They say its a hybrid glass, i dont believe theres any glass in it, but it feels you know if you blindfolded me and i felt one felt the other. This feels exactly the same to me as far as i can say the past couple of days that ive had it has all the benefits of tempered glass as far as how it feels, but it doesnt have the drawback of it. Breaking five minutes after you install so with that said, lets get started, so i had initially ordered these thinking. They were the tempered glass, not realizing. That flex was an entirely different uh model line. That being said, im glad that i did i so far from what ive seen im gon na continue to use these on. All my devices, like i said i im incredibly annoyed when you install a screen protector and then it breaks five minutes later uh. I have the benefit of using um a vendor and screen protectors are relatively inexpensive, but for you know, 99 of people out there who dont want to uh spend you know an arm and a leg on one of these every single time, uh thats. Why? I might mention this later in the video but thats one of the things that i do like about gadget card i mean. Essentially, they have a lifetime warranty as long as you register it and theyre really easy to work with. I know some companies that will basically charge you if you dont mail back the old screen protector, which i think is ludicrous um, but um but yeah.

I know theyre great company ive used them for quite some time. Um, im gon na make another video in maybe about a week or two uh testing, basically just to see how well this has held up. I mean because they have a couple of claims, that its impact protection and its um and that its unbreakable uh. So i figure ill do a two week follow up and then ill also do a uh comparison where i break a couple of screen protectors, ill, try to ill um, see how easy one of these are to break or not uh in comparison to the tempered glasses From this same company, so if you want to see that video, please make sure to subscribe, uh and if you like, the video also give it a like it helps, helps me out a lot. Thank you so im going to install this and ill come back in uh a little bit, maybe a week with another review. If you want to see that up, please make sure to subscribe, also like the video if you uh enjoyed, but it comes with. Obviously, all this they give you some instructions, ill link their website down below uh. They have a video but um. I will point out something that i learned with the first ones or the first two that i installed, but you have a little packet right here, which has basically everything you need. They give you a little fiber alcohol wipe.

This is the way i see it. There are two barriers of entry with the with pretty much any screen any decent in uh screen protector install uh, the first. They they do well, which is this alignment tray, which is why they needed so much packaging, so its as simple as just dropping your phone. In and then you drop it on there and its hard to mess up youll, get it in just the right area, youre not going to be too far off to the left or right. But the second is a little bit more tricky, which is what im here for so you take your im gon na pop that out im gon na take my alcohol pad uh for some of you. If you Music are, if youre like me and youre installing a screen protector and you had one on there previously uh, obviously you want to make sure to get any sort of dirt dust debris. You know when i pulled off my cracked screen protector. There are these tiny shards of glass. We want to make sure to get that off so now that thats done, we can dry this off Music after this. This is where the difficult thing is so i dont know if you can tell this wants to turn on, but theres like a little speck of dust, there inevitably theres more but thats what we have this for it does help to number one um. If you have a fan, turn it off, you dont want any moving air, so close, close doors, close windows – if you have to temporarily so now that thats done three or four more pieces of dust, will probably drop on there.

Music, all right im, gon na call that a success for the time being now Music. You peel this off Music drop it in these pegs Music drop it on here, Music. Just like that Music, there were some tiny little air bubbles, theres one in the corner, thats. What this is for – and it looks great im gon na call – this a success – make sure to register the product with your lifetime. Warranty uh, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below also make sure to give the video a like. It greatly helps out my channel um anything else, thatll be it. Thank you.