So this is what my headset used to look like now. Take a look at this yeah. Look at it, its all flashy now love it. I guess the most obvious change here is this skin ive applied to the headset, its a vinyl decal and its available on sites like amazon. Now i like this one because im a big fan of robots and this gundam sticker was the only one available that shows a robot face. Now it looks pretty badass and i love it for all of you, gundam fans out there. You guys know which one this is do you comment below. My next upgrade is a little less obvious its this silicone cover for the the facial interface. This part here that goes directly on your face now, by default, its just a very stiff piece of foam covered by this cloth material. So its kind of like a narrow strip that presses on my cheekbones and that, along with the entire weight of the headset, makes it painful to wear after a while give it one or two hours. You begin to feel the pressure. The this pain on your cheekbones and it also absorbs the sweat of my face. So what ive decided to do is to go for this generic silicone mask that goes over the interface now. It feels a lot more comfortable and its easy to clean too just wipe it with your t, shirt or with a wet cloth after every use, as you can see, ive also changed the strap now the original strap the strap that came with the headset wasnt bad.

At all what i really liked about this older strap is. It was really great for watching movies, while lying on my couch, because the strap is basically a piece of cloth and it doesnt get in the way when i rest my head on the couch, but when im gaming with this strap, the headset just presses. Against my face full force, like its relying on my cheek bones for support and after a few hours, it gets pretty sore under my eyes, so i was checking out some other straps, like the official oculus elite, strap the htc vive, deluxe, audio, strap and some other Designs that were more or less copies of the official elite strap now the elite strap that one looked really good, because its got an adjustable headband that grips the lower half of the back of your head. That way, it distributes the weight better. That sounds awesome right, but its also got a reputation for braking pretty easily and i was not prepared to go through the whole rma process with oculus, because my country does not have an official oculus distributor. So it is strapped out the vive das. Now that one looked pretty comfy its a proven design that also emphasizes on spreading out the headsets weight at the back of your head, it can be fitted to the oculus headset using the frankenquest adapter and its even got its own headphones. But i didnt want to get that because number one i want to have the freedom to use my own headphones number two.

It doesnt solve the problem of the headsets weight pressing on my face, so the 5das for me is a no go and i decided to go for this generic halo strap. Instead, now you can find different designs from different brands. The brand that i went for is called your viewer go or something like that. I do not pronounce it, but its basically designed in such a way that it places the bulk of the weight of the headset on your forehead. Using this broad piece here and its also got this piece that supports the weight of the headset further against the back of your head, and this design makes the headset really comfortable to wear because, with the bulk of the headsets weight against your forehead, supported further by This thing at the back, the headset itself feels like its floating in front of your eyes. It maybe will touch your cheekbones a little, because you will need to press the headset against your face for better immersion, but apart from that, its super comfortable to wear theres. Also, a lot of cushioning on both parts of the strap and i no longer feel any pressure at all on my cheekbones, so i can be in vr for hours on end without any pain. I can also wear my jbl quantum 400 gaming headphones over them, so that takes care of the sound part. However, buying this was a risk, because when i was going through the reviews on amazon, it didnt seem to fit nicely on every hit, for example, for some people it fits great, but for other people it slips off very easily, but i bought it anyway because its Not very expensive, and if i dont like it, i can just like set it and go back to using my old strap now.

It did need quite a bit of adjusting to get right, though, but once thats done its super easy to put on and take off like. I can just you know, flip it over like this and thats about it. Super comfy super stable, like this. This piece here at the back it it adjusts just like the vive hit, strap or the oculus heat strap. My last upgrade is these knuckle straps for the oculus touch controllers. Look at these guys theyre from solar, and it replaces the little loops the wrist loops that come fitted to the touch controllers by default. Now the loops were actually okay, but i didnt really feel secure playing shooter games with these loops, because when i was performing actions that require a throwing motion like throwing grenades its not possible to do it freely, because the controllers always feel like theyre gon na fly Out of my hands now thats scary, with these straps, however, i can now throw grenades a lot better, and even when playing other games like beat saber, for example, the controllers feel more secure. Overall, they do come with land yards like these guys, but as you can see, these are pretty long super long, so they when i loop them around my wrist. They just dangle, like you, know its really uncomfortable, so i just removed them entirely, but no worries these straps still work great, even without lanyards, so i just kept them this way. So these are my upgrades for the oculus quest 2 vr headset on a budget.