos netflix using a fire tv stick whatever youre watching. This is going to be really good, especially at this price range, the screen, brightness image, quality and viewing angles. This appears to be one of the best ive tested in this price range plus you dont have the corners that are all blurry like on other cheap projectors out there i feel, like the speaker, could definitely be a little bit louder on here. Unfortunately, that can be common with projectors in general, so youll definitely want to hook up an exterior speaker with this one. But in my opinion, if youre going to buy one of these for a gift – or you just want to add this to your theater room game room and you dont want to spend a lot of money yeah, this is definitely one youve got ta check out Laughter. So if youve made it this far into the video, you may want to say thanks by subscribing and dont forget to give a thumbs up. If this video was helpful, this is brian from fishbee productions.