Ride but, despite all that, i still feel like theres been one consistent theme in all my huawei reviews, like that hasnt changed at all. It is that, in my opinion, i think huawei makes some of the absolute best hardware in that specific product category, whether its a laptop or a smart watch or a smartphone, in my opinion, its like the best looking most well built most premium looking product in that Category, it is in software where i usually have some gripes and nitpicks, and that is the case again for this brand new smart watch. This is the huawei watch gt3, which ive been wearing for the past 48 hours. So this is not a review, because 48 hours is not long enough to call it a review, but i have a pretty good impressions of it, particularly the undeniable fact that this is one of the best looking and most premium feeling smart watches on the market. Right now i mean this thing looks damn good okay, so the huawei watch gt3 is launching in the uk first on november 10, with a starting price of 229 british pounds that comes out to, i believe 330 american dollars im pretty sure its also going to go On sale in other parts of asia, including hong kong and other parts of europe too, and for that price, youre getting a really premium feeling and looking device. So this is the larger 46 millimeter model, theres also a 42 millimeter variant.

But this one has a 1.43 inch oled display and it gets very bright. In fact, it gets so bright that right now what youre watching right now, its at um, just 50 brightness ive, actually had to lower the brightness. So i can film actually less than 50. Its down here right now, so i can get it to show on camera properly, because if i increase it up to maximum brightness youll see that it actually looks a little bit blown out on this camera thats how bright the screen gets to get it. To look good on camera, i have to lower it to 50, so this excellent screen brightness means that i have not had trouble seeing the watch face, even when im outside, in los angeles, on a sunny day middle of the day with the sun shining directly on Me now this screen has a resolution of 460 by 460 and everything looks really sharp its a really nice looking panel, the glass actually curves a little bit on the sides, so its like a little bit of a chamfered edge and, to be honest, this watch makes The galaxy watch 4 look kind of cheap because this watch actually ships with a genuine leather band, a leather strap it feels premium. Unlike on the galaxy note, 4, you get this little cheap plasticy strap that doesnt even wrap around your wrist properly and its not just samsung. The apple watch. Fitbit sense they all ship with relatively cheap feeling, rubber, silicone straps and the fact that the screen curves means that it actually blends seamlessly into the stainless body.

Steel casing now around the back of the watch is a circular sensor with all those sensors that you can expect so um gyroscope skin temperature sensor air pressure sensor. So the test elevation and this thing can track just about every fitness metric that you can. That youd expect from a premium smart watch so step count: altitude, heart rate, blood, oxygen levels, skin temperature levels. So it will tell you if you, if your skin temperature is warmer than usual, so you might have like covert or something it also has dual band gps. So meaning it connects to more saddle likes around the world so now, to be honest, i am a city person, so im either in la or in hong kong. So i dont really need the dual band gps. But if youre someone who lives somewhere more remote or you like to go, you know climb the highest mountains in the middle of like thailand or something then im pretty sure. The dual band gps will come in handy because it will keep you connected longer. Give you more accurate data too, if you take this thing for run all the other smartphone components like a speaker, a mic are both here and, as you can expect, from a huawei device, this has the best in class battery life. So on a single charge. This watch can last you 14 days on a single charge. The apple watch by comparison can give you a day and a half.

The galaxy watch can last you like two days and the fitbit sense can last you five days 14 days on this, and when you need to top up this watch, you dont need to use the proprietary charging cable that comes with every smartwatch, because this thing can Be charged wirelessly via qi charging pad, so the exact same charging pad that charges, your your iphone or your huawei phone or your galaxy phone will also top up this watch. This watch is also rated 5 atm for water resistance, so that means you can take it to the shower. You can take it to the swimming pool. You can take it to the beach without any issues. All that is jam packed into this beautiful body. Thats. Only measures 11 millimeters in thickness now the apple watch 7, is a little bit thinner at 10.7 millimeter, but this is still among one of the thinnest smart watches in android. Now, looking at the right side of the stainless steel casing, you have a digital crown right here. This crown can be rotated and also pressed, and you can also rotate to uh navigate through the ui and theres. Also a button down here for you to you can set whatever you want to launch with this button. For me, when i press this button once it will jump into workout mode immediately, so this watch runs harmony, os 2.1. It behaves mostly like many other smart watches that youre used to you swipe down from the top.

You get these uh shortcut toggles, you swipe to the left, will cycle through all these cards, and then press of this bottom button will cycle through all the different workouts. So this watch can track over 100 workouts automatically, and i took this on a bike ride and actually picked up my bike ride on the spot. Now you know how early i said that with huawei products im always in love with the hardware but theres some part of software. That leaves me a little bit disappointed. Well with this huawei watch d3, it is once again the inability to respond to notifications. So right now i have a bunch of whatsapp messages. I can tap into it to read, and that is it. I cant do anything else. I cannot respond to it. I cant even get rid of it like one by one. I have to either clear everything or just leave all my whatsapp messages there. Now that is unfortunate because, as ive said before, in my opinion, a smartwatch is only worth wearing. If it can make me check my smartphone less because otherwise a fitness band can do almost all the exact same fitness tracking that i just talked about here, not to be fair. A fitness band doesnt look as nice as this, but still ultimately, if i have to justify buying like paying like 300 something us dollars for a smartwatch, i need it to be able to make me check my phone less and the number one reason i checked my Phone is to check notification so im wearing an apple watch or a samsung galaxy watch.

Whenever i get a whatsapp message, i can read it. I can tap into it and respond with my voice or i can scribble text. So that saves me from needing to pull on my phone. Unfortunately, the huawei watch gt3 cannot do that now. I dont know if this shortcoming is related to the fact that this watch runs harmony, os and huawei smartphones, the new ones, anyways all run harmony, os and right now, im paired to an android device and im, not sure if huawei can fix this. With a software update down the line to be fair, this is particularly to my personal preferences. I want to be able to to respond to notifications on my wrist. Some other people dont care about that. If you just want a watch, that looks really good, can give you accurate health tracking data, and also you know you dont have to worry about charging gives you like awesome battery life, then the huawei watch gt3 is it. This is the best looking smartwatch on the market. In my opinion, it has the best battery life on the market and thats, not opinion. That is fact. This is a premium device for people who, like classy, looking smart watches like i said this is not a review. I havent really put it through its paces, yet in terms of tracking my heart rate, uh sleep all that but ive tested enough, always small watches to know that it should be pretty accurate, but i will be back with a full review down the line right now.