I am agusta jawaluya. I am a student majoring in informatics technology in the informatic management studio program at the polytechnic of mana time. I will give you the defense that i use from learning activities and from the top multimedia accessories and unique application. Please put the video until the end and enjoy laptop review the first. I will explain about the laptop that i use previously. I did not use this laptop, but my laptop is experiencing self damage. It must likely can no longer be used in its entirety, so for now, im currently using an sr aspire for 736g laptop. This is a high performance laptop in the year it was produced which is in 2008. This laptop has a bit dimension and the weight is 2.3 kilogram. The battery capacity is 4400mah with 48.8 watt power. The best operation system is the new windows vista, but im already upgrade to windows 10 32 bit. This laptop powered by intel create window 2 processor penalty mostly, is like intel x4 certification, but in 2008. So this laptop uses a 2008 heck and processing hardware. The processor is intel core 2 cpu up to 2.2 gigahertz for the base system. Memory are using dual channel sdram 2 gigabyte ddr3, but the memory already upgrade to 4 gigabyte processing graphic on this laptop is processed by mobile intel. Gm 45 express chipset and nvg force g 105 m 512 megabyte the audio system even use adobe home data output system.

With 2 bit in stereo speaker, this audio device support 2 5.1 channels to run output, because this laptop can be said to be an old school laptop. The available part and button gif are very numerous and feel very mechanical. This makes for enjoyable as well as excellent user experience, starting from the additional button available there are. There are serve power, smart key back up key wireless lan button and indicator bluetooth button and indicator to special physical button to increase and decrease the media. Polymer, then, for the port themselves, there are kensington box slot, modem, fg, 11 ports, internet lg for d5 port 3 audio check, vga ports, hdmi ports, 3, usb 2.0 ports, five in one card trader and also optical drive blue ladies. The webcam available also have very decent quality to update, which is provided by the azure crystal a webcam for this. For that, this laptop is equipped with a 3000 gigabyte hdd. At the button itself, we can see many parts that we can disemble separately in parts which make it easier for but hot world maintenance and disemploy activities. In this view, it also has a lot of forgetting, as a bet for air to enter and exhaust air to exit so that keep the temperature of the component remains. We move to multimeter accessories, the first device i use gaming most set lens. The set lens gaming was already equipped with omron switch, a focus sensor, rgb lighting and macroscoping.

This mouse is very pricey and easy to control. The cable is using strong branded, cable and cordplate usb, and i use mousepad, which is also from status with decent black color. As the boss and has a blue accent, i am also using an epson l110 series printer. This printer has used an inching system with a tube, not using a cutlet or anymore, so for in refill maintenance is much easier and cheaper. In addition, this printer also has a security certification to prevent counterfeiting of money. The last one i also use iphone x as my daily driver. I choose apple product because they always provide a ui and uh that their competitors can keep. In addition, the performance of the kitchen runway and quality camera is so good. For the last part i want to introduce and give you my unique application for the first im use kit. Bus git base is a special application for microsoft windows that provides an emulation or mock screen for the git command line. I use this application, but for lecture assignment to work. The second application is screen m. A this application is used to descend and develop the concept of arranging state like theme. However, this application is already used because of the complete naming template which make it impossible to hold music festival of console Music is the escort. The escort official studio got. Is microsoft? Shorts got the editing software for lean loop, mac, os and windows.

Visual studio quotes prophets with words that s in that high collecting got the complaint tune, got the snapping, got the reflex story, standard transition and game. I used this apps since i was in vocational school. This application has many features and heat completeness for programming activities. For the last i use itunes, webcam, the third and the last in the 10 is application that can be used to make our cell phone camera as a webcam. The way it works is that we equate venus connectivity. We have come to the end of this video.