. These are an affordable pair of two wireless earbuds and for this one were gon na. Do a quick hands on with the earbuds and see what they have to offer now these were sent over by one more so a massive shout out to them – and i just want to give my honest opinions about these earbuds now, if youve been on the channel Before you might have seen our reviews on the one more comfortbox pro and the collarbones 2 and in those videos, i did like the features that one more was able to include with those devices. But this begs the question: how exactly do these earbuds perform in comparison? Alright, so if you want to check out these, i will drop some links in the description below and with that said, lets get started now. The one more comfort buds two come in basic, but nice, looking packaging in addition to the earbuds themselves, to get some paperwork and instructions, some extra ear tips and a usbc charging cable, its a complete package and, with the exception of a charging brake, you have everything Needed to get started all right, so the comfort but 2 come in a compact charging case on the inside theres a pairing button. While on the front we get an led charging indicator and around the back is a usbc charging port. As you can see here, we have the black version and it has a similar look to the comfort buds pro case.

Although it is a bit smaller, the earbuds themselves have a pretty standard design as far as most wireless earbuds go and they share a similar look with the comfortbox pro. They also have touch control, so there are no physical buttons in these and they also feature led lights on the stem. I do like that. The ear tips are a bit smaller than other earbuds and they fit nicely inside my ears, theyre also ipx5 certified, which is a great addition at this price range setting up, the earbuds is pretty simple: holding down the pairing button. Lets you sync the comfort buttons too, with your smart device and once youve paired both devices together, youre pretty much good to go. I used my pixel 45g to pair up with earbuds and it was a pretty simple process. The earbuds also worked with the official one. More app from the play store, alright, so music sounds good on the comfort buds too, like the color, but too one more has teamed up with sonarworks to add a bit of customizability with regards to how the earbuds sound. Unfortunately, there is no sound id available on these, but we do get 12 different equalizer profiles that, according to one more, have been fine tuned for accurate, sound. Now this is going to be subjective for a lot of people, but i personally think that the sound profiles do somewhat improve the sound quality of the earbuds. However, there are times when i am reminded that the earbuds are in the affordable price range.

For example, while the bass boost option in the eq profiles does improve base, it kind of likes the heavy punch that you get a more expensive one. More earbuds, like the color butts 2.. This is not bad per se. They are, of course affordable, but its gon na be something to take note of. If you are interested in these, unfortunately theres no anc on these earbuds either, unlike on the comfortbox pro or the collarbots too. Instead we get a dual mic: environmental noise cancelling system for phone calls. Again, we go back to the 60 price point which puts things in perspective. There are features which are bound to be left out. The comfort but 2 also feature built in microphones calls sound good on the earbuds. I was able to use them for voice and video calls. One more also says that these have a wireless range of around 10 meters, which i found to be more or less accurate in terms of battery life. The earbuds can last you up to 6 hours. It can top up with the charging case for a total of 24 hours worth of use, theres also quick charging, so you dont need to wait around while your earbuds charge. Alright, so are the one more comfort, but still worth your cash for a price of around 60 bucks. You get good battery life, good design and a bit of water resistance. The integrated sound profiles do add to its value, but it would have been great to see features like sound id and anc on these, but, as i just mentioned, these are affordable and theyre bound to be limits with regards to what they can do.

At this price point, however, if you are after a pair of earbuds, that dont break the bank, they might want to check these out guys. We have more reviews here on the channel, so keep it here on teamviewer y.