Bots 2 was one of them and finally, we got our hands on it. This new galaxy but 2 is a rather weird product, its not samsungs highest android wireless earbuds. That title goes to the galaxy but pro, but there are a lot of similarities between these two to the point where i would say its blurring the lines between premium and affordable. So in todays, video well talk about the galaxy but too and well see whats new and whats different with its previous offerings. So lets start off with the packaging. The packaging, as usual, shows the color of the galaxy buds too that youre gon na get. I can confirm this because well we got the olive color and inside here is also olive and we got yeah another butts too black color, so the buds should be black. Opening up. The box reveals the earbuds themselves, some documentation, different sizes of ear tips and also a usb type c cable for your charging, which is pretty standard stuff. We leave all of those aside and only talk about the galaxy buds too itself and starting off with the case itself. Well, the shape and size is exactly the same as the galaxy but slide and also the galaxy, but pro that was released earlier this year. All of them function the same looks the same, and it also has all of the usual stuff as well indicator led at the front usb type c. Charging port at the back and whats different here is, of course, the color of the galaxy buds 2s case.

So yeah one thing that i noted during the recap of the whole unpacked event of august 2021. I immediately said is that i think samsung is trying to sell you a lot more accessories, because all colors that you choose for the buds too will come with white color outermost shell. The only time you see the color is actually inside the buds themselves and i think im right. So you see the galaxy. But pro has this matte finish overall, which kind of makes it difficult if you want to use an accessory with it, because i got a very simple silicon case here: it doesnt stick to the galaxy but pros case, but because the galaxy but twos case is in This glossy finish: it sticks to this case very tightly. I would say kind of like a airtight seal, so yeah it doesnt come off that easily as compared to the galaxy, but pro so opening up the case for the galaxy but 2. You can see the hinge here is still using this kind of locking mechanism, which is good since samsung didnt skimp on this, and i think its very important since the the lid doesnt just flop around and the earbuds themselves. I would say its very different compared to the galaxy, but pro number one. The shape of it is a lot smaller and number two. The earbuds shape the speaker. Port itself is also different, since samsung has gone back to this circular design as compared to the oblong shape with the galaxy, but pro the contour of the galaxy, but 2 is also different, as you can see in the inner part here its much more sleeker.

I would say its thinner in this direction compared to the galaxy, but pros earbuds, so i think it would fit inside your ear better, but because of its smaller profile, i find myself dropping the butts tools earbuds a lot more often compared to the galaxy, but pro And the ear tips themselves, as mentioned earlier, you can find some extra sizes inside the box and all of the included ear tips also come with this mesh pre installed. So you can take the ear tips, go, have a quick wash to clean off your earwax or whatever, which is also very convenient in terms of sound quality, though i would say the galaxy buds 2 is actually pretty good. I tested the butts too, alongside with the butts pro with standard equalizer at that time, and i honestly both of them sound very similar to each other. The bass is punchy, vocals are clear and trebles are certainly there and overall, its just very comfortable to listen to and lets not forget about the microphone test, which i think for the galaxy but too its surprisingly high def, so yeah heres a quick test. This is the microphone test of the new samsung galaxy but too like what we mentioned earlier, the microphones of these tws earbuds, sound surprisingly high def and in terms of features, i would say they are pretty similar to each other, but i will show you some comparison. Screenshots of features available between the galaxy butts 2 and the butts pro we still have anc and ambient mode as well, for both of these earbuds but heading into the earbuds settings menu.

We can see that the galaxy, but still come with one extra, very useful feature which is called earbuds test, fit its a simple test that only takes a few seconds, but it ensures that youre getting the best sound quality possible and also the best anc experience that You can get out of this pair of tws earbuds and, as usual, if youre using multiple samsung devices, you can also seamlessly pass the connection between multiple different samsung devices but, of course, yeah thats. Another samsung proprietary feature, and there are other features available through this app. As well, which im not going to talk because theyre just more or less the same as the previous one, so yeah watch those previous reviews. If you want to know more about it, because now i want to focus about the battery life of the galaxy but too so i used the buds too, with anc turned off and i got about six to seven hours. But if we turn on anc, then im gon na get about five hours or so and the case holds another three or more additional charges. So in total you will get a very long listening time out of the galaxy but too and for the price of 499. I would say the price is extremely good. I mean youre getting nearly everything that the galaxy buds pro has to offer, but at a significantly lower price and remember these two products are coming from the exact same company.

Both of them use the exact same accessories as well and have more or less the same features that youre gon na use. You do have to remember, though, that the galaxy but 2 is not a replacement for the galaxy, but pro it serves a very different price segment in the market. But i think the galaxy but 2 is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a new pair of tws earbuds, and i think its also worth mentioning again that we are reviewing the galaxy but too with a samsung phone. So you might not get all of the features shown in this video if youre using a non samsung phone, so yeah thats it the galaxy buds too, its surprisingly good, surprisingly low price for what it has to offer compared to samsungs previous offerings.