So obviously, if youre watching this video, you already know that i make youtube videos ive been at it for about three years, the last two of which i have been editing all my videos on this. The 2019 macbook pro 16 inch powered by intel core i9, fully specced out im, not just editing video. This has been my main work machine every single day for the past two years. For all my writing. Work too for xda developers. So, for the most part, i have no complaints about this machine. I find this performance very impressive. If you ask me, i must you know, nitpick and find some gripes and i will have two. The first is that i have to use a dongle with this machine. Anytime, i want to move camera files over because theres only a usbc port, so i have to use a dongle to read the sd card and the second nitpick is that when im rendering 4k videos, this machine can get a little bit hot down at the bottom. So much that if i have it on my lap, it might be uncomfortable, i wouldnt be able to keep it on my lap. I would have to lift it up and the fan would kick in and it gets pretty loud. This was why i was very excited. Last week, when apple announced this, this is the 2021 mapper pro running, apples, neo silicon, the m1 max, and it fixes both of the nitpicks.

I just had about this machine, but its not just that. It also brings a lot more than just fixing those two nitpicks and to be honest after using this 2021 macbook pro for about a week now its going to be very damn hard for me to go back to this 2019 machine, because this machines pretty good. But this thing this thing is a beast: Music, okay, so the reason this new, 2021 macbook pro is such a beast is because of that m1 max chipset inside which ill get to later lets. Look at the overall hardware first, so the first thing i noticed when i took out this macro pro 20 21 16 inch was how hefty it felt and keep in mind. I have been used to using the 2019 model, but even compared to this machine, which is already pretty big, this is thicker and heavier, so the thickness is 0.66 inches in height that comes out to about 16.7 millimeter to non americans out there, and likewise it weighs 4.7 pounds thats 2.1 kg now. Fortunately, the corners and sides of the laptop are still rounded so that means you can still carry this thing relatively comfortably once you, you know, youre mentally prepared to lift almost five pounds. Ive been walking around la with the laptop sandwich between my arms like this and ive, had no issues, so this is a typical aluminum body, its really nicely built now the top looks exactly the same as previous macbooks.

Now, of course, the sides of the laptop will look different too compared to previous macbooks, because there are more ports, so well start the right side. So we have an hdmi port right here, a usbc thunderbolt 4 and right here, my favorite sd card slot. So now that means, when im done filming this footage. I just plug this memory card into here, and the video file will go over transferring immediately. I dont need to bottle with a dongle. Now, on the left side, you have a headphone jack here, two more thunderbolt, 4 usbc and right here is the return of the mac, save apples magnetic charger it plugs in and itll charge the laptop. But then, if you yank at the cable, itll pull away immediately. So that prevents the laptop from accidentally being yanked off the table. Just because, like a dog or a kid, is running around tripping on cables, you can still charge via usbc. However, so im happy with that, because i i have a lot of usbc cables, the maxsave can top up this laptop. Very, very fast, though yesterday i went to a coffee shop with only about 10 battery, i plugged into mac safe, and i was working actively working. You know not heavy work, just writing emails and writing an article, but in about 55 minutes itll charge up to like 90 battery. The bottom of the map also looks different from before you have uh four rubber pegs down here, and then you have mapper pro edged onto the bottom of the machine.

Its a pretty professional heavy duty working machine vibe now lets open up the lid and look at the display. I know what you guys are going to say already. Yes, there is a notch. Now im not going to sugar coat things im, not going to say. Oh, the notch looks great, or i dont even notice it i mean its there its a little bit goofy. It is what it is at least we are getting slimmer, bezels now around the top of the screen. Now, interestingly, the notch also brings about some quirky changes to a screen which i havent seen on a laptop before, for example, if you look at the top of the display, you see that the corners are rounded right, just like on a smartphone, but then you look At the bottom bottom corners of the screen, it actually comes to a hard 90 degree angle, just like most other laptops, but this screen looks amazing man, its a 16.2 inch 3456 by 2234 panel, its a mini led screen, so meaning youre going to get deeper, blacks And more contrast on the screen than a typical lcd panel, maybe not quite as good as a oled but mini led, is, like you know, in between oled and lcd, in terms of like display packing order, and this display has a refresh rate up to 120 hertz, Which apple calls pro motion? What you do want to do. This laptop is watch movies and videos, because not only is the screen amazing maximum brightness of 1 600 nits excellent viewing angles, but it also has the best speaker system, ive, ever heard in any portable device, meaning any device that i can just lift up and take Me anywhere, this has the best speaker system, ive ever heard its a six speaker setup and the sound is just so full im gon na show you samples right now, but to be honest, it wont really do it justice.

You have to go to an apple store, play something listen for yourself and be blown away by the immersive, sound Music Music. Now you may have also noticed that theres no longer a touch bar at the top. Instead, the f keys have returned. Most of my peers seems to welcome this move, but i actually quite like the touch bar i like switching between tabs on safari by just tapping on the bar, but you know the f keys are also absolutely fine. This is a change that doesnt really matter to me. What matters to me, though, is that this keyboard and this tripod are still excellent. They are basically identical to the 2019 macro pro, which means the tripod is the best trackpad in the industry, and the keyboards here are pretty good. They have over one millimeter of travel, not quite the best keyboard ive ever used, but theyre really good. All right now lets look at the internals, so my model, the 16 inch macbook pro – is not quite fully specced out but, like almost maybe like 80 of the way there, it has an m1 max chip, obviously, and it has 64 gigs of unified memory and 2 Terabyte storage, so the only thing thats not maxed out the storage, everything else, its apples, absolute tip top and then performance is super super powerful. So i did a 8k video rendering test. What i did was i shot four separate 8k video footage, one minute, each so thats combined a four minute ak video and i rendered on final cut pro on this machine and it rendered in one minute and 35 seconds on the m1.

Macbook is still quiet. In fact, it just finished rendering already 8k video footage in under one minute 40 seconds, whereas here 2019, we are at 21 on the 2019 intel mac that i have that machine is actually fully specced out. It took eight and a half minutes to render the exact same video, so it took seven extra minutes to render on the 2019 macbook then on the 2021 macbook for video content creator, like me, thats, you know that extra seven minute matters a lot. This is a short video if im filming something like a 15 minute video. This machine is gon na finish, like 20 30 minutes faster than the 2019 mapper pro thats 20 30 minutes of waiting when im using 2019 model that i dont have to do here. Its not just rendering videos much faster, it also renders much more efficiently. So, during that 8k video test, the 2019 mapper pro with intel processor i9 got really really loud and hot, because the fan needed to kick in to help dissipate the heat 2019. So this is the fan on the 2021 m1 max map book. The fan never turned on. It remained quiet this machine. It only got moderately warm at the bottom and the fan did not need to turn on at all. There is a fan in here. It just didnt need to turn on. In fact, a whole week of use later ive never heard the fan turn on once and keep in mind.

I edit 4k videos on this regularly and i did an 8k video test and a bunch of other testing too okay. So i am at a restaurant right now running gfx metal on the mapper pro and im running completely off battery right now, and this thing is handling it like a champ, so see its not plugged in at all its, not hot, and you cannot hear the fan. I dont even know the fan is running all that powers because of this m1 max chip. It has a 10 core cpu and a 32 core gpu, but you know going beyond all that technical core stuff. The biggest reason the m1 max is so powerful is because it is a mobile soc, its a 5 nanometer chip with 57 billion transistors. You know the long story short is that a mobile soc, you know kind of like the chip thats running in your iphone or the newest samsung galaxy. They are built for efficiency because they are a chip with everything in one chip, its called systems on the chip. Soc now, if youre wondering if a mobile soc is more powerful than a computer cpu, then why dont all laptops use a mobile, soc thats, because a mobile soc traditionally its more efficient but theres a cap on how powerful it can get it cant get as powerful As a traditional intel processor, that is until apple started, working on it and apple basically pulled off what previously thought was impossible.

They made a mobile soc that is more powerful and more efficient than a real computer processor, and this efficiency carries over to battery life too. So apple advertises 21 hours of battery life in this machine on a single charge. I wouldnt go quite that far for my testing. If youre doing office productivity tasks, you know like just sending emails, um opening slack going on safari stuff, like that, you know not editing videos. This can get you a good 12 to 16 hours, depending on your screen, brightness on a single charge, and even though i dont really believe in it, i also did a battery drain test for this machine. What i did was, i streamed a 4k 30 youtube video with the screen brightness on maximum and volume at halfway, and this machine lasted eight hour, and let me check the numbers eight hour and ‘ minutes before its shut down on the 2019 intel mac. It only lasted 5 hour and 16 minutes, so on the exact same drain test, this machine lasts over 3 hours more than the 2019 intel mac. Ultimately, this m1 max macbook is a laptop for creators. If youre someone who dont really make videos or make graphics and stuff and youre just using a laptop to send emails, write words and go on the web, you dont need this machine. Man buy a macbook air; instead, it will serve you just as well, but if you edit videos for living or if you make music, if you are a graphic designer or any of that, this machine can handle everything with ease.

This machine is already making my life easier because i can plug in an sd card move files over, and i can render videos at like five six, seven times the speed of the previous 2019 intel macbook. Like i said at the beginning, i was using that 2019 intel mapper with no issues up until now. Now that ive tasted this i dont know if i can go back to that man its going to be tough, but of course price is the biggest obstacle for most people. This 16 inch macbook pro starts at 2 500 us dollars. My model is specked up a little bit at 64, gigs of unified memory and 2 terabytes of storage, so this one goes for over like 4 000, but um. To be honest for me its worth it, because i need this for work every single day. This is my machine that allows me to make a living four thousand dollars for me, in my opinion, is worth it, but ultimately its a decision that you have to make for yourself so anyway, thats about it of this review of the 2021 macbook pro m1 max Im gon na have more content on this machine and maybe other devices coming up pretty soon.