Just a quick background. I have a four year old child upcoming um pre kindershot, but for benefits. So we will further discuss that as we go along, but without further ado Music. So this includes 10 books and a pen of course, or not. Children are like sponge from zero to seven years old, whatever they see whatever they hear, paras so thats. Why they need us parents to guide them well anyway, so these are 10 books, Music, Music. It also includes this smart reading, pen user manual and so film guide and then the pen itself six hours a day. This could last three to four days without charging Applause. So aside from this, so this is rechargeable. It includes uh mini usb, so i an am shaft. It can work in any charger. So for my charger kind of phone you can use that or metal extension. That means it includes 800 stickers, recordable stickers on the button recordable stickers. Little ill show you later on how this is being used, but this is truly amazing um. It can be used um to record parasa ill. Show you a bit later so lets do this. We just turn it on so again parts, so there is an on and off button and then um volume key so up to, i think, thats, seven on the volume and then the recording thats, what youre going to use for the stickers. This also has mp3 um function where you can download your own preference, like um childrens song nursery songs from your computer to this nursery rhymes, so you can download it as in and then here thats the charger port – and this is one of the amazing feature again.

Headset for it so um and do his own activities here is the speaker, and here is the mic and meron patong Music, hindi ill show you the function. It turn on molancha here by holding the on and off button long press five seconds yet and then in every book before you start, you have to click on anywhere its a front page parama integrate. So for this one. It is book for english. Sound phonics word sentence: thats the uh soft test, one two, three, four: five: six: seven and union english sound phonics word sentence book form. Okay, there are so much that you can do here. My games then show my exams. My activities might be irene now, its a sabine. How do you do sit? How do you do dance? How do you sing so brown interactive nah, the table of contents? Two, please! Oh! What is that over there wow? What is that go? Go go. Can i join you, it looks fun come on. Everyone come here: Music, wedding, music, wedding song and then the people, the people, the children here practicing Music because it is being explained here. Hi were happy to see. You tell us about your trip hi there. I have some presents for you: hi ben hill grass, Music, your flower, wow flowers, the mountain theres, a sound theres, a sound, yes lets practice, listen match and answer the questions there. There is a question and answer nah. You can guide your child much better.

They can do it on their own. What what can you see? I can smell a flower senses and so on it. It also has um Music about time. It teaches the child. How to read the clock. Writing writing. Sounds um phonics like how to read ayan so meronshang writing, counting theres so much to learn from the book, its not the typical abcs attention. So i had made my letters. There is songs, my body, my laundry sure, earrings Music, i cry Music. They dont have the screen time, but they do the same. They can sing, they can dance, they can even memorize the lyrics here and it helps them to be familiarized with the word, but thats, not all hindi, which speakers ill show you the function of this one, for example, you wont be torn if you have other books, Like story, books or economy, smokes vlogs of the nation plugs worldwide young. This is very small, um 800 stickers. You can also ask the seller for additional sticker for a price additional pero 800 hello books and per sticker recordable and pre recordable uh. What i mean is, if you have recorded something on that sticker, you can change it on this book um and then you want to re reuse, the sticker. You can remove so youre gon na. It connects just make sure it wont, be damaged and then transfer it to another book, and then you can record again ill show you so lets get one sticker.

You just have to press this mic, uh icon, that is, for the recording, choose a sticker and then choose a sticker start your recording after three one, two so ill. Do it again on that same sticker, it will automatically delete what i have recorded and then it will record again choose a sticker start, your recording after three two three dinky dino and then ill place. The sticker here ill, remove the sticker and then place it here. Title so that when your child reads, you just have to thats why this is very amazing waiting for letter, i i mean per word record or puedering per sentence. Federer in amount per paragraph, say some sticker its up to you, i havent tested. Yet i think thats it ill end. It here marami salamat, for watching this is my first video.