Youll see them worn by people on the street and these days any pundit on cable tv and now theyve gotten a much needed follow up yep the airpods generation. Three are here and of course theyre better than ever. But does that mean you should go out and buy one hi im michael josh, your gadget, matchmaker and im here to help you find the right earbuds for you. This is our airpods gen, 3 unboxing and review very quickly lets unbox these babies first up designed by apple in california, packet with a quick start guide; some paperwork, more paperwork and nope no stickers. Next, the airpods gen 3. All wrapped up lets peel this off nice and shiny. This is the only time its going to look this pristine, and, finally, this green arrow means we should pull underneath weve got a usbc to lightning cable. By the way, the case shape is more like the airpods pro and just in case youre wondering heres. A comparison for you here are the airpods gen 2. Here are the airpods gen 3, and here are the air pods pro. So while theyre similarly shaped the airpods gen, 3 arent as big as the pros finally before we move on, pairing is oh so simple, just open the case and you get this prompt on your iphone. One tap is all you need to pair them and if you own, multiple apple devices, you only need to do this once all your devices will recognize your new airpods, because it rolls off the tongue easier and because this video also refers to the older models.

I will call these guys the new airpods or airpods 3, but officially theyre the third generation airpods a follow up to the og ones which were launched in 2016 and the slightly updated version that was released in 2019.. This is a big update and theres a lot to unpack, so lets start with its all new design. The most obvious change is the size of that stem, thank god, because its 33 shorter than what it used to be about the same height as the airpods pro, which is great, so they dont stand out when worn built into the stem. This capsule shaped cavity over here is a force sensor, which you can actually pinch to access controls once to play, pause or answer a call twice to skip forward thrice to skip back in a pinch and hold to invoke siri. The shape of the head is much improved too designed to fit an even wider array of ear shapes, while the pro model has silicone tips that conform to the shape of your ears. The non pro ear, pods are a one size fits all kind of earbud, and while each ear is different, these ones fit me so much better than the old ones. The second gen airpods fit quite loosely so much so that i was afraid to run with them. In fear that they might fall off quite easily, the new 3rd gen airpods fit more snugly in my ears. Ive taken them on runs ive even taken them on bike rides, which here in brooklyn, can be quite bumpy and in both cases they stayed on just great.

Oh and speaking of runs just in case you get sweaty, you dont have to worry. These new buds come with an ipx4 rating, so they will be fine with sweat the rain or a quick rinse. Of course, the biggest changes are those that are inside new custom. Drivers were built for this open ear design. So when youre listening to music, youll notice, bass has more oomph to it. Theres also more clarity, especially in the higher notes, of course, good sounding headphones works. Both ways you want the music that youre listening to to sound great, but you also want the person, on the other end of a facetime call, for example, to also hear you clearly and the best way to kind of capture. That is a recording like this one. Im using my imac with a professional camera, but also the microphone on my third generation airpods. How do i sound? Let me know in the comments section below now for context. This recording is using the same setup, but ive switched over to my airpods pro. Do they sound any better than the third generation airpods im curious ill find out as soon as i preview this clip, but before that one more final recording using the second generation earpods notice, the longer stem over here? Hopefully, these dont sound as good as the new generation earbuds, but you be the judge, im curious to hear what you think now, after listening to those recordings, i dont know if those samples really do it justice.

But last week i was on my patio talking to my therapist and he says i sounded really good and thats. Thanks to this new foam shield that keeps the mic protected from wind, as well as inward facing mics, like on the airpods pro now. One feature thats on the gen 3, but are not on the pros, is a built in skin sensor. You know how, when you take the pros off – and maybe you throw them on your sheets and music still keeps playing through your air pods, even if youve taken them off thats, because the air pods think that theyre still inside your ears. Now, with the new skin sensor, if youre like me and you throw them in your pockets instead of the case, it will know because its no longer in contact with your skin, i.e, not in your ears, so they will stop working Music. Now some improvements go beyond. Hardware apple uses a lot of artificial intelligence to improve the listening experience. They call it computational audio. One such feature is called adaptive, eq, which figures out the geometry of your ears and adjusts the sound so its optimized for your ear shape. Basically, the other is called spatial audio. You know how for surround sound. You need a complicated speaker setup well with these new airpods as well as the pro and the max. You can get a surround sound experience as long as youre listening to dolby, atmos, music or watching a movie with 5.

1 or 7.1 surround sound. It will feel like you have that complicated setup in your ears and when it comes to apple devices, it will even know where the audio is coming from, whether that be your iphone or your ipad. So if you turn your head, dynamic, head tracking will remember where your screen is so it will feel like the sound is still coming from that one direction its really hard to describe. But i remember the first time i tried this last year with the airpods pro chai, or was it the earpods max? But i just remember watching and having to double take because i was like do. I have the device on because i can really hear the sound coming out of the ipad um and then i realized it was really just tricking my senses in a good way. Let me just put it this way. If you own an apple device, the air pods are definitely a great companion for consuming both music and videos. Now lets talk about battery life and charging apple promises five to six hours of battery life. If youre listening to music in my week with the airpods 3, i was getting about 5 hours on average and that would often include about an hours worth of facetime calls, which is even more intensive and more draining on your battery. The case is supposed to provide 24 to 30 extra hours, meaning you should be able to fully charge them about four times over they charge quick too, while inside the case, an empty pair of air pods will get to 33 in five minutes.

Speaking of lets, talk about this case for a second, with the arrival of the third gen airpods apple is bringing magsafe to airpods cases, meaning apart from being able to wirelessly charge. This case has magnets built in so they stick to a magsafe charger which helps if you have one attached to a stand like this one from this videos sponsor alago. If you already have apples magsafe charger this puck over here, these stands from elago are a great accessory to make this charger. Even more user friendly. You cant go wrong with this: classic aluminum charging stand in silver, which will leave your desk looking sleek this retails for 27.99. I also like this ms2 charging stand in jean indigo made of premium silicone its got a rounded body and is at a slight angle so that you can keep track of whats on your screen. While you charge airpods with the magsafe case, sit nicely on it too. Finally, for a more fun and affordable option, i also like this charging pad in red, which gives my magsafe charger a nice pop of color. This one is just 12.99 a pop and comes in a variety of other colors. Now, if you own an apple watch and want a charging hub for your nightstand alago makes these the magsafe charging hub 301 has a spot for your magsafe puck, so that you can charge your iphone. Your lightning cable goes here so that you can charge your earpods and theres also space for your apple watch charger, so that you can rest your watch right here.

The trio 2 offers the same options, but the magsafe charger is elevated and is on an incline by the way, if youve noticed all the cool and quirky airpods cases in this video, those are from a logo also, my favorites include this glow in the dark one. This leather backpack, but my faves among the faves, this retro macintosh classic and this game boy. I do love a great retro throwback now, if you want to shop these products – and i highly recommend that you do ill put links to all of them down below, you should also visit If you think these products are cool, you should check out their entire portfolio. That includes silicone cases for all sorts of apple products, including apple tv, remotes and apple pencils, a bit more on these magsafe charging cases. The whole point is so that the charging coils on the case and the charger are aligned so, for example, theyll stick right in the middle of this charging puck or right smack in the middle of this magsafe battery pack. I point this out because the magnets are not intended to have the same, pull or hold as say any other magsafe accessory, so they will fall off if you shake them too hard. Speaking of charging this case supports any qi compatible charger. Just remember, wireless charging is slow and if you need a faster top up, you can always use the lightning port by the way apple.

Also quietly updated the airpods pro. So if you buy them today, they will also come with a magsafe charging case. Now this next new feature isnt unique to the airpods 3, but its a new feature, nonetheless, that just rolled out as part of ios 15., its called enhanced find my, which means you can now use the find my app to track down your missing airpods, whether theyre In the case, or not so if youre, home and youve misplaced them just hop into the find my app tap on devices and earpods and either play a sound, so they start beeping or find nearby, which uses the same hot or cold youre. Getting close system which we first saw on air tags also, you can ring both your right and your left air pod separately. If youve already bought into the apple ecosystem and own a lot of apple products, then you definitely need air pods because it just works seamlessly. Together, for example, i might be listening to music on my couch and then, when i move to my office for work, my imac will be like hey want to switch over or i could be in bed and dont want to bother my make believe partner, whos asleep, With apple tv, i can easily switch to my airpods and listen without disturbing anyone or on my runs, because i have an lte apple watch. I can just press here to connect to listen to streaming music on the go now its time for some buying advice.

Right now, apple sells the airpods gen 2, these new airpods gen 3 airpods pro and airpods max when they were first announced, the earpods 2 retailed for 199, with a wireless charging case or 159 with a regular case. Well, apple is keeping just the regular case version alive at a reduced price of 1.29. The wireless charging case is an optional 79 purchase if youre, an apple user and dont want to spend a lot of money and just want some airpods. These are still a great choice, just make sure that they fit you well. If you can, however, spend a little bit more, i recommend that you go for the new airpods gen 3. theyre just 50 extra and come with all the great features that weve covered in this video. I think the airpods gen 3 are the airpods for most people. They fit great and sound great. In fact, i might just switch from the airpods pro to the airpods gen 3 for everyday use. You see, i prefer this open ear, design versus transparency mode when im out running or biking that way. I can still hear the world around me and be more aware of traffic. Dont. Get me wrong. I still love the airpods pro theyre, still my go to whenever im on a plane or whenever i need some active noise cancellation, and i recommend these. If you want the best fit finally, at over 500 dollars, there are the airpods max only get these if over ear.

Headphones are more your thing and you want the best audio quality. They are quite pricey, but worth every penny over ears provide the best seal for noise cancellation and because of its size alone, theres more space for the best kind of hardware that ensures the highest quality sound. But you have to be willing to spend and you also need to be the type who likes to wear cans. I personally prefer these guys because theyre smaller and easier to take with me, so are the airpods gen 3. Your gadget match, like i said earlier. I definitely believe that these are the airpods. Most people should go out and buy, and i think these generations upgrades are significant to attract both those looking to upgrade and those looking to get their first one. Unless you have ears that require a custom fit – and i know a lot of people who do and unless youre in the market for some noise cancelling earbuds, then the airpods gen 3 are definitely ones to consider and for that they come highly recommended with gadget match. Seal of approval – and that was our airpods gen, 3 unboxing and review if you have more questions, just leave them for me in the comments section below its going to be a busy weekend, and we have a lot of videos coming your way you dont want to Miss a single one make sure youre subscribed hit that bell icon too, so that you get notified as soon as we upload i post a lot of stuff on social media.

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