Usb lapel microphone with total 80 hours working time compatible with pc tablet phone camera, its perfect for live stream conferences or just any type of actual videography when youre out on the go. Absolutely fantastic and im very excited to go ahead and review this. For you all. Today so lets go ahead and open up the package and check it out and well go a little bit further in depth into the key features and details and also go over a little bit of a sound test a little bit later in the video. So stay tuned for that as well lets go ahead and check it out. Oh and first of all, this thing is small and beautiful has a long battery life, no delay, hd, recording wireless transmission, digital microphone charging case and also offers noise reduction. So overall fantastic definitely wanted to go over that before we got into the case as well. So now lets go ahead and open up our box and take a look at the actual product user manual, toss that to the side and lets go ahead and grab our charging case. Lay that right there and go ahead and grab our actual little microphone. I dont know if you guys can see that its not really zooming in oh whats, on the other side anyway, but there is the actual microphone right. There lets go ahead and lay that over here then we also have some more stuff right here, which is going to be all of our usb cables and things of that nature.

So lets go ahead and open up our poultry bag and we can also keep our charging cable and our uh actual mic in there as well. So lets go ahead and open. This up here is our universal clip, and this will go directly on like that and its got a strong magnetic closure, guys very strong, like all i have to do, is leave it laid right there and the thing will just bring itself right up to it. So thats very nice that its got a strong connection with the magnet lets, go ahead and open up the charging case and its as simple as this. All we have to do is lay our microphone in there, like that, and the lights automatically come on initiating the charging process and letting us know that everything is on the way to being charged, and we can use it for up to 80 hours working time. So absolutely fantastic, guys now lets go ahead and plug it onto the phone and im going to go ahead and do a little bit of a recording and a little bit of a sound test for you all to check it out yourselves and dont. Be shy to let me know what you guys think down in the comment section below. I actually would love for you to. Let me know your feedback and continue us growing our content quality over here at real life unboxing. So i greatly appreciate you lets: go ahead and jump into the sound test.

Yes, im gon na go ahead and take us over to amazon, where im gon na dive a little bit further in depth into all the key features and details of the photry ultra portable miniature wireless microphone lets check it out now, since were here on amazon lets. Go over the price first and foremost, which is 66.98 and theres, also an available coupon, where you can save an extra 15 percent when you apply the coupon and thats currently available during the time of this filming lets, go ahead and start going over a little bit More of the specifications – this is a 7 gram mini wireless microphone, has a transmission distance of 165 feet with no obstacles in the way there is auto pairing and plug and play use. The microphone and receiver will automatically pair after power on wireless microphone. There are all the different indicators and stuff of that nature. If you guys would like to pause the video and take a look at everything for yourself, there is also an omnidirectional polar pattern, which means larger pickup range and you can capture sound from all angles: environmental noise reduction algorithm where effectively enhances sound pickup quality and reduces Environmental noise, 360 degree built in battery condenser, pickup and algorithm noise reduction. There is 80 working hours and low consumption. The wireless microphone indicator when the red light flashes slowly means low battery and when it flashes quickly means very low battery blue light, always on means power.

On and paired and red light, always on means muted. This wireless lavalier microphone is only seven grams, very concise, mini and ultra light. The lav mic can be clipped tightly onto your collar and hard to drop. There is no cable with the mic part which achieves true wireless and can help you get rid of the hassle of cable, microphones, low consumption and 80 working hours. The condenser microphone can work 20 hours at a time. Its receiver is also designed as a charging case and has the function to store the mini lavalier mic. This condenser microphone can work 20 hours at a time. Its receiver is also designed as a charging case and has the function to store the mini lavalier mic. The receiver can provide the microphone for three full charges with the charging case. Receiver. The microphones working time can be up to 80 hours. The microphone receiver part has both a 3.5 millimeter analog and usb digital audio output jack. There are 3.5 millimeter, trs, trrs, audio cables and usb type c data cables included. You can use them to connect camera, smartphone, pc tablets, laptop speaker, equipment, etc and theres. Also, a 50 meter long transmission, distance and noise reduction. Unlike traditional cable microphones, the effective transmission distance of photry wireless microphone system can be up to 50 meters without obstacles 10 meters. If there are small obstacles. This small portable digital microphone adopts intelligent environment noise reduction algorithm, which can perfectly record sound details and produce clear, sound quality, widely applicable.

The poetry, wireless lavalier lapel microphone is perfect for online teaching, conferences, interviews, video recording youtube, podcast tick, tock live streaming, etc. If you have any questions before or after your purchase, please contact foltry without hesitation and they will quickly provide you with effective solutions. So absolutely fantastic guys. I figured you guys would definitely appreciate me going over this one, because this is a fantastic product and i will definitely be using it on a regular basis here on the real life unboxing youtube channel. So definitely let me know what you guys think about todays video down in the comment section. I want to thank you all for watching. Dont forget to like comment and subscribe to real life.