Second, operational, spacex, commercial crew mission to the international space station crew 2 is now official april. 20Th is a date for which the launch window will open nasa astronauts, shane, kimbrough and megan. Macarthur. Will be the commander and pilot on dragon 2 c206 respectively, with jaxa astronaut, akihiko hoshida and esa astronaut thomas piskett, on board as mission specialists v4 will replace the crew one astronauts who flew to the station on november 16 2020 nasa astronauts michael hopkins, victor glover and Shannon walker and jaxa astronaut, soichi noguchi, will return in dragon. 2 c207. Within a month of the crew, 2 docking nasa had earlier announced a beginning launch window for crew 2 of march 30th. However, the agency delayed the mission to allow for the uncrewed orbital flight test tube mission by boeing, cst 1000 starliner commercial crew vehicle. That capsule is expected to launch no earlier than march 25th for an approximately one week mission, which is to dock with the iss, both starliner and crew, dragon dock to one of two ports on the station, one of which is occupied by the crew 1 crew dragon. Spacecraft, the shift of the crew 2 launch also accommodates the ross cosmo soyuz. Ms 18 manned mission to the iss scheduled to launch around april 10th. It will bring three russian cosmonauts to the station to relieve russian cosmonauts, sergey ryzikov and sergey kuzkov and national astronaut, kate rubins. Those three will return in the ms 17 capsule a week later, 12 spacecraft are scheduled to visit the iss for the rest of 2021.

Nine will be commissioned by nasa and three by russ. Cosmos up to three of nasa’s missions will feature boeing’s commercial crew program. Ross cosmos is planning on launching the progress ms 1677p freighter to the iss from the baikonur cosmodrome on february 14th. The flight was originally scheduled for december 11, 2020.. On february 20th, a northrop grumman antares rocket will launch the 16th cygnus cargo freighter on the 15th operational cargo delivery flight to the international space station. On march 25th, a united launch alliance atlas v rocket, will launch boeing’s, cst 1000 starliner spacecraft serial number two on a second unpiloted test flight. This mission was added after boeing’s decision to refly the starliner’s orbital flight test. Before proceeding with the crew flight test, the rocket will fly in a vehicle configuration with two solid rocket boosters and a dual engine centaur upper stage. It is likely some freight will be carried in the capsule. The aforementioned ross cosmos, ms 18 mission, will occur on april 10th. 2021. The caps will remain at station for about six months, providing an escape pod for the residents. The aforementioned crew ii mission will occur on april 20th. It will involve the first reuse of a manned us spacecraft since the sts 135 flight of shuttle atlantis in 2011, which was its 33rd mission. The entire shuttle fleet was retired after sts 135 returned to earth on may 12th. A spacex falcon 9 will launch the dragon 2 spacecraft used in the december 2020, crs 21 flight on its second cargo resupply mission to the international space station.

The flight is the 22nd mission by spacex conducted under a commercial resupply services contract with nasa and the second. Under the crs2 contract on or about july 2021, ross cosmos is planning on launching the progress 78p freighter to the iss from the baikonur cosmodrome on august 12th, a spacex falcon 9 will launch the dragon 2 crew 3 manned mission to the international space station. It will be spacex’s third operational flight crew 3 will carry nasa astronauts, thomas marshburn, raja chari, kayla, baron and esa astronaut, matthias maurer. The capsule also carry about 220 pounds of cargo and function as an emergency escape capsule during its time docked to the station. Also in august of 2021, the spacex falcon 9 will launch a dragon 2 freighter variant on the crs 23 resupply mission to the international space station. It will be the third flight under the crs 2 contract in september of 2021. A united launch alliance atlas 5 rocket. Will launch boeing’s cst 1000 starliner spacecraft on its first mission, with astronauts known as the crew test flight to the international space station? The capsule will dock with the space station then return to earth to land in the western, united states nash astronauts mike finke, barry, wilmore and nicole mann will fly on the crew flight test. In november 2021, a united launch alliance atlas v rocket, will launch boeing’s, cst 1000 starliner spacecraft on its first manned operational mission, known as starliner 1 to the international space station nasa astronauts, sunita williams, josh casada and jeanette epps and jackson astronaut koichi wakata will fly on Starliner 1.

also november of 2021. The spacex falcon 9 will launch a dragon 2 freighter variant on the crs 24 resupply mission to the international space station. It will be the fourth flight under the crs contract out of six total. In a quick note, we hope you have enjoyed our content. Have we earned your subscription to our channel? If so, and you have not taken the opportunity to subscribe, please take a moment to do so now and click the bell notification icon. So you don’t miss upcoming videos. We want to continue delivering great content to you. You can always unsubscribe and subscribing is free in addition to nasa’s crew 2 announcements, spacex set another milestone in announcing the first paid space tourism launch for the company jared isaacman, the founder and chief executive of online payment processing company shift for payments purchased. The launch scheduled for some time in the fourth quarter of 2021, assuming spacex’s or nasa’s other priorities, do not intervene. Isaac man will be one of four people to fly into dragon 2, which will spend two to four days in low earth orbit, but not dock with the international space station isaac. Man is calling this mission inspiration four and is working with both his own company and st jude children’s research hospital to identify the other three people who will accompany him on the first, all civilian orbital space flight. Besides isaac min one of the three other passengers will be a healthcare worker at st jude, who has apparently already been selected.

The second person will be selected from what is effectively a raffle. People are to buy entries on the inspiration for a website with the money going to saint jude isaac. Man said he expected that the contest will raise at least 100 million dollars, plus 100 million dollars. He is donating directly to the hospital. The third person will be selected from a contest affiliated with shift for payments. Participants can start an online store using the company’s platform and submit a video to be reviewed by a panel of celebrity judges with the winner joining the crew of the mission regarding the physical requirements of being an astronaut on the dragon. 2 musk said quote: if you can go on a roller coaster ride, you should be fine for going on a dragon. The official rules of isaac, men’s competition require candidates to be at least 18 years old, no taller than 78 inches, no heavier than 250 pounds and be quote physically and psychologically fit for training and space flight. The rules also limit participation to u.s persons, as defined under the international traffic and arms regulations, which include citizens and permanent residents of the united states. Musk, though, seemed to think that others could fly. He said when asked about the limitation quote: it’s not out of the question someone who is not a u.s citizen could fly, itar licenses can be and are issued by the us state department for non citizens and foreign governments that use select sensitive technologies.

Isaac man did not disclose how much he was paying for the flight or other expenses associated with the project, such as an ad that will air during the super bowl on february 7th, he said quote what we aim to raise in terms of those funds and the Amount of good it will do will certainly far exceed the cost of the mission itself. Musk said commercial missions like this one will contribute to spacex’s development of a starship vehicle. Spacex has agreements for other crew dragon commercial missions with axiom space and space adventures with the aximium space ax1 mission. Launching no earlier than january of 2022 musk summed up the whole episode by saying quote: we have to fund the starship program somehow, and this mission will help fund the starship program. What do you think about the crew 2 mission with nasa and spacex’s? First, private orbital mission share with us by dropping a comment below. We hope you enjoyed this 40th video short about space and tech on the bladed tech channel. If so, click that, like button links to some of our most recent episodes, can be found in the description section below you can peruse our entire 200 plus video library by looking at our playlists, which conveniently sorts videos by subject, we announce all new videos in our Micro blogging accounts, which are listed below as well as in the community feed for this channel, want to know how to navigate our channel content.

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