The real me robot vacuum theres a lot of things to talk about so before we get into it id like to invite you all to subscribe to our channel for more videos like this well hello. There lets start everything off with a quick unboxing of the real me tech life robot vacuum inside the box. Youll find the app connection guide user manual, the robot vacuum and its charging base also included are the side brushes theres, also an included cleaning brush and charging adapter. Now one thing that they also included inside the box is an extra filter. Setting everything up can be done through realme link, app that you can download via google play store or ios. The app is your main hub to set and control the vacuum cleaner. You can manually, select specific presets and even pa suction power. This is also the place where you can rename your vacuum cleaner and update it to the latest firmware at the time of the production of this video. I have the latest firmware installed into the device now before we get into more exciting things about this robot vacuum. Cleaner, let us first talk about its design. Its overall design does not actually veer away from other robot vacuums ive used in the past. In fact, comparing this to my other robot vacuum i bought last year, the design is almost identical, with some minor differences in terms of accent, color and even placement of manual buttons, the robot vacuum, cleaner sports, dual side, brushes, which you can actually replace.

If you want to – and it also has minimalist – outlines to maintain a very simple design which somehow sets it apart from other smart vacuum cleaners exposed on top of the cleaner, is the main lidar sensor which ill talk about in a little bit. Now, if you look closely the realme vacuum cleaner, has this rubber protection on the side? This protects it from accidental bombs, its actually a nice touch, which actually has a significant purpose when using the device. The one that i used in the past didnt have this kind of additional protection. The charging dock also has a nice cable, uh management compartment, where you can neatly place a longer and unneeded cable inside. You can actually see it from here there. Okay, now the robot vacuum cleaner needs all the sensors to be very efficient and smart enough to do what its supposed to do now, in the case of the real me robot vacuum, it has a total of 38 sensors, which includes a lighter and lidar rotation detection Sensor, these sensors are the latest and the most accurate in the industry. Now, why is the lighter installed in this vacuum? Cleaner, such a big deal now lidar means light, detection and ranging you probably have heard this from iphone devices which has lighter technology on their camera. Module now, in this case, this is made specifically for this vacuum cleaner now. What glider does is that it blasts lasers and detects a range of objects and helps to determine various variables and data that may be useful for the equipment.

In this case, the realme robot vacuum cleaner uses this technology, the lidar technology to map a room, helps it to determine where it is to enable specific cleaning presets and helps it to navigate throughout the cleaning process. Lidar is a very effective and accurate means to map an entire room, regardless of the lighting condition compared to other robot vacuums. Without lighter navigation technology. The real me robot vacuum cleaner can map and clean a room, even if its dark now ive tried this myself and it was able to actually determine the walls inside our studio. It does not easily run into things as well, because of the lighter technology and, as mentioned earlier, it understands where it is now. The good thing here is that, if a robot vacuum cleaner knows where it is, it already has a map of the room and simply sweeps and cleans it without having to go through the mapping process. Again, you can also program it to go to specific places and tell it uh to do the kind of cleaning processes needed in a certain location. This means that its cleaning process can be different inside the living room, and it can also be different inside the dining area. In fact, you can do the following things with this robot vacuum, and everything here offers the right amount of convenience to users like you and me, you can determine the cleaning schedules per room within the day. You can customize mopping water volume for different rooms, because this one also has another separate module for mopping purposes.

Uh. You can also customize suction power for different rooms. It can be from silent mode to the maximum mode. If you want to – and you can even instruct it to avoid restricted areas and a whole lot more now, while the real me robot vacuum cleaner is called a vacuum cleaner, as i mentioned earlier, it can actually do more than that. I was actually surprised when i realized that this also doubles as a mop. In fact, you can you actually have three cleaning modes to choose from theres, mop vacuum and vacuum and mop if you want to use its mop feature, as mentioned earlier, youll have to buy a separate mop module online as it isnt included inside the box. Now its quite unfortunate it didnt include that no, they could have at least included or probably have another variant or model that already includes the mopping kit. Now, as a vacuum cleaner, it has a 3000 pa or pascal power. This determines the suction power of the vacuum. Cleaner real me, robot vacuum suction, cleaner goes from 500 pa to 3000 pa. The 500 pa is more of its silent mode. In fact, if you compare this to my lenovo robot vacuum cleaner, this new robot vacuum cleaner, has better suction power by 300 pa. Now you may ask what exactly happens when it sweeps and vacuums the floor if its the vacuum cleaners, first time to clean a certain location, itll first scan and map the area and then sweeps the floor using its built in roller and two side brushes? This is the roller.

This is, these are the two side brushes and then it sucks the dirt from the floor and goes through three layers of filters. You have the coarse filter which helps filter large particles, sponge, which uh right here right over here um. It actually filters uh, medium particles and then through the washable hepa filter, which uh actually filters about 99 of pm 2.5 particles to prevent secondary contamination during cleaning im. Just really happy that you know with all of these equipment all of these tools. There is no worry for me to you, know: um get or step foot inside my studio and um. You know having this fear that it might have some um bacteria or particles that might also be detrimental to my health. Now there is one downside here, though, i cannot help but compare this to my lenovo t1 pro that has a bin which sucks in all the dirt, from the robot vacuums dustbin to its dirt bag. The real me robot vacuum does not have this feature, which means youll have to clean this manually on a regular basis. Anyway, apart from the features i previously mentioned its worth, noting that, since this is a smart vacuum, cleaner expect it to be able to return to its charging dock after its cleaning routine, fully charging its uh 5 200 milliampere battery. Based on my experience takes about two to three hours, which should be enough to give you 300 minutes of total cleaning time.

In my experience, the cleaner knows um if it has enough battery to go around and clean and do its thing until it returns or goes back to the charging dock right here. However, i suggest that you ensure that it has enough battery and dont overload it with tasks that might push its battery to its limit if its battery depletes midway, youll have to manually, carry and align its ior to the charging dock for it to charge properly. Theres. Also, a way for you to connect this by a google assistant or amazon alexa. This means that you can just conveniently ask google to turn on the vacuum. Wherever you are. Hey, google turn on the vacuum: cleaning: Music, hey: google turn off the vacuum now heres. My verdict, the real me vacuum cleaner, is one of the affordable, smart vacuum cleaners in the philippine market. It combines the best technologies found on most robot vacuum cleaners. You have lighter technology, you have iot functions and deep cleaning capabilities, and the best thing is that its now finally available here in the philippines. It is not a perfect device, though i wanted it to have its separate dust bin uh, just like the one on the lenovo t1 pro that i have, and i hope there are other colors available while it is affordable by my standards. Its price can also still be a little too high for some people. Price can be seen in the description below.

If you want to buy it. However, you get for what you pay and i believe that youre getting enough benefits from real me, robot vacuum to make your purchase super worth it. I hope you enjoyed and learned a lot from this review. Thank you so much for listening and i hope ill get to see you on my next video. If you havent subscribed to the channel. This is the best time to do so again.