Oh my god, sobrang premium, social really bad is here. It is 10.4 inches, plus immersive display dolby atmos squad speakers now and apple paint. Speakers. 71. 000. I made a 7100 mega battery grab mega battery megabyte ultra slim and light helio g80 gaming processor. Ladies Music. Okay, so lets open it actually unit. But how weakness you really book when it comes to the front, reminds me of the ipad. Hmm there you go, and here are my specs three gigs of ram 32 gigs of internal storage, variance Music, ejector, pin and, of course, the other accessories. You can charge your attune usb type c. Cable. A phone charger is 18 watts long iron, long 18 watts fast charging long, seven thousand one hundred milliamps good luck. Okay, ten point: four inches charger: oh yes, big, bad charger! Look at that take notes. It doesnt start with a big r. Now, first, impressions not very light shot very, very thin on one hand after some time of years it has that weight Music. This is susceptible to scratches and bumps, at least since its big, its more prone to damage, and you know what they say, the bigger they are, the harder they fall back, Music and as a tablet. It should have a lot of microphones right side, surprising, microphone, selfie camera, yes, makes sense. Camera speakers, one two: three four sakaliwawala and usb type c, lim sagittanama speakers, data capabilities, sim tray, admiral micro, sd card slot for expandability.

It is a hybrid one, so indeed show pointing impossible stands for widescreen ultra extended graphics array. Ah lets make plus papara mathematics anyways. What you need to know here is ten point, four inches. Ah, two thousand by twelve hundred journal resolution, so 2k display sha 82.5 percent screen to body ratio and it looks like lcd display display from the icons the text the pictures in facebook, the videos in youtube, adulting Applause in every bone exploding in every skin and yes Best watch in landscape mode for movies and, to my surprise, performance. What three gigs is it never felt sluggish a high refresh rate display by the way dont expect it on here, medium high, you know, classic refresh rate second display grab unknown sounds wow guys. This is one of the best speakers i have ever heard on a device you couldnt. The sense of immersion is just amazing. 2.1 surround sound speaker, sha merushan separation, for example, theyre, like ssl, left side right side, which kind of creates, like a 3d surround sound effect for three gigs of ram. This was unexpected: grab im, smooth and gimping some mobile legends, it looks like three: gigs is okay. For this game, blackboard sides that you usually see on other tablets, graphics, complemented by that very nice display white noise. Contrast engine color, waiting foreign. It is of high quality compared to other tablets. The 2k resolution really helps in this game. Pixelated and graphics details pro store, which is by the way youre gon na, have to benchmark score, which is okay long.

This is an okay gaming. Processor dont expect too much peripheral. Optimization today is very nice. It is, and as you can see, the game is very enjoyable. I dont get the really put some cinematic powers in your game, three gigabytes of ram, just that in 2021, 332 is uh, telling you about 32 gigabytes 64 telegraph, 64. at least much more comfortable kong. 128 peace of mind, im going to be saying: 128 promise and genji, although he couldnt download the hat after mcdonalds, play store download the 8 gigs to 10 gigabytes of resources. I had to uninstall mobile legends and call of duty, but yes can play them in this game in lower settings. No say this is uh killed limitations here in this game. This is the best work essay for most mobile games, genji impact. But if you love the music told the atmospheres real me pad very good, you learn camera or webcam. It was mostly about the display, the battery and the sound quality. So in terms of pictures, decent image, quality dont expect too much camera because in tablets outside and testing it out on very challenging lighting conditions, dont expect too much night mode. So yeah will. I expect yeah, okay, so perfect storage, good news available in variants. 332. 10. 990 pesos only merobashan, 464, 14, 990 pesos six one, two, eight. Sixteen thousand nine hundred ninety pesos available in two colors real gold and real gray, real nareel yan makabigan speaking of real merpa exclusive offer, shishapi palace realme pad 32, guys impression.

I 8 990 pesos. 2. 000 discount, via the real me official store on sharpie starting october 22. and, of course, offline 332, some real new stores and partner dealers nationwide for only nine thousand nine hundred ninety pesos one thousand best discount from october 21 to thirty one included im gon na display That in high refresh rate, im willing to shell out some money for a device, this good, especially its coming from the number one brand in the philippines, real me, and if you want to see more real me reviews just like this.