Welcome to the 9malls gas review channel today, im review a kind of a cool item that i found its the cooler cozy. This has been sitting in the freezer for days its ready to go, so it has inactive or innovative arctic bead technology here and its a koozie full of these little beads that you can put in the freezer and they will supposedly cool your drink. If that actually works, and maybe something to check out the cooler cozy keeps it seriously cold, it says um. We believe the cooler cozy is hands down the coolest and most effective koozie on the market. Today, the secret. It is our innovative arctic bead technology that all not only keeps your drink cooler for a longer period of time, but actually lowers the temperature of your beverage. So lets uh open this up and look at that 400 percent cooler than other drink holders so place cooler. Cozy in the freezer for a minimum of 30 minutes – oh yeah, the retail price, is 8.99 um, but yeah online i mean shop around because online seems like everything is more expensive online. Now, um than the actual stores uh but yeah place with shipping and stuff um place cooler cozy in the freezer for a minimum of 30 minutes, remove cooler cozy from the freezer and insert a chilled can in the into it drink and enjoy the seriously cold beverage. All right, so what im going to do is ill just take the temp on these cans.

45 degrees thats, weird 41.7. How is that possible? Let me aim it at something different. These bit have been in the same fridge. Let me do the front. Maybe the front is different: okay, so there we go its kind of bouncing around a bit. This 49 lets just say 45 degrees, each one all right. So what im going to do? Show you, the cooler, cozy um, yeah theres, only thats, interesting theres, only beads on the front of this thing, so thats really good that i test this out because you think thats going to be wrapped around, but no its just this little pocket of cooling beads. All right, so what im going to do is open up these cans and then im going to test the temp. So we got a baseline all right. So here we go check the temp. You can see it right there, all right, so pretty consistent looks like with what this was showing 45 degrees inside the can yeah, and this is 43 to 41 wow. So these were in the fridge in the exact same spot. Its really interesting that this has a different temp than this one. Thats really strange. I mean just like because i know ive seen a refrigerator test and they do have. You know its known that they have pockets of uh um warmers, you know warm spots, but they were side by side in the fridge. So im not sure what im going to do is kind of put this on here, im going to put it on the actually.

The warmer one here and see but yeah it holds it really well, its got the side logo which is kind of cool its got the beads. You show everyone that you have these cooling beads, but what im going to do is leave it out for about a half an hour, come back and test the temperature of the cans um, i mean, i guess my hypothesis gets scientific. Is this ones going to be cooler, even though this one started out at 45, and this one was 41.? I think this ones going to be uh. Yeah lets just write that down, so we had 45 degrees and then we had 41 and well come back and i think this one should remain close to 45.. Let me move this, so i think this one should remain close to 45 and this will go up to you know, lets lets, say 50 degrees or something, but lets set. The timer alexa set the timer for 30 minutes all right, so im going to come back after 30 minutes and then do the test ill. Do this one and this one right here and see what the temperature is see if it actually works all right, so its been 30 minutes and now for the test. So once again, this was 45 degrees and then this one was 41 degrees, and here we go actually im, not gon na. Take it out im gon na first test this one. So its gone up quite a bit more than i expected.

Actually so lets say about 52 measure, the outside yep thats, exactly the same. It says 51 about all right so for the test. How did this one do so this one rose 11 degrees and how about this one and look at that, its actually cooler. So so, even though this one was warmer in the beginning, it is now cooler at 48 degrees, so its only increased three degrees and then this one was increased. 11. all right im, just gon na yeah thats, not the best test. Uh lets test the beads im gon na shine this on the beads. I say: 56 57. So now it says 46., so it almost didnt go down in temperature at all and thats after 30 minutes so lets lets cross it out lets put 46 degrees. I know i went up to 48.. I moved this around a little bit, all right, so maybe its oh. It went back to 46., okay, never mind. Let me test the can so the cans a lot warmer and then the part, maybe theres a point contacting with the beads and sit here. Look at the can outside the can is a lot warmer im feeling these theyre still somewhat cool but yeah. I guess combine the insulation with the beads, actually its, not even theyre, not even that full thats. Another thing look at this, so im moving them around. You can see that so its not even that full. So maybe the beads are kind of a gimmick, um insulators.

Definitely seem to work thats, probably mostly whats going on here. I guess. As far as look looks wise, i guess, if youre looking for a beer koozie, these are kind of like an impulse buy, but if you, if youre actually in the market for a beer koozie, i could see getting this one uh. You know i mean its not very much money, its nine bucks, so uh. I think this is more of a gimmick than actual um use, because its just there arent enough beads inside here it doesnt wrap around so its not like a freezer pack or something like that. I would think the most benefit is the actual koozie. But if you think this is look, looks cool id say go for it. I do like the branding, because a lot of koozies are kind of generic and not really good quality. This is a quality koozie, its kind of cool, so i guess on the fence, leaning towards yes, let me know what you think.