So this one supports all types of case: adx mini itx and micro atx, so im quite excited to open this one up. For you come on join me Music, so hi guys its me rich one of gadget psychic and welcome back to my channel. So right now we have here, like i said its. The fanta hexa cg 73 middle tower case so ill be reading some uh quick specs over here, and it has a club cm 6x fan capability, of course, probably support vga length max or 300 mm audio jack, usb 2.0, two two of them and one usb 3.0. You can support one ssd and one hdd. Uh cpu height is a 165 mm and you have a side tempered glass and its a middle power case now uh the net weight of this one is 4.88 kilograms, which is not that heavy. Typically, it would be roughly 5 kilos or 5.5 kilogram, so yeah. How about lets open this, so they packed a special one. They included two more fans for me so yeah. Let me open this one up there you go so yeah. We have here a rgb fan. Okay, so you can see its a core fc120 rgb fan uh from fantech, okay, so its nice. Probably this one is the same, so well put it aside uh. This is for probably expansion. So right now lets focus ourselves on the case, so ill be reversing this one. Okay, there you go make life easier.

So we have two styro on the sides, so the taking one off opening it then taking the other one off again, so there easy so lets. Take a look at the front and what i like about the front is that its glass finish: normally, we see a mesh type or whatever other type, this one, i think its really nice, its very classic, and you can see that all three fans is mounted on Front okay, so one two three 320 mm uh rgb fans, uh, is already mounted on the front, so its also a tempered glass, okay. So right now, uh lets try to take this one off see if its easy, normally its clips. Okay, so yeah its coming off. Yeah its uh easy to take off, so we can see here, theres uh, four pairs, one two, three four and another four over here. You can see some honeycomb uh finish over here and, of course, tempered glass and heres. The logo fanta really nice, etching key. So yeah, basically this is a glass finish one so inside you can see one two three fans ready and everything is mounted inside already attached, ready to use now uh taking a quick look at this side, so we have four screws one, two, three and four. Now these screws are, i would really appreciate those ones that are magnet, clip or just two screws for make it easier to remove okay, but of course this one just makes it a lot more safer for probably for you and me not to uh accidentally uh, remove It so yeah so to say: okay, so right now its glass, okay, its purely glass, theres, no uh border okay, so you can see its purely a glass of frosted glass and its, not even a clear glass, its a semi smoke glass.

Okay, so you can see here its not a pure, clear, glass, okay, so its just semi smoked glass, color brown, so we have our user guiding inside and right now for the fun part. So we have here the clearance for the motherboard. So we have some of these uh gold uh, look not looking like thing so for us to mount our motherboards here. The screws so here is for cable management, this one as well for cable management. This one is for you to put your wired high cable side, whatever you call it this one too, wow theres a lot of them for cable management. Purpose uh this one also for cable management, and this one for you to put your psu. The power supply unit is here uh. All you need to do is place it here, then screw it at the back and youre good to go now. Here underneath is for you to place your hard disk drive and on top you can place one ssd. So on the rear, you can see another case 128 mmk span, which is rgb finished. Now we have 2 4, 6, 7 7 slot expansion for pci, now uh all of them. When you remove it, you can no longer reuse it. Okay. So i really appreciate those one that you can re reinsert it and reuse it whenever you dont need it, but of course uh this budget uh case so dont expect too much. So i can see that its itx atx and micro, atx and uh.

I atx ready. Okay and right now taking a quick look at the back. We can see that here is the exhaust for the of course, uh 120 mm case fan here is for your uh plate, okay, so one two three four: five: six: seven, seven pci expansion. So when you remove this one, you can screw it here so easy to use. Now uh we have all your uh ios over here, where it will link to the top okay. So we have all your ios over here uh to be able to mount to the motherboard, so right now were going to the side. Okay, so aside, we have two thumb screws over here, one and two now taking it off. Okay, so yeah its a little bit thin, okay, but well, of course you dont expect too much, but for me i can see that. Well, i dont need it to be really that thick uh, because it will make it a lot heavier. Okay, so yeah, i can say that the build is not really that bad its made out of steel – and i can say that the finishing here, the matte black finish – is quite good. Okay, so the paint job is really good on this one. So at the back, you can see here for cable management. You have all your screws, my extra screws over here this on this pouch, so you have some power. Okay, so you need some power to drive all your fans and make it light up.

Okay, so so to speak, and all the other aisles here its pretty much easy to mount. I feel that this one is really easy to mount since theres a lot of bracket over here. For you to place all your cable ties, especially to make it very neat. On top, you can see that we can mount to 120 uh case fire. Probably this is why they sent me two more to mount it here. Okay, so yeah! You can mount two more 120 over here and taking a look at some of these ports. So we have the power button. We have the reset button, usb 2.0 audio jack microphone in usb 2.0, again usb 3.0 and thats it now. I i i do hope that they did put a mesh over here, a steel mesh over here to make it look a lot better. But, of course i didnt expect too much this one. They dont really use mesh on this one. Now, underneath we can see that well its a basic one, so yeah, i only have one mesh over here to filter out all those dust coming into the psu and basically thats it. For this uh case, the fan tech, uh, hexa, hexag73, okay, so there you go guys. I was able to give you a quick um, more extensive overview of the fantech hexa cg 70 middle tower case. I, like the design up front its glass uh. Rarely do i still see those using glass up front, its very minimalistic and yeah.

I can see you can enjoy the color of the rgb here up front and definitely its a plus over those having a mesh on front uh. You, which you can see partially the lights, not the full lights, of course, uh probably ill be waiting for a motherboard and probably some liquid coolers to mount on this one to make it look good. So, of course you want to see the full build. Do. Consider subscribing and of course, hit that bell icon, so you dont miss any future video build here on my channel. So right now you can see here probably its a little preview what you can expect with lights inside okay, so i just placed a rgb lights inside. Just to give you some linings to see on this one so guys, if you want to know where i can buy this fanta hexa cg 72 meter tower case ill drop it in the comment section below, and you want to have some comments you want to. Uh.