So lets not waste any time and jump in now, our favorite accessories that we love are from spigen and theyve got a bunch of cases and things you can use with this device. But first off lets take a look at both our devices here, the pixel 6. Pro and the pixel 6 are right here. From my right hand, six on my left, the uh 6 pro is 6.5 inches and the pixel 6 is 6.2 inches. So they look very similar in terms of height. You can see the very different colors. The one thing, of course, that will you notify the difference is that the camera here has that extra zoom lens on the pro which you dont have on the regular pixel 6.. Now, when you look around, you do have two usb type c ports for charging and they support 30 watts chargers. Now what doesnt come in the cases of either this? These two devices is a charger in the box, so theres no charger here on the pixel 6. Pro and theres no charger here on the pixel, 6., so thats kind of a bummer but fear not our friends at speaking, have something that will work for you, that is the spigen power arc arcstation pro. This is a 30 watts charger, its a pd charger, and this will work for your pixel, 6 or 6 pro very nice compact travel style, charger, of course, with the collapsible pins. So you can take it with you on the go and boom.

It says they are 30 watts, so nice, simple charger to use and honestly um, especially when all other manufacturers are not giving us chargers. This is great now lets move on to the cases. The very first cases i do like are the rugged armor cases for the pixel, 6 and 6. Pro both cases are priced at 15.99, and you know they are quite easy to pick up ill. Have the links for everything down in the description so im going to take them out here, reminding you again, you can pick up the chargers from spigen and were just going to basically slide this in very simple, very easy lets. Take out the one for the pixel six do the same thing and kind of to see where the differences are. If there are any for what these two actually bring to the table so boom there, you have it so again, very similar look to both of them. They have that nice feel here theres different texture at the bottom. You can see uh the top here – theres more space, of course, on the pro than on the pixel 6. But the button layouts feel good, feel comfortable, easy to navigate and the cutouts feel really solid. So that is the pixel, 6 and 6 pro with the rugged armor case. All right next up are the liquid air cases. Now i like the liquid air, because its got a lot more texture for me, especially when i game which stay tuned for that video ill.

Be doing a gaming video on both the pixel 6 and 6 pro now, these cases have a bit more texture to it, so its better for grip, especially if youre one of those kind of people that requires groups in your devices, so im gon na go ahead And put this in for the six pro again its snapping quite easily, so that is pretty nice Applause, so here you have it again. You can see the look on both devices that nice texture grip at the back, which is nice theres. Also, nice raised columns around the camera, so you dont damage those the button layouts also look pretty good, theyre fairly comfortable in general. You do have, of course, your cutouts for your usb and, of course, your speakers at the bottom and uh as flossie would say. Resivity is pretty good, oh no. I didnt scratch it im, just joking, but its pretty good, its pretty solid with this device. I think, overall, this is nice also 15.99 for both case, for both cases, theres no price difference there and my last cases are the thin fit cases i like these cases in general because they are thinner. Theyre lighter if you dont want something too thick. This is what you go with, although the pixel again is very different in design. So again, just a reminder get a charger um, although the pixel is different in design its not going to be as thin as you would expect there, but well take a look so lets go ahead, open both of them up see what we have.

So these are the thin fit cases now these result for 13.99 and putting them on our devices again would be nice and simple should be pretty easy snap it in thats the pixel 6. This is the pixel 6 pro and you can see its a little bit. Thicker now the thin fit design is a little bit different. Youve got. You know this thinner, texture here and then youve got like uh bumpers around the sides, which is a different design from what you usually see with a thin fit, but i think its pretty solid. It feels the same way for both devices. So when you look at both the the pro and the six, you do have that same feel to it again. The button layouts are pretty solid overall and youve got camera cutouts for both devices, so that actually works out. Pretty well and its well raised, so even if you slam the device that kind of thing your display theres no damage to that whatsoever. Speaking of the displays, though, you do have a 120 hertz display on the pixel 6 pro, and then you also have here a 90 hertz display on the pixel 6.. The camera is a bit different for the front facing cameras: 8 megapixels on pixel, 6 and youve got an 11 megapixel front facing camera on the pixel 6 pro. So those are some of the differences you will find with these devices. I think, overall, these are some nice cases and accessories.

Now some of you are asking what about wireless charging? I have one thats, not speaking that i do like its from uh nomad. So the nomad uh wireless charging station here on the base station is pretty solid. Will work for any device and will work well for your pixel six or six pro well as she charges the devices quite easily and something that i think a lot of people will like. So, if youre looking for a wireless charge option, this is something to get right here. So if you guys have any questions or any comments, you want to pick out any of these devices use the links down below. You can pick up any of the cases the charges all that stuff and stay tuned for my gaming, video on the pixel, 6 and 6 pro.