Video about beatbox video – and i also on technology enthusiasts. I do some gadget review and also explanation about technology terms and between both of those words is the audi engineering, and i like that thing also – and this is the source that i called old gadget review. So in this series i review some of my gadget that i used before, but currently i use it no more um because of the certain factor and also because it is already discontinued nowadays, and it is actually the one that i want to review. And then i will review in this. Video is one of my favorite device of all time: hp. Ab128 tx. So what is this um? Okay? I will tell you a little bit story behind why i buy this laptop. The last video i review about the asus a4. 450Cc and i actually liking the performance of those laptop, but the build quality of it is kind of poor. Why? I say that because i accidentally bump my back into the iron pole or something like that and then the laptop just crack. So i need to replace almost all of the hardware, especially the screen for that laptop and thats. Actually, the new hardware, all of it is new and im not using it anymore, because im afraid i will break it again and then i decide to buy this laptop and hp is actually has a very, very good, build quality, and i will explain it to you.

So the material here is actually plastic, but its a very rigid plastic. It feels like metal when you first touch it, and you can see here it has the 3.5 millimeter check and also the usb 2.0 uh usb type, a 2.0 and then the hdmi, and then in this is the fan, and you has the charging port here and The rj45 here and the two usb 3.0, and also the sd card reader and the optical drive reader here. So it called us, it could read the dvd and this is the removable battery type of laptop and, as you can see, both of the bottom side, the top side, all in red color – and this is rare color for this laptop and this laptop. This is what it looks inside, so it has a very rigid um what the very rigid body it actually never broke the body that of this laptop never broke. I use it about five to six years and it never ever once broke um the uh body itself and i even try to customize the internal of this laptop. But i actually find it hard to open this laptop and its shown to me how rigid it is and how good it is from the rigidity or the durability. It has the webcam, but actually its um, its stated its 720p. But i feel like its only 480p and the button here. The the trackpad here feels nice to touch the trackpad here is the full island uh key keyboard, so the full island things means that um the keyboard itself um built in so you cant, um its not separated from the body itself, and it is the intel core.

I5 and nvidia geforce 940m and the audio itself is by the bno or bank and olufsen. It is very good quality um of audio, but its actually um in the good side, not not great and not excellent, so its still good, but not really really that good and um. So far when i use it, i like it so much um. It is maybe the device that i use for the longest time, along with the samsung galaxy. Note 4, that i already reviewed before and also i will try to um read the specification here. So the exact specification that i am not really remember, um, it is the hp pavilion notebook 14 ab128tx and it is using the intel core. I5 6200. This is the sixth generation of intel and its integrated with the hd graphics 520. It has the 2.3 gigahertz frequency. So it its really good, it has the three megabyte cage and it has two cores and four trading for the memory itself. It has four gigabyte ddr3l, one 1600 sd ram one times four gigabyte, so it only has one slot of ram and for the video graphics, its used, the nvidia geforce 940m, so it using two gigabytes ddr3l dedicated. So this actually has a very decent um graphics. I use it for a long time for making content like this, but i think it cannot support me no more because its already old, the performance itself is already a little bit down to its original its using the hdd.

The hard drive one terabyte 5400 rpm sata its actually a very large um internal memory, storage and flash for the hard drive, but not as fast as the sdd ssd for the optical bra drive it using super multi dvd burner and for the display its 14 inches. At the bright view that will let backlit with the 1366 times 768, so its more than a 720 p or dhd for the keyboard island style keyboard that i already showed you before and for pointing device um its using touchpad with multi touch gesture support. So its actually um the windows that actually come with the laptop itself is windows 8, and you know how uh windows, 8 um really looks like a mobile kind of windows and the multi touch sketcher is actually needed it using the standard, wi fi connection and has The bluetooth 4.0 – and it also could connect to the ethernet lan and also it using the multi format. Sd media card reader, as i already show you, it has two usb 3.0 and one usb 2.0 hdmi are j45 and headphone headphone microphone combo with 3.5 millimeters jack and the weight is a 1.96 kilogram, so its nearly 2 kilo, but its below that power supply 65 Watt battery right before cell 41 watt, hourly iron and webcam hp vision, hd webcam front facing with integrated dual array: digital microphone and audio using the bno play dual speakers. It currently use the windows 10 home make affiliate, live, live safe and many pre installed software.

If you buy this laptop, this laptop is actually, i think, its not discontinued yet, but you will rarely seen this laptop again because um this kind of pavilion, the exact same, i think its not produced anymore um, and i really really happy for using it about five To six years and the performance itself, the build quality itself overall im actually satisfied with it and thats. The reason why i buy the new laptop, which is has the same brand hp that i think i will explain it or review it later. I already do the unboxing video, but i will review it full version. Like i reviewed this hp, i really love this laptop. I missed this laptop so and thanks for watching thumbs up if you liked it thumbs down, if you dislike it and subscribe to my channel to help me reach 1k subscriber. So i i could monetize this channel and please share it to the people who also have technology enthusiasts. My name is rar. Music and tech.